We reside in a world where technology has taken over most businesses, and social mediums have largely transformed how various products are marketed. But, if these channels aren’t appropriately leveraged, they may turn out to be counterintuitive. According to Steve Lesnard, the revered marketing as well as consumer expert who has extensively served with various global brands, this is true for most upcoming brand managers. He, therefore, implores managers to put a lot of emphasis on their consumer’s needs, especially when it comes to understanding the needs of their clients. Lesnard asks marketing professionals to adhere to specific strategies in marketing their products. He also adds that there are certain clear benefits they may bring to users in the consumer industry.

For starters, Steve Lesnard reiterates that brands need to keep it simple. While this may sound relatively easy, it has some complications. With new product introduction to the markets, marketers should focus on their channels of communication. They also need to go with the innovative as well as relevant aspects of a product. Steve Lesnard gives the iPod from Apple as an example of a product that has caught consumer’s attention by providing approximately 10,000 songs in one pocket. In a different scenario, other companies focused on the tech-advancement of their products instead of the simple benefit that the item may bring upon them. Over the years of production, Apple established a new line of thought. It focused on the simple benefits of giving its consumers what they liked the most about the product.

Lesnard adds that with such production introductions to the market, additional things to focus on include consumer experience and their storyline on the product. He reiterates that when advertising, one should focus on what the products will offer to its consumers, including how they will use it. Depending on the available market and the choice of medium selected, an individual is free to choose a reliable medium through which they can reach their clients.

Steve Lesnard is a respected, high-profile campaign analyst who has launched iconic products besides building strategic partnerships for various businesses. He has also spearheaded the development of multiple sports brands.