According to the National Institute of Mental Health, there are around forty-four million adults suffering from mental illness with various kinds of issue plaguing their minds, and with less than half of them receiving mental health treatment. With costs of in face therapy sessions so high, and with scheduling an appointment taking so much time, many people who are sick do not receive timely intervention.

With access to reliable and affordable psycho therapy, it is no wonder why there is a mental healthcare crisis sweeping the nation. With this in mind, Roni and Oren Frank, moved onto develop Talkspace, an app that provides instant psycho therapy with a mere press of a button. Oren was undergoing personal difficulties and had a huge problem accessing a therapist, so he thought of conceptualizing this app. Since his wife Roni has experience in software development, they created this lifesaving and transformative product to help millions of people mitigate their suffering.

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Mental health awareness is vital because to this day, suicide, anxiety, and depression are still rampantly taking lives. With Talkspace, those who are suffering will have access to a licensed professional therapist at any given time and anywhere they may be. All the messages and communication are kept safe because of the secure platform these exchanges are being conducted on.

Services can be through unlimited text messaging and audio chat, if people want to protect their anonymity. It can also be via video conferencing, if the patient so desires. All information shall be kept confidential and private by the therapists, so that patients can be free to unload their emotional and mental baggage without any added worries.

Talkspace shows that technological advancements can indeed be a tool to make people’s lives easier. Technology used the right way will always improve and uplift lives. Talkspace makes it possible to have access to a therapist, for less than half the price of an actual face to face therapist, without compromising quality of care.

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