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Gulf Coast Western’s Matthew Fleeger is a Modern CEO

Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger is a CEO of a well-known oil and gas company.  However, you might not know this as each morning he drives his kids to school and drops them off before going to the office.  He uses this time of the day to interact with his children in a very personal way.  

Just the same way he interacts with his family, Fleeger believes that one should put the best into each workday.  He believes businesses can succeed with openness, honesty, transparency, and support of each other.  He spent many years refining these philosophies, including the time he bought a new venture and found it was not at all what he had wanted to buy.  Fleeger decided to use this as a learning lesson and take his losses and go on.

Matthew Fleeger

He managed many different types of businesses once he graduated from Southern Methodist with a degree in finance and economics. His most successful business was a medical waste company that he ran for 14 years.  Mr. Fleeger had also worked for his father’s firm at various times.  With his father retiring, Fleeger made the decision to return to the family firm, Gulf Coast Western. Since taking over this company, he has expanded it throughout the Southwest and increased the company’s interest in real estate and gas and oil holdings.  His company has become prominent in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and through his company, Fleeger has taken a big interest in helping children with an assortment of charities.

He believes that to be successful, one must form a vision of something that needs to be done.  Then, one must set up a path of how to reach that goal.  Once on the path, waymarkers can be set up to indicate the success along the way.  Fleeger is a big believer in establishing daily lists to get things done.  Otherwise, he feels disjointed and is less likely to complete his goals.

Sheldon Lavin Is Interviewed By Inspirery

An entrepreneur’s success rate is determined by their vision. As an investor, Sheldon Lavin has managed to ensure that he has revolutionized the food processing industry. His managerial abilities have also played a key role in his success as a leader. For the past four decades, he has been an executive at OSI Group. The company is based in Chicago. Under the leadership of Sheldon, the firm became an international corporation. Sheldon Lavin has also motivated numerous start-up entrepreneurs.

OSI Group has a complex food supply chain. The company has managed to grow progressively since the executives coordinate with each other effectively. As a leader, Lavin always considers various factors before implementing multiple business strategies. Some of the factors that he usually considers include the shortage of resources, consumer preferences, and technological changes. Lavin also shares some of his responsibilities with highly-skilled personnel at OSI Group. By coordinating together with other highly-skilled professionals, Sheldon Lavin also carries out little research. Also, he can make more informed decisions that positively impact the growth of OSI Group.

Besides possessing a lot of knowledge about the food processing sector, Lavin is also a finance expert. The knowledge that he possesses about the finance sector has also significantly contributed to his success as the chief executive officer of OSI Group. Although OSI Group is a Chicago based firm, Lavin was confident that the company had the necessary potential to become an international entity. Although the food processing sector has a poor reputation in areas such as North America and Europe.

Sheldon Lavin has also gained a lot of recognition since he has been advocating for sustainable food production within OSI Group. Lavin has also been accorded many awards over the years as a result of his superb business performance. He also gives back to the community through philanthropy. Currently, he has been offering some financial assistance to the Ronald McDonald House Foundation. During a recent interview, Sheldon Lavin was asked about how he got into the food production business. Lavin starts by acknowledging that he was interested in establishing different firms that would deal with food production. Although he started as a financial consultant, Lavin was able to join OSI as the CEO officially. He has held the position of CEO for four decades.

Luke Lazarus Helps Startups By Making Their Enterprise More Attractive To Investors

Most people know that it takes a lot of work to put together a successful business. What they don’t know is that the majority of businesses fail within a few years of being created. While many entrepreneurs find themselves in a position of having to pick up the broken pieces of their failing companies time-and-time again, there are those who have managed to get it right.

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Luke Lazarus is one of these kinds of entrepreneurs who has been able to build more than one successful business. He is now working with CEOs and entrepreneurs who can use his advice and business skills.

Luke Lazarus knows that it is very important for startups to put together business plans that actually attract investors and customers, alike. Many companies try to create business plans without realizing they need to have a good story and a mission statement.

Lazarus understands that companies need to build their brand by having a purpose and standing by that purpose. He also knows that startups need to do plenty of market research before launching. Too many companies skip this step and end up failing because they have no understanding of who their customers really are and what it is they want.

Luke Lazarus attended a business school in Melbourne, Australia where he received his MBA. He could have studied at many other colleges in the United States but decided to stay in the town he grew up in.

When he finished his studies, he went on to create his first business. This company was successful, and he set up three other successful companies afterwards. Lazarus eventually sold all of his companies and became a millionaire by the time he was in his mid-thirties. He considered creating a new company but soon made the decision to help other entrepreneurs with their companies instead.

Like many other millionaires, Luke Lazarus discovered he wanted to help others to find the same kind of success he had been enjoying. Instead of looking to make more money, he felt the need to make a difference in people’s lives.

Lazarus began to find entrepreneurs who were having a hard time overcoming the issues that plagued their startups. To help these entrepreneurs, he became a business consultant, and he has since made many new connections by working very closely with his clients. He uses his analysis skills and no-nonsense attitude to deliver real results to the people who come to him looking for help.

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Luke Lazarus believes many entrepreneurs need to learn more about attracting investors to their company. Angel investors and venture capitalists can do a lot to help a startup get off-of-the-ground, but they won’t offer their help if they don’t believe in the startup’s chances for success.

Lazarus knows how to work with these kinds of investors and knows how to make startups more attractive to them. This is something that is extremely valuable as many startups often give up after realizing they can’t get the financing they need to grow their enterprise.

