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A Day In The Life Of Tony Petrello: Eminent Leader Of Nabors Industries

Many persons wish to know what a day in the life of a CEO like Tony Petrello is like: Suffice it to say–no two days are exactly alike. However, the question is not out of line, considering Tony Petrello’s easy career progression; and one that most persons could not perform so effortlessly.

The talented Petrello is in charge of one of the most well-revered well-drilling servicing and equipment manufacturers of oil servicing equipment, in the world: that being, Nabors Industries. Guessing how one attains such a post: it is correct to presume the individual in Tony Petrello’s shoes must possess, much, in the way of vision and have a strong academic background. The two traits are quite applicable to Tony Petrello.

He has earned two Degrees in Mathematics from Yale University: One is a B.S. Degree in Mathematics; and the other is an M.S. Degree in Mathematics. He also earned a J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Tony Petrello assures that his staff, at Nabors Industries as CEO, is afforded with a safe and comfortable working environment. He assures the best in equipment is provided to his labor force and customers, at the well-drilling site, in order to minimize risk or harm to those individuals. He produces the best in outcomes, as it pertains to the entire well-drilling operation.

The preceding activities, within a highly competitive global market, requires Tony Petrello to communicate to the “nth degree.” His high-end communication skills remain a major factor with respect to the success of the organization–which he serves so recognizably well–as its leader.

So: what is a Day in the Life of Tony Petrello like? Tony Petrello wears many hats. Sometimes he is meeting with the persons of corporate governance from afar. Other times he is conducting meetings with his domestic staff. Whatever he is doing, Petrello continually communicates and provides leadership in a most formative way.


Finding Make Up That Suits The Individual

One of the most looked forms of women’s fashion is make up. Women love to put on make up in order to bring out their best assets when it comes to their appearance. However, business owners have to realize that different women have different tastes. Also, each taste is different, but none are inferior. There are ways to make every taste work for women. Business owners like Doe Deere is showing how that can work. She puts together her own styles with the make up that she produces. As a result, she shows that people don’t have to cater to stiff standards of beauty in order to be beautiful.


Doe Deere is an artistic individual who follows inspiration and uses it to bring out the best new ideas. Therefore, she is always going to come up with something new that is going to improve the way make up is done. It is also going to inspire women who have an interest in using make up to express themselves. Women are encouraged to out their own unique touches on themselves so that people will see them for the way that they want to be seen. After all, while many people say that it is not what is on the outside that counts, people can do everything they can to express what is inside of them.


Doe Deere’s line of make up is one of the most innovative lines of make up that people can use. The make up not only comes in a ton of unusual colors but also comes in very high quality because of the ingredients. The make up does not melt off too easily. Yet at the same time, one can remove it whenever she wants.


Doe Deere’s line of make up is called Lime Crime. She has called it that because she did not expect it to become the full business that it has eventually become. She has started off by selling it on her eBay account. Lime Crime was her eBay name. However, the success of her company has inspired her to turn it into a full business which sells make up at various stores.




Brad Reifler Cautions The Citizens To Carefully Follow The Plans Of The Presidential Candidates

Brad Reifler, a successful entrepreneur, wrote for Huffington post about the elections. As the presidential campaign intensifies, Brad encourages the citizens to follow closely and monitor the plans of each candidate.

He outlines that either candidate will definitely alter the current system and the key areas of the economy when elected. The plans of each candidate will have a significant impact to the live hood of every citizen; hence no single idea should be left unturned before putting into action. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

While Clinton and Trump both aim at simplifying the tax code, none of them has explained in lengthy their interest in the tax code. However, Trump has described through his website where he outlines the need to scrap for citizens to itemize their aspects of tax returns.

While Clinton hopes to crack the tax code for small enterprises where she believes, that will have a greater impact in the world of business.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler further writes about child care tax, where both candidates have reached an agreement in breaking the child-care tax. This will result in providing subsidies for the increased child-care costs.

Estate taxes is another crucial part the citizens should pay attention to.

On the contrary, Clinton plans to lower estate taxes, and she is interested in increasing the percentage gained from this amount. However, she agrees with Trump in waiving certain aspects of the estate tax.

