In a fast paced environment like our modern world, it can be easy to forget about the people beneath us. Businesses have to constantly face forward and determine the path forward for the next day. A lapse in judgement might be enough to put them behind the competition. However, the real people who run the world are just the everyday citizens of society that we encounter daily. Jeremy Goldstein is someone who interacts with people in both worlds. He spends time ensuring businesses get treated fairly during the day, while during off hours he is giving back to the community on a closer level. A recent article with Gazette Day expands how he mixes both aspects of his life together.


Starting with his day job, Jeremy Goldstein comes form a background that didn’t point to any particular direction. He spent several years mulling over his options, and determining what he wanted most out of life. The New York City lifestyle was one where anyone could become anything imaginable, and thus he was inspired to become someone who could help support that lifestyle. The Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC lawfirm was founded a few years down the road. They were taking advantage of business uncertainly in who should be providing legal advice. It was a gamble that paid off immensely as Jeremy Goldstein was only increasing his status as a lawyer. He was at the top of the industry within a short period of time. Industry experts and analysts wanted his opinion on a large variety of subjects at all times.


While the attorney job was going smoothly for Jeremy Goldstein and his team, there was still a little something more he wanted out of society. During the height of his career, he became a bored member of the Foundation House. He was tasked with creating and putting into action several fundraising events. The most noteworthy events he held where he invited industry peers to lavish settings. There was a lot of money in the room and he hoped his friends would be willing to donate some cash to a good cause. The Foundation House is helping society from the background. Mental Health is a real concern in today’s world, and Jeremy Goldstein is bringing more attention to the problem.


The Foundation House was founded in 1944 among a group of individuals who believed they could accomplish something amazing together. They wanted mentally ill individuals to feel like they had a place to return and to call home. The organization expanded in scale of operations and the goals they wished to achieved over the years. Currently the main principles behind their actions include being an advocate for these individuals finding professionals to help treat their illness. Society all too often shuns those who are different. The Foundation House sits on a higher moral ground everyone has a purpose in life and can still become whatever they wants. Each and every person should take time to determine their current mental state.


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