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Martin De Jeu Advises Business Leaders Who Wish To Take Their Products Or Services Overseas

Maarten de Jeu is a hardworking businessman who has enjoyed a very long and successful career.
He is known for his ability to put together focused teams that get results. His understanding of the
global marketplace has made him more valuable to those who desire to do business overseas.
While many people have experience with starting up companies in the Unites States, they don't all
fully understand the difficulties that come with starting up a global business.
Martin de Jeu has learned how to use his own experience to guide others. One of his first pieces of
advise for those who are wanting to create a global company or venture is to focus on offering
quality over quantity. When venturing into the international marketplace, it is best to offer a high
quality, consistent product or service that makes customers want more. De Jeu has also
commented that business leaders should respect the different cultures of the regions where they
are doing business. Learning the language of locals can pay off in a big way as can having an
understanding of their culture.
Martin de Jeu has also suggested that entrepreneurs who do business in the international
marketplace should strive to develop long-term relationships with their customers or clients. It can
become painfully obvious when a business leader is not dedicated to his or her product or service.
If they are simply expanding their business overseas to make a quick buck, they won't succeed.
According to de Jeu, they need to have a string desire to export what they have to offer to an
international audience.
Martin de Jeu has noticed that many entrepreneurs fail because they don’t do enough research into
the marketplace they are entering into. When there is a lack of a certain kind of product in a
region, it can be because the product isn't being asked for there or there is a gap in the industry. A
good business owner will do his due diligence to find out if there is also strong competition in the
region. De Jeu also stongly advises entrepreneurs to stay flexible when doing business on an
international level. This is because anything can change at any time.

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Maarten de Jeu is a business advisor who founded SVM Business Advisory during the earlier part of
the 2010s. He serves clients from all over the world and is able to do so because of his deep
knowledge of the industry he works in. De Jeu studied at Oxford University where he earned
himself an MBA and ranked first in his class. Before creating SVM, he served as the director of
strategy & corporate development with Aviva plc. Today, he works as a co-founder with SpeakUp
and continues to advise the leadership of various Fortune 100 companies.

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Equity First Holdings –Fascinating News About the Fastest Growing Financial Company In USA

Equities first holding is a private financial company based on securities lending services for individual investors and businesses. It was founded in the year 2002 and their headquarters are based in Great lakes in US, Midwestern region. Equities first holding is a company that has enabled people to meet their personal and professional goals by providing them with capital and financial solutions against traded stocks.

The company facilitates 11-50 employees and it has been able to recruit employees that are interested in customer’s loyalty. Equity holding has a single registered trademark which is insurance in financial affairs. The company has been able to incorporate technology thus it uses around 13 technology services and products. Equity first holdings is a first growing company since it has managed to open as many as 10 offices since November 2016 and its determined to open even more branches. It’s a company that offers financial security based solutions.

Technopreneur Alex Hern

Technology is everywhere some is good and some can be a pain but for the most part, people all agree that it does make their lives better and improves the productivity that they have. Expert Alex Hern is an early adopter of technology having a specialty in virtual reality and how that can help businesses be more productive, provide better customer service, and work from any location in the world without problem. While Alex Hern is housed in San Diego he regularly works by helping start-up companies all over the world get off the ground and thrive.

In order to do this, he makes sure that the company that is trying to get off the ground is accepting of the current useful technology and uses that to their full advantages. Virtual reality in the workplace utilizes the headsets that people usually associate with gaming but in the business world, it is a way to truly connect while blocking out the current world to focus only on the meeting at hand. In this way, the employees are truly able to focus and work together no matter where in the world they are or what else is going on around them. Not only is this good for the people in huge companies but small companies alike.

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Entrepreneur and Angel Investor Shervin Pishevar

If you’re not already familiar with Shervin Pishevar, allow this article to provide you with some insight regarding the enterprising businessman who has managed to find success in a variety of business endeavors. Regarded as a visionary technology leader, Pishevar is responsible for launching several companies including Sherpa Capital, a successful venture capital firm, and also, Hyperloop Technologies, a transportation technology company. Of course, his personal success is overshadowed by his willingness to give back to the community, which is evident by his role with Angel Investors.

For those who are not familiar with Angel Investors, it is an organization comprised of prominent business professionals who help early-stage businesses find success in their target market. Investors like Shervin Pishevar, for example, often provide capital to these startups in exchange for convertible debt or ownership, which, in turn, creates a win-win for the investors and the startup businesses.

It should be noted that helping others is nothing new to Shervin Pishevar; in fact, prior to establishing his own business, he worked for Menlo Ventures, a venture capital firm headquartered in California. His duties with the firm involved managing a talent fund with a $20 million-dollar valuation. The fund, which was divided into shares of $200,000-dollars, was aimed at helping qualified startup business reach their full potential, often by providing networking opportunities and access to capital.

Having gained insight into launching and scaling businesses from his time with Menlo Ventures, Pishevar set out to realize his own entrepreneurial ambitions, which led to him becoming the founder of multiple technology-based companies. Some of Pishevar’s successful companies include HyperOffice,, and Social Gaming Network. Collectively, these various business endeavors have netted Pishevar more than $50 million dollars.

As far as Pishevar ‘s educational background is concerned, he is a University of California, Berkley alumnus who earned a B.A. in interdisciplinary studies. However, after completing his education, he realized he felt more fulfilled in the business world. In addition to his education and experience in business, Pishevar is also a prolific writer, having written articles for JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) and other publications. Needless to say, Shervin Pishevar is a well-rounded individual who is capable of finding success in any chosen endeavor.