One dream that a lot of people have is the dream to eventually be their own boss and start their own company. While this is a great dream and a viable option for a lot of people, starting any company does come with a financial outlay that can be hard to raise. While raising money through equity or debt can seem like a challenge, there are many options today that could be quite successful. Financial services firm James River Capital has given insight into a variety of options that could be a great option. 


Friends and Family

One option to consider when you are starting a company is to raise money from your friends and family members. While it can be a hard conversation to have, those that do not have too significant of financial needs could consider taking out a loan or selling shares in your company. This could help you raise some money from people that you trust. 

Get a Loan

Another option is to get a traditional bank loan. Bank loans today are available for all forms of new and growing businesses. You can use these loans to buy inventory, for working capital, or to finance equipment. The loans tend to be affordable with low rates and will not require you to sell shares of your company.


For those that do not want to go through the rigors of a formal process, crowdsourcing could be a good option. With this option, you will be able to raise a little bit of money from hundreds of people located all over the world.  

For those that are looking to start or grow a company should continue to seek the guidance provided by James River Capital. The James River Capital company, along with its founder and CEO Paul Saunders, can provide a variety of financial services to both companies and private individuals. This could help any person or organization reach their long-term financial goals for the future.