In the highly competitive world of product placement, many companies, and aspiring entrepreneurs are finding out that it is becoming conciserdabliy more difficult to find a clear rout for their next product campaign. There was once a time when all you had to do was merely sign a celebrity in order to sell a product, all we have to do is look back at celebrity endorse products such as Kanye West and Adidas or Rhianna’s Puma campaigns to see the level of attention and success they received. Today, however, we find ourselves in the ere of the social media influencer.

However, even in an uncertain landscape such as today’s, Steve Lesnard has been able to figure out the best ways to go about marketing your product the best possible way. Her are Steve Lesnard’s top two principles to making the most out of your marketing strategy.

Number #1 – Make a Sincere Connection With Your Audience

Having a successful marketing campaign isn’t simply just about being noticed, but about growing your brand, says Steve Lesnard. In addition, Lesnard suggests also keeping an eye on your influencers actions, that last thing you want is your influencer promoting your product one day and your competitors the next, you can clearly see how this affects your reputation as well as the influencers.

Number #2 – Celebrities should ONLY be the cherry on top

Steve Lesnard advises companies not to rely only on celebrity endorsements. A great marketing strategy is one that has a grassroots level start-up. It is also recommended to seek out up and coming influencers and convince them to not only promote your product but also make it a daily use for them, this, in turn, will provide you will repeat customers as the influencer becomes a bigger figure on social media.