Brad Reifler, a dedicated entrepreneur, has founded and also served various organizations has gained vast experience in the world of entrepreneurship. He is the founder and the chief executive officer of Forefront Capital based in New York City. Before founding Forefront, he founded Pali Capital Inc. where he served as the CEO and the chairman of the company. Brad is also the owner of Magnificent Sky Blue Farm in Millbrook.

Brad Reifler has served on various boards including European American investment bank, Genesis Securities, and Foresight Research Solutions among others. Brad is a graduate of Bowdoin College.

The Importance Of Updates For Online Reputation

When it comes to marketing and reputation, one of the most important aspects of online marketing is social media. It is also important to make sure that everything is updated. When people are looking for a site that sells certain categories of items, it is important to them that the site is alive so to speak. In other words, there has to be regular updates on the site. If there is signs of life on the site, this is going to keep the user interested. According to, one of the best things to do is provide daily updates. If one waits to long to update his site or social media, then he is going to lose a lot of visitors.

Also with social media, one thing that the webmaster could do is reach out to people so that he can let them know about his site. This is another reason that social media is very important as well as providing updates. One thing to remember is that a lot of people use social media for many different reasons. In fact the use of social media is in competition with the largest search engines. To make things better, search engines have a lot of love for social media. Therefore, regular updates of social media will cause the site to rank high with back links.

Social media is a very important tool for marketing. It is also very easy to use. When one is able to reach out to others and makes sure that his profile is complete, then he is going to attract a lot of users to his profile. One of the most important things he can do is make sure that he provides the users a photo of himself. This will make sure that his profile is an attractive profile for other users.


Affordable, Quality Workout Clothes At Fabletics

Before 2013, there was a hole in the workout apparel industry. There were several expensive brands that offered quality, stylish apparel. If you couldn’t afford those expensive brands, then you were stuck with low quality, cheaper brands that would fall apart after just a few uses. The founders of the brand, Fabletics, along with actress Kate Hudson, saw the need in the industry and sought to fill it. They wanted to create a company that offered quality, stylish workout clothes that people could actually afford. With that idea, Fabletics was created.


This was apparently a big need in the industry because Fabletics has become a multi-million dollar company in just a few short years. They are taking on giants in the apparel industry, like Amazon, who controls twenty percent of apparel sales. To make sales and create a customer base, Fabletics works on a subscription based membership system. Their members pay a low fee each month and receive an outfit shipped to their door. These automatic shipments and easy shopping make for many repeat, loyal customers, which are the key to their success.


Fabletics has also started to open traditional physical stores. This may seem contrary to the way most retailers are doing business. Many physical businesses are starting to do more and more of their business online. Too many retailers are losing sales to online businesses selling items cheaper. Customers will come in the store to see the items and then purchase online cheaper. Fabletics is turning this idea on its head. They are simply using their stores to offer more customer service to their members. When their members shop in store, the items also go into their online shopping cart for later purchase if wanted. It doesn’t matter if the item is purchased in store or online. Thirty to fifty percent of those that enter their stores are already members, wanting to see the clothes in person or browse their selection. Another twenty-five percent of those that enter their stores become members while in the store, thus creating more revenue and more loyal, repeat customers month after month.


Fabletics clothing quality rivals that of the expensive brands. Their clothes don’t fade and hold their shape and compression after many launderings. Their clothes are soft, comfortable, and thick. You will not have any see-through issues with Fabletics clothes. As a customer, you will feel like a smart, savvy shopper getting quality clothing that will last a long time, at a fraction of the cost of the expensive brands. Plus, their clothes are trendy and stylish. Your hand-picked outfit choices each month are certain to be the latest styles that you will happy to wear not only to workout in, but in your everyday life. Fabletics has many options to choose from, something to fit every lifestyle and exercise needs. If you don’t love the outfit you pick out, you can always return for a store credit or another outfit for free. Once a VIP member, you can also pick out any items you’d like a la carte at a discount price.

The Importance of Technology in Creating and Running Businesses

Starting a company using digital platforms can be easy if one has the knowledge and tools to run the business. According to research conducted by GoDaddy, more people are choosing to host their businesses online for sales and marketing purposes. Flavio Maluf, Eucatex’s president, believes that running businesses online depends on the technology generations. Maluf did research on the prevalence of social media and websites in Brazilian businesses. He found out that over 70 percent of Brazilian enterprises have an online presence.

