Bhanu Choudhrie, the founder of Alpha Aviation Group (AAG), recently inaugurated the group’s sixth flight simulator. It was no small investment. The state of the art computer is so advanced that it practically is like flying a real A320 commercial airliner.

Bhanu Choudhrie does not hesitate to applaud the acquisition of the new apparatus. He knows that the $11 million investment will allow Alpha Aviation Group to provide even better training.

The school is based in the Philippines just north of Manila. Currently, there are 500 cadets enrolled in the program. 20% of them are female. Bhanu Choudhrie has said that women will be the future of aviation in Asia.

That’s not just banter. Rapidly growing demand for aviation services across Asia and the Pacific suggests that by the year 2038, there will be a need for 645,000 additional pilots worldwide. One-third of these new jobs will be located in the Asia-Pacific region.

The business expert understands that there are simply not enough men to fill so many positions. Women must be prepared so that they can benefit from the opportunities ahead in the aviation industry.

After 13 years, AAG has already prepared 900 pilots from 40 different countries to fly. Mr. Choudhrie sees the mission of AAG somewhat altruistically. The efforts of this one enterprise have encouraged many young people to consider a career in aviation.

Then there are the regional carriers who have partnered with AAG. They will each benefit from the availability of talented new pilots. Not to mention the countless indirect beneficiaries who will then be able to make use of commercial aviation services, which are being made possible thanks to Mr. Choudhrie’s vision.

The brand-new flight simulator will surely be an invaluable asset to the pilots in training at AAG. It represents an investment in the future and symbolizes AAG’s strong commitment to the regional airline business in the Asia-Pacific market.

Bhanu Choudhrie realizes that it is all about working as a team. In that spirit he proudly takes time to acknowledge AAG’s partners in both the public and private sectors, who made the acquisition of the simulator possible.

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