It’s another win win day for all as Highland Capital’s James Dondero has made another outstanding contribution to the Dallas Zoo, not his first and certainly not his last as he proudly noted. This successful equity philanthropist has proudly contributed to many causes when and where he found fit, and his very first made to the Dallas Zoo was back in 2001. Then, he began with $1 million and slowly increased his giving over time. This time, his hand and his heart did not hold back as he gave $14 million to the zoo in efforts to reconstruct a much-needed hippo sanctuary from within.

Dondero’s donated covered all aspects of the design and building, as well as continual maintenance, of the hippo sanctuary overall. Zoo staff and executives could not be happier. Neither could the zoo guests, who continue to share the good news of this recent addition on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr and more.

The best part is this: James Dondero knows how to recognize a need when there is one. In this case, it was no different. The zoo had a continual longing for a hippo presence, one which had not been met for 15 years. The last hippo to have lived and died in the zoo was one well-known and highly-missed; his death was not taken lightly.

Thanks to Dondero, the hippos now have more than 120,000 gallons of fresh water to swim or sleep around in – as well as a whopping 2 acres of uninterrupted space above water. That’s a deal and a half, and if the hippos could, they would each give Mr. Dondero a warm hug as thanks. Dondero notes that he has been informed that the new hippos moved into their habitat with much ease and fit right in.

The zoo customers, of course, are the truly happy ones as they now get to behold a beautiful sight that they have not beheld in almost two decades – hippos in Dallas. All are happy. It’s a win win situation of the grandest proportions; thanks, Mr. Dondero!