Privinvest and the CMN division of their shipbuilding business make more than just boats. The team contributes to the environment by focusing on creating and harnessing new sources of power. They look for ways to maneuver their seacrafts with renewable and alternative energy while at the same time studying the power of the ocean. Privinvest utilizes technology, individuals, and crews to build and design these structures. The leaders of CMN take the conditions of the water to heart, and because of their position in the industry, they can help others understand these new energy platforms.

One area Privinvest is working in is wind power. The ocean windmills can distort communications, which can have a major impact on boats and their radar systems. The Privinvest team works to plot out the windy conditions, with the help of meteorologists, and then they take that information into account when selecting a building site. Ships and windmills can function together in the ocean without interfering with duty or performance. Wind power adds sufficient energy to many countries, so it should be continually advanced and improved because it is a plentiful resource.

A recent plotting occurred in the French waters. Privinvest and CMN used radar technology to spot adequate locations for the power plants. Some of the factors considered were sound issues, harbors, and flyover zones. All of these conditions can impact the captain’s communication. The team used special software to outline the boat coordinates in reference to the ocean, land, and windy areas.

Privinvest takes the environment seriously as well as the products they offer their customers. The leaders take the time to find innovative techniques to work with other seagoing vessels and structures. In addition to working with wind power, Privinvest also deals in harnessing the ocean’s currents with underwater turbine systems and generators that capture the tidal energy.