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South American Businesswoman Rocks World

The career of Isabel dos Santos has been marked by a reliable ascent up the ladder of international business and finance, from her indigenous Angola to her current position as a stakeholder in multiple international conglomerates. She’s named Africa’s wealthiest female and one its youngest billionaires and – in this part – is developing her eyesight of the continent’s long term.

An unbiased businesswoman, her portfolio is made around the banking, building, energy, and telecommunication sectors in her indigenous Angola and close by African says and throughout Europe, portugal primarily. She is deeply focused on expanding financial opportunity in her indigenous nation and supporting the function of ladies in the business world.

Time for Isabel dos Santos native Angola, the girl became a project supervisor engineer intended for a subsidiary of the Jembas Group. She quickly jumped straight into entrepreneurship by partnering in the Miami Seaside bar and cafe in Luanda. It’s still among the capital’s hotspots.

“I’ve been extremely independent. When I started operating, I began with an extremely small company,” Isabel dos Santos explained within an interview with CNN. “An extremely small business with hardly any capital and it grew, as I proceeded to go along, as I invested even more, and my business became more lucrative.”

Quickly thereafter she got in on the floor ground of the imminent mobile phone revolution that was going to sweep Africa. She bought a stake in Unitel when it became the 1st cellular operator granted an Angolan permit in 1999. The strong Unitel S.A. was founded in 2001 and, through her organization Vidatel, Isabel dos Santos found control a twenty five percent stake in the telecommunication startup.

Within ten years Africa was enjoying the world’s quickest growth in the cellular sector. Unitel S.A. expanded quickly and by 2014 its Angolan customer foundation was up to 9 million. It is now one of Angola’s most successful and lucrative companies, with income of over $2 billion.

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Steve Lesnard’s Career in Digital Marketing

We reside in a world where technology has taken over most businesses, and social mediums have largely transformed how various products are marketed. But, if these channels aren’t appropriately leveraged, they may turn out to be counterintuitive. According to Steve Lesnard, the revered marketing as well as consumer expert who has extensively served with various global brands, this is true for most upcoming brand managers. He, therefore, implores managers to put a lot of emphasis on their consumer’s needs, especially when it comes to understanding the needs of their clients. Lesnard asks marketing professionals to adhere to specific strategies in marketing their products. He also adds that there are certain clear benefits they may bring to users in the consumer industry.

For starters, Steve Lesnard reiterates that brands need to keep it simple. While this may sound relatively easy, it has some complications. With new product introduction to the markets, marketers should focus on their channels of communication. They also need to go with the innovative as well as relevant aspects of a product. Steve Lesnard gives the iPod from Apple as an example of a product that has caught consumer’s attention by providing approximately 10,000 songs in one pocket. In a different scenario, other companies focused on the tech-advancement of their products instead of the simple benefit that the item may bring upon them. Over the years of production, Apple established a new line of thought. It focused on the simple benefits of giving its consumers what they liked the most about the product.

Lesnard adds that with such production introductions to the market, additional things to focus on include consumer experience and their storyline on the product. He reiterates that when advertising, one should focus on what the products will offer to its consumers, including how they will use it. Depending on the available market and the choice of medium selected, an individual is free to choose a reliable medium through which they can reach their clients.

Steve Lesnard is a respected, high-profile campaign analyst who has launched iconic products besides building strategic partnerships for various businesses. He has also spearheaded the development of multiple sports brands.

The Service of Isabel dos Santos

This past March Isabel dos Santos lost just a little of her leadership standing in the Angolan telecommunications company, Unitel. Nevertheless, she remained the chairman of the company’s board of directors. In fact, her administration was actually praised during the shareholder meeting in which she officially lost those powers. The shareholders expressed confidence that Isabel dos Santos and the Board of Directors would rightly act in their best interest going forward. Unfortunately for the company and for Santos if looks like a very public legal trial is on the near horizon.

