“Do what you love” seems like simple advice. The easy-to-grasp suggestion comes from Raffaele Riva, the incredibly successful financial services entrepreneur. Riva loved accounting and financial work, so he thrust himself into a life revolving around related business endeavors. Today, he is the founder of Aurea Multi-Family Office, a parent company to several subsidiaries in several countries. Before launching AMFO, he had a hand in founding other successful endeavors. Years of experience and learning provide Riva with insights that few people possess. Those interested in following a similar entrepreneurial path should consider listening to some of his thoughts about business and success.

Riva holds a post-graduate degree from a top institution in Milan, but he doesn’t feel his education ended. Raffaele Riva always strives to learn more and not only about subjects related to business. He reads a lot and works hard at staying on top of trends. His self-motivation expands his knowledge, which helps him in both business and life.

Riva also stresses the importance of taking action. Entrepreneurs may draw up detailed business plans describing how they will put their ideas into action. Creating business plans and thinking about the future is not enough. All ideas and preliminary steps go nowhere unless you take concrete, actionable steps to make things happen. You can only think and plan so much. Not everyone takes the necessary first step to succeed. Riva says, “Just do it!” and take action.

Working hard for clients should be a top priority, too. Clients provide the financial support necessary for a business’ success. Striving each day to figure out ways to make your clients’ lives better, according to Raffaele Riva, can help a business thrive. His opinion makes crystal clear sense. Customers gravitate to businesses that care about their interests.

And budding entrepreneurs should care about what Raffaele Riva has to say.