Learn more about Flavio: Meet, with Flavio Maluf, some tips for not losing productivity at work

Maluf also believes that technology is one of the major factors that have transformed the Brazilian economy. According to Maluf, this transformation has been in the form of business creation and profitability. He argues that social media has enabled business owners to interact directly with their customers. This phase of development is known as digital entrepreneurship. Maluf believes that as technology evolves rapidly, tools for opening and running businesses become more accessible. Entrepreneurs can create and run a website easily with the available online web hosting tools.

In his research, Maluf concluded that 71 percent of the youth prefer creating and managing their own business. Most young people are familiar with modern technological innovations. Maluf urges entrepreneurs to enlist the help of web designers and developers when creating websites for their businesses.

About Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf is a successful entrepreneur who serves as the CEO of Eucatex S.A. Industria e Comercio. Maluf joined the Brazilian company’s executive team in 2005. He is also known for providing Eucatex’s board with strategic planning advice as the board chairperson. He is the VP of Eucatex Trading e Engenharia and CEO of Eucatex Quimica e Mineral. Maluf served as an executive for companies such as Citibank N.A and Sistema S.A. Corretora de.

Eucatex group is known for its environmentally friendly approaches when manufacturing liners and insulations. With over 44,000 hectares of land for development, the company received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for its sustainability practices. Maluf’s expertise lies in mechanical engineering. He is a mechanical engineering degree holder. Maluf also attended the New York University to learn foreign exchange principles. He enrolled in EASP for international trade policies and rural management.

Billy McFarland and the Success Magnises

Billy McFarland is the Magnises founder, who has worked his way up to become a successful entrepreneur from a college dropout and has attracted and monetized millennials. The Magnises founder pointed out that the Magnises answers to urban millennials questions. The issues that the millennials want to be answered are what is trending, where the hot spot is right now, as well as when they can get involved.

In this respect, Magnises more often help more than 20 networks with each other. The ultra-exclusive American Express Centurion (Black) Card was the inspiration behind the 24-year-old founder of the Magnises Company. This idea came up when McFarland was out to dinner with friends, where they expressed great grief on how much they all desired to become black cardholders.

Magnises was born when McFarland got a way to implant a magnetic strip on the metal card. According to the founder, the start-up transfer’s information from an existing credit card onto the Magnises black card, then the card can be used just like a regular change card.

Magnises not only offers credit card function but also has a mobile concierge app that enables its members to use it exclusively for events and discounts. Mr. McFarland pointed out that Magnises has 10,000 members in Washington, D.C. and New York.

There are plans to expand to the West Coast by next year. Membership to Magnises is done by referral only, and the applicants have to be subjected to a stringent vetting process. The annual membership fee is $250.

According to Business Insider, Billy McFarland commented on the entire cost that the company needs to satisfy each user, which is $70, all their events, and the regular partnerships. The start-up’s ability to call up its thousands of members enables them to cash in on the advertising fees and the brand partnerships.

According to Billy McFarland, Magnises partners presently include Tesla, Samsung, and Virgin, which pay a licensing or an association fee. Magnises was launched in 2013, where it has raised $3 million from its key investors who include Bill Gray, the former CEO of Ogilvy & Mather, and Lance Weaver, the former chairperson of MasterCard.

McFarland expects that the company’s start-up will reach its objective, which is over $25 million in the next 24 months.

Anthony Petrello Helps Children In Need

Mr. Anthony Petrello provides invaluable information and seasoned counsel to achieve profitable growth inside a tremendously unpredictable and ferocious business field. While exercising his duties as the President and C.E.O. of the of the corporation Nabors Industries, Anthony worked fervently to accomplish a Juris Doctors. Anthony earned this respected accolade from the esteemed Harvard Law School. Anthony also acquired a Masters in the subject of Mathematics from the prominent University, Yale. Anthony’s corporation Nabors Industries, a subordinate extension of his main corporation, Nabors, is where Anthony Petrello performs the duties of the Chairman of the Board. In addition to this role, Anthony is the Director of another endeavor, the Hilcorp Energy Company, and maintains this position also at the company Stewart & Stevenson.