While she has remained chairman, the shareholders decided that it is best that she cease to be Unitel’s president. That vacancy will be filled by Miguel Geraldes. Joao Bao Quippa is also being brought onto the leadership team to oversee the finance department. Unitel is owned by four shareholder companies: Oi, Sonangol, Vidatel (a Santos owned company), and Geni. Isabel Dos Santos is the eldest child of the former president of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Her mother is a native of Azerbaijan where Isabel was born.

While growing up, Isabel dos Santos attended an all-girls boarding school in Kent, England. After graduating high school she studied electrical engineering at King’s College in London. After her higher education, over the next 20 years, she was a highly successful businesswoman, holding management jobs at a large number of companies. that by 2013 she became Africa’s first female billionaire. In the early 1990s, she finally returned home to Angola. There she became a project manager engineer for Urbana 2000. Her real success started in 1997 after she started her first business: The Miami Beach Club. She would spend the next 20 years or so building a massive worldwide empire.

For a brief time in 2016, she served as the chairwoman of Sonangol, Angola’s state oil company, but she was almost immediately fired the following year after her father was replaced as the country’s president.

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Carsten Thiel Discusses Tips for a Successful Career in Entrepreneurship

Carsten Thiel is an accomplished figure in biotechnology. He grew up in a family of medical professionals. This influenced his career path. His involvement in medicine has led to the introduction of productive medical products. Carsten Thiel discusses the impact technology has had on medicine. He says that ideas which were thought to be impossible have been brought to life with the aid of technology.

As an entrepreneur, productivity is the main goal. Carsten Thiel mentions how asking questions and being ready to learn has contributed to him being productive. He says that when he works with a team of professionals, he asks questions and learns new concepts from them. Professionals who have worked in different fields are able to offer him insight into certain reasoning he did not consider before. Also, asking questions saves the company a lot of resources in case there are changes to be done before a project is commenced.

Carsten Thiel acknowledges the importance of working as a team and collaborating with others for the success of a project. He talks about leading a team of researchers and employees in order to come up with fresh ideas. In a team, each member contributes their thoughts.

These thoughts become ideas and opportunities to be employed in the company. Listening to your team as the leader maintains a good professional relationship. Motivated and inspired employees are able to become more productive. They appreciate the role they play in the success of the company.

Carsten Thiel has implemented these tips in having a positive company culture.Carsten Thiel recounts how he would convince his younger self to always follow his instincts. When he was starting out his career, he was confident about the work he was doing but still in doubt over how the market would respond to the products he launched.

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Ted Bauman, the Chief Editor Of Bauman Letter And Plan B Club

Mr . Ted Bauman advocates that a significant number of entrepreneurs would be successful if they knew the importance of utilizing the most productive part of the day to handle the most demanding tasks. Ted became part of the banyan hill publishing unit in 2013. Since then Ted has been serving as the chief editor.

Additionally, he is also a specialist in international migration issues, asset protection, and low-risk venturing strategies. Currently, he is settled in Atlanta, Georgia with his family. For the most productive part of his life, ted bauman has been helping his client to acquire all vital components that they need to live a sovereign entity that is free from corporate greed and the state oversight.

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How does his typical day look like?

Mr . Ted bauman has a few responsibilities in the morning, which include seeing his kids to school before embarking on his daily activities. He works from one of his offices in his house, which save him from the morning rush. This way, Ted Bauman can utilize the most productive part of his day to handle his work systematically. At times Mr. Ted wakes up early before the business hours to make sure that he is able to complete his tasks on time or even to create extra time for personal and family responsibilities.

How does he bring ideas to life?

Mr . Ted is a writer. As such, he is credited with the role of writing some of the most vital topics in a way that ensures that the readers get the intended information without many challenges. This type of work does not pose any challenge to him since he is well versed with most of the market dynamics that are posing challenges to investors. Some of his most exciting topics include how to protect your assets from unpredictable changes in the market. To this end, he can offer unbeatable services to his clients through the application of real examples in the market. This implies that for any investor considering to venture his fund in the current markets, it is vital to find some of Mr. Ted’s writings.

