It’s not every day you meet a 29-year old with a success story like Sergey Petrossov’s. Leading a company of JetSmarter’s magnitude is not an easy task, but for Sergey, it’s just another day at the office or in the skies if you may. Sergey Petrossov was awarded Forbes’ 30 under 30 in consumer technology and continues to propel JetSmarter to heights no one would have thought of, except him himself of course.

Petrossov started the whole thing as an idea in 2009 and now runs the world’s largest private aviation travel agency. The primary goal of JetSmarter’s CEO is to make private aviation more efficient and attainable than it ever has been. Sergey Petrossov has a clear vision with his company and is focused on allowing even people with a lower net worth to access and book private flights without much hassle. For Sergey, is never worried about the brand but focuses on making a JetSmarter a company that enables its clients to enjoy a world-class and a hospitality-driven experience.

JetSmarter continues to grow and has become more popular around the world and has become known to some as the “Uber for private jets.” Petrossov believes in the potential growth of his company and with some influential investors in the likes of Jay Z and the Saudi Royal Family you can’t help but think he is right. The Young CEO has a clear vision of what he believes flying should be like and he won’t stop until he can finally deliver to the market what he has always wanted to.

Regardless of the success JetSmarter has triggered over the last few years, Sergey Petrossov still points out there are a few challenges here and there, but with the right drive you can always come out on top.

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