Aside from being a distinguished higher-ranking executive in the gas & oil trade, Anthony is also an admired humanitarian, recognized across the Houston, Texas vicinity. Anthony approved millions of dollars as donations to medical establishments, to such well respected companies ranging from the Baylor College of Medicine, to the M. D. Anderson Research Center to name only a few. This capital went to aiding the care of, and studies for, assisting kids that had developed neurological problems.

Anthony Petrello’s kind donations formed from the thoughtful and compassionate understanding that arose when his child weighing barely over one pound, was born prematurely. Anthony’s child was born enduring a devastating neurological problem, one which is all too commonly found with kids who are prematurely born. Anthony’s wife, Cynthia Petrello had her own dreams of their baby becoming a successful dancer, while Anthony had visions of their child growing flourish as an outstanding mathematician. Regrettably, when it was found that their infant was suffering from this devastating illness, recognized as periventricular leukomalacia, and which in the end developed into cerebral palsy, they arrived at the understanding that their attention needed to be on their child’s quality of life instead.

Anthony educated himself attentively, focusing on digesting a great deal of knowledge concerning neurological difficulties with children, and provided more than a few million dollars to Children’s Hospital in Texas with the expectation of abolishing neurological diminishments with an impressively funded investigatory medical establishment. Anthony is also a valuable component, serving as a member on the Board of Trustees and donates numerous assets that are devoted to children’s therapeutic regimens at quite a few hospitals.

How Sam Tabar Has Helped Various Companies Succeed

FullCycle has named Sam Tabar as its official COO. The chief operating officer of the company is in charge of the fund management strategy offered by the FullCycle company. By partnering with the various senior leaders, the team is set out to deliver methods to cut back on costs, polluting fuels which are used to lower costs and become more environmentally friendly.

Sam Tabar spend much of his own career going over budget friendly strategies that help aid in financial institutions. He was named as the head of the capital strategy department for the Bank of America, known to financial advisors as Merrill Lynch. During his role, he was provided with the tools needed to help fund managers and target introductions of a number of investors used to fund endowments, pensions and even family offices. He was at the front and center for operations as he led the way to the back and front offices with teams. Before coming to work at Merrill Lynch, he was one of the largest of independent marketers for Asia Pacific. Through his work with Sparx Group, he was able to help aid in a number of global marketing effects.

Along with his financial management experience through these various endeavors, he also worked as an attorney with Schulte, Roth and Zabel. Sam holds a masters in the law degree department from a top notch school, Columbia Law School as well as a bachelor in arts from Oxford University. From Oxford, he graduated with honors. He once worked as a editor for the Columbia Business Law Journal and actually still holds his right to practice with the New York State Bar.

Tabar is listed as being one of the earliest investors as a venture capitalist in Tribute along with in SheThinx, the company which has helped reinvent how the feminine hygiene industry has power in the empower women around the world sector. He has led the path to many companies being able to become one of the highest sought after positions from around the world. Many people might not know the name, but they most certainly would have heard of at least one of the companies he has helped.

How Securus Technologies Defended Itself From GTL’s Inaccurate Information

Securus Technologies is a leader in providing technology solutions in the field of criminal justice. The primary goal of the firm has been to better the lives of prisoners during their time in correction facilities. The company thus provides an array of services ranging from public information, monitoring services, monitoring products, biometric systems, verification, and video monitoring services. Securus is a big company that avails its services to correction facilities. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company has provided its services to more than 3,500 correction facilities. The total number of inmates that benefit from the company’s services is more than 1 million.


I think that Securus Technologies is a highly successful company. The firm has managed to outdo its competitors like GTL in the prison technology industry. I find that GTL has tried to come out of the competition by spoiling Securus name. GTL has made several accusations and claims for damages and injunctions. Securus has come out and stated that all such claims are false. GTL stated that Securus infringed its rights by using its technologies protected by one of the patents. GTL has no evidence that Securus infringed its rights or that Securus used its Technologies. GTL has gone to insist that the Patent Trial and Appeals Board has preserved most of the patents used by the company.


Securus came out in a public press release and refuted all claims by GTL. It stated that the company has its technologies protected by its patents. The company further declared that the PTAB could not rule the case. The case can only be ruled when Securus Technologies and GTL go to court. It is obvious that Securus is going to win because GTL has no evidence. One patent claimed by GTL was that of number 816. The PTAB itself has refused to review any claims made against Securus.