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Maarten De Jeu and the Farrell Fellows Program

Maarten De Jeu has led a successful career in corporate development and international strategy.
Currently based in Chicago, De Jeu earned an MBA at Oxford where he was first in his class. Soon after that, he began working for TVDK Management Consultants in Amsterdam. His ability to speak
four languages, including English, Dutch, French, and German, helped him become an international success in business.
After rising through the ranks at TVDK, De Jeu went to work with the London based insurance firm
Aviva Plc. In 2008, he became the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development for Aviva based in Chicago. From there he started his own company, SVM BUSINESS ADVISORY. He is also co-
founded SpeakUp, a technology company that offers ethics solutions to companies based in
When he isn’t working, Maarten De Jeu enjoys spending time with his family and being active in several organizations, including the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI). He co-chaired a unique program meant to teach the public about the history of bicycles called the science spins program.
Another important program at the Museum of Science and Industry seeks to help teens engage in science during five weeks of their summer break from school. This program, the Farrell Fellows internship, teaches more than science. It also teaches leadership development and public speaking
through coursework and hands-on activities.
The internship culminates in the students choosing whether or not to host activities at different places in their community as well as the museum. These activities engage the audience in science,
using interactive performances. One example was America’s Got Bubbles show in 2014, where teens from the internship put on a show to educate the public about the chemistry behind bubbles.
Through the Farrell Fellows program, they visited public libraries around Chicago and taught children about engineering by working with them to create carnival tents out of newspapers. They
also learned about model rockets. Learn more:
Maarten De Jeu is active in a number of other associations and organizations where he uses his knowledge and skills to better his community. When he isn’t working or with his family, he enjoys
playing tennis.

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Academy of Arts University alumni contributes their talent to Avengers: Endgame.

Academy of Arts University alumni contributes their talent to Avengers: Endgame.

Avengers: Endgame is another trademark movie in history since its opening. Endgame is a movie that has made a mark in history as the second largest movie of all time in history. On the day of its opening, Avengers: Endgame raked in $156.7 million, and the film crossed the mark for $2 billion in just 11 days. The movie has a run-time for three hours and during the day of its premiere over 4500 theaters were open in the US and many certified theaters around the world including China.

Avengers: Endgame is a movie in the Marvel’s movie series containing 22 films known as the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie series first rolled out in 2008 with Iron Man and has since featured heroes such as Thor, Ant-Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Black Panther and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Endgame also concludes the chapter in a four-series movie about the core team of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that includes Infinity War (2018) Age of Ultron (2015) and The Avengers (2012).

Academy of Arts University Alumni contributes to VFX scenes and characters for Endgame.

Recent movies such as Avengers: Endgame has been incorporating VFX artists in their production to enhance the visual effects of the larger than life characters they have created in the movie. The animators and the team of special effects work hand in hand with filmmakers to make the film charge out of the screen. A film like Endgame will require the combined efforts of various teams to bring out the high-quality effects of VFX.

Academy of Arts University is among the leading schools for creative art and design located in San Francisco, and it is the only school that teaches VFX and animation in a studio production environment. Budding artists and animators for 2D and 3D have the opportunity to learn from the best of the best in the animation industry. Some alumni of the Academy of Arts University that received credit from the Avengers: Endgame movie include, Double Negative (DNEG): FX Technical Director, Ioanna Mailli, Double Negative (DNEG): FX Technical Director, Ioanna Mailli, Framestore: Animator, Heriyanto Tio, and Weta Digital: Lead Matte Painter, Scott Brisbane; Motion Editor, Vanessa Cook.

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Bhanu Choudhrie and Innovation

Bhanu Choudhrie thinks about ideas but makes certain to stay focused and grounded on what matters. For instance, he recently shared an idea about the need for a better charging station system. He shared that if there was something similar to an UBER esque business for that of charging electric vehicles, it would something of note.

