If you are passionate about philanthropy, you will realize that there are many ways to give back to the community. For example, philanthropists such as Jeremy Goldstein have partnered with non-profit organizations.

The main reason behind partnering with such an entity is because you can impact the lives of many more individuals through your monetary donations. As for Jeremy Goldstein, he was drawn towards the Fountain House. He saw the good work that the organization was doing while trying to empower the mentally disabled people in the community.

Furthermore, the organization wasn’t affected by gender bias. To ensure that the organization has enough funds, Jeremy Goldstein together with his counterparts Omar Khan and Jim Finkel joined hands to facilitate a wine dinner.

The wine dinner was in the form of a charity event that was meant to bring many philanthropists together. Through this event, Jeremy Goldstein was in a better position to ensure that the Fountain House was able to receive enough money to support their cause. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein Hosts Wine Dinner Supporting Fountain House | Patch and Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamensh

Although mentally disabled people tend to misuse their finances and they cannot maintain their jobs, the Fountain House has intervened, and they have proven that these individuals can live a normal life.

Since 1994, the Fountain House has been trying to improve the lives of mentally disabled individuals. The founders of the organization were all patients at the Rockland State Hospital based in New York. Since they noticed that most mentally disabled individuals had been neglected, they joined hands.

The product of their partnership was an organization known as “We Are Not Alone,” the current Fountain House. Courtesy of the Fountain House, people with mental ailments no longer have to suffer alone. In 1948, the organization was also able to purchase a permanent home in New York.

The main reason why philanthropists such as Jeremy Goldstein got drawn to the Fountain House is because they are dedicated to helping both men and women who have mental health conditions. At the Fountain House, they can live and learn.

They can also utilize their talents. Jeremy Goldstein also oversees the operations within the organization since he is a board member. Together with the other leaders at Fountain House, Jeremy Goldstein is able to ensure that many initiatives are implemented as a way of empowering people who are mentally ill.

By formulating community health programs, the Fountain House has been able to reach out to many individuals in New York City.

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