Unroll Me currently has over a million users that utilize its email organization software to keep their inboxes clean. The successful company is currently owned by Slice Technologies under the banner of Rakuten. It is a rare example of a successful start-up and came to be in 2011. Founders Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald choosing the concept based on Rosenwald’s experience with his own clogged up account. Today’s users find their subscription emails gathered into their Roll Up folder and keep what they want while discarding the rest. Unsubscribing from unwanted services with a mass one-click unsubscribe feature. However, once upon a time Unroll Me did not have those features. 

In the beginning Unroll Me was one of many organization applications focused on cluttered user inboxes. Rosenwald and Hedaya did not even have the most tricked out one. Other companies had far more money put into theirs as well as marketing. The original Unroll Me allowed users to bunch their emails up and unsubscribe one at a time. Still a very useful alternative to traditional unsubscribe methods, but not a complete solution. Original Unroll Me users were still plagued by clogged up inboxes. After watching other companies fail due to their software being too complex, Hedaya decided to listen to what the customers were saying. 

Surprisingly, a big problem was that consumers did not want to unsubscribe from every subscription. Some they wanted to keep. They also found the act of unsubscribing one at a time to be tedious. So Unroll Me fixed the problems. It created the Roll Up to store emails. Granted users the ability to peruse emails so they could pick and choose what to delete. It also created a mass unsubscribe feature so that the process of unsubscribing could be easier to perform. The response was an influx of new consumers.

Unroll Me is a great example of why following the customer is such a good idea. Consumer base is the one aspect any business should focus on the most. After all, they are the ones that actually put money into the company. This is why Hedaya continues to listen to the customer today. As Unroll Me’s current CEO he makes sure that Unroll Me gives customers exactly what they want.