It would be useful for all involved. He knows that this type of product would pay off but would hold off on creating it himself because of the infrastructure that it may require. It is better to have electric juice always than to not have it and want it.

It is not surprising that Bhanu Choudhrie would have this type of idea, he likes business and someone who is out and about on the town. Bhanu Choudhrie must keep moving to invest, to learn, and understand investment landscapes. Bhanu Choudhrie will use his knowledge to grow his enterprises and refine processes to grow wealth overall.

Bhanu Choudhrie has gotten far because of the fact that he continues to move.

If you want to be like Bhanu Break the Cycle

If you find that your life is just going through a constant cycle of predictability, then it’s time to break the proverbial wheel and take matters into your own hands. Matters were always in your own hands, it is just up to you to take the right actions.

Time to Break the Wheel

One thing that could help you get out of a rut is to break the grueling cycle of monotony.

1. Make a list of things to achieve. This list could comprise of short-term or long-term goals. But it should be of things that you really want for yourself. No matter how realistic or non-realistic they are, focus on these goals as your vision board of motivation.

2. Prioritize your goals. One thing that helps you get the most out of your goals is to prioritize them. When you arrange your goals in a way where achieving one of them could influence the other, it helps your sense of accomplishments and makes it easier to attain your objectives.

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Article Title: Organo Gold And Coffee Journeys

Organo Gold is a reputable company that has been delighting coffee devotees for many years and counting. Organo Gold is a brand that puts a lot of attention into beverages that involve Ganoderma. Ganoderma mushrooms are hailed by people for beneficial properties.

People who are big fans of teas often are drawn to Organo Gold and to its offerings. People who are major coffee enthusiasts are in many circumstances just as attracted to the brand. Organo Gold presents consumers with all kinds of choices in diverse and dynamic coffee drinks. That’s how it’s doing a lot to enhance the concept of coffee everywhere.

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Betsy DeVos Looks Into The Future Of The American Educational System And Sees Many Possibilities

Betsy DeVos is a tireless businesswoman who works hard to make the changes she wants to see in the world. She has been involved in politics ever since she studied at Calvin College. While there, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in business economics and then went on to serve her home state as the chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. She also supported her husband, Dick DeVos, when he ran to serve as the governor of Michigan.


Betsy DeVos has always sought creative solutions to the problems that plague society. In this capacity, she works with the Windquest Group as its chairman. The company was founded by her husband and herself in 1989 and serves by investing in clean energy, the manufacturing sector, and technology. DeVos has also worked with many different educational organizations in leadership positions. She currently serves the American Federation for Children as its chairman and has also worked with the American Education Reform Council and All Children Matter in the past.


One of the largest movements that Betsy DeVos has dedicated herself to is the educational choice movement. This movement has been around for many decades, and it has been more than 25 years since the state of Wisconsin passed the first private-school voucher program in the United States. DeVos was recently asked how she feels about the progress that the movement has made, and she revealed that she is very optimistic. She went on to talk about the growing number of students in the country who are being supported by educational choice legislation that is helping to pay for their education. There are currently a quarter million students in many different U.S. states that are able to attend a school their family approves of thanks to private-choice legislation.


Betsy DeVos does a lot more than donate her time to support the causes and organizations she believes in. She also donates a lot of money to support educational nonprofits and organizations. She does so through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which was founded in 1989. In 2015, the foundation donated over $3 million to education causes, and this made up over %25 of its total donations that year. The foundation has donated over $130 million to charities and nonprofits over the years and is expected to continue doing so.


Betsy DeVos was born in Holland, Michigan, and she now lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her home state holds a special place in her heart, and she has worked very hard to support the expansion of charter schools there. DeVos feels that every American student should have access to the same educational opportunities as every other student, and her hard work has continued to make her country’s educational system stronger.


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