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Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant

Jeremy Goldstein, Attorney and Founding Partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC

With more than 20 years of commitment to his craft, Jeremy Goldstein, founder and partner of law firm Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, has improved the field of corporate and employment law. His position relies on him to assist with company mergers and acquisitions, and legal consulting. This provides him the opportunity to advise his clients on pay and career fruition. Goldstein’s highly formidable education includes an MA from the University of Chicago, a BA from Cornell University, and his JD completed at the New York University of Law. After his time at the University of Law, Goldstein spent a while working for a big New York law firm before creating his own firm, where he would focus his attention on working with CEOs, their upper level management teams, and corporate governance affairs.



All About Corporate Governance



Goldstein’s well known attitude towards settling corporate government affairs is his monumental notice. The complexities of employment law can be overwhelming to someone without Goldstein’s iron grasp on sufficient business practices. What corporate-level governance entails is the providing of a standardized system of proper rules and regulations to ensure effortless and safe productions. Corporate governance at its basic principle is to define the lines of authority, while helping to shape a company to allow for the investor’s best interests, as well as the employees’. Working with these professionals also includes collaborating with CEOs and their upper level management teams. These teams carry a variety of experts in their fields and they can include financiers, shareholders and suppliers. A company relies on each of these professionals to incorporate their knowledge into the development and overall, its success. And while success is the imminent goal all corporations are aspiring for, Goldstein expresses that communication and trust are the first steps towards reaching it. For a company that wants it, proper disclosure and transparency are the only ways to move forward. Goldstein states that a company should be willing to publish their entire description of their stock ownership guidelines, as well as any and all committee charters and copies of their articles of incorporation. As their lawyer, Goldstein argues that having clear knowledge of a company’s ideas, intentions, and vision instills trust and accountability. Accountability and trust are both important to investors as well, as they are not just investing in a project, but an idea that ideally will sustain itself for many years to come.


Jeremy Goldstein is so reliant for his craft because of his ability to spot inaccuracies in management that a company would not catch on their own. Mismanagement of funds in accounting and human resources can dissuade future investors as these can cause future complications. As a result, investors can become unaware of actual funds and risk the mishandling of their own money. Even worse are companies who practice deceitful business ethics, in which restoration is nearly impossible once these practices have been discovered. Neglect and poor business control techniques can reside anywhere within, all in all.


Let The Professionals Take it Away


Clients can be expectant to treatment of eminence upon visiting with the devoted law firm. Goldstein is an advocate in defense of non-compete agreements and employer protection. A non-compete agreement protects the rights of the employee against unforeseen circumstances involving said employee. Goldstein believes his career as a lawyer should reflect his morals and provides assurance that consultation with Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC means peace of mind for any company.


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Maarten De Jeu Outlines The Benefits Of Investing Into Commercial Real Estate

Investing the money that one earns to be able to earn a substantial amount back is a good decision for anyone who has a good financial base and wants to improve it even further. There is no shortage of people out there who will tell you how good it is to invest and how important and beneficial the right modes of investment can actually be. No matter what part of the world you live in, the fact remains that investing your money is always a good call and something that you should look to do. 


While there is an unlimited number of routes that one can take when trying to invest their money well, one particular form of investment has always remained a good choice for those who are looking to make profits. The mode of investment that we are referring to is investing in real estate. So long as people need houses to live in and spaces to call their own, real estate is always going to be a good choice and something that people turn to when they are looking for good ways to invest their money. 


While investing in any kind of real estate is good and can earn you a significant amount of money, investing into commercial estate has proven to be the better option for those who are looking to make a good amount of money and want to find the best possible routes for them to take for this purpose. 


Maarten De Jeu, a well-regarded investment analyst recently outlined the fact that commercial real estate is one of the best things that one can invest in, especially if they want to make a good amount of money quickly and with minimal effort. In an article that he authored, he stated that there are a number of reasons why this is a good option for those who are looking to invest their money. 


He stated that one of the biggest reasons why people choose to invest in this manner is because they often want to find something that can save them during a time of inflation. Retail spaces generally get picked up rather quickly, especially if they are set up in a prime location. When a brand or company chooses to go in for a particular space, they are doing so with the intention of keeping it at least for a couple of years. This means that any individual who owns this kind of space can relax knowing that they will be earing a significant amount for a number of years. Learn more:


The resale value of any kind of space is high, and this tends to be even higher for retail or commercial spaces that are looking to be bought by another person. For those who buy retail space, they can feel at ease knowing that they are immune to inflation. As time passes, the market rates of goods and services tend to increase or decrease, making them somewhat unstable and harder to predict. Commercial real estate values only go up with time, making them the perfect option for those who are looking out for a property to resell.

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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez: Enhancing Technology for Hawkers

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is an entrepreneur who has expert knowledge when it comes to new technologies and sustainable-energy projects. He received a dual major in Economics and Business Administration from Suffolk University in Massachusetts, United States. He has since expanded his portfolio into several more fields. This includes finance and new age retail products. Alejandro has successful built his career around the idea of innovation and bringing fresh approaches to seasoned business models. He has put his passion in technological change mentioning that it is a must to remember that changes in this era are slow processes, therefore, lead to results taking more time to become available.

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Leaders of companies should always try to encourage entrepreneurship and achieve continuous innovation for their products and services. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez started his professional career as a manager at for different companies, one of them being the commodities trader Guruceaga Group and BGB Energy. Shortly after that position, he took on the role of Latin American’s commercial manager for ICC-OEOC. This is a European company that provides new technology solutions to the oil industry. Betancourt eventually realized that he wanted to venture out on his own.

After he branched out, Alejandro created The Foundation leadership in order to support educational by the Oficina Nacional Antidrogas. The corporation is known for donating cash and making contributions to communities. These contributions are active by way of the Hermógenes López Foundation which is the former president of Venezuela. The foundation supports schools, community centers, and has a goal in mind to preserve the culture of the indigenous people living in the region. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez stated that they are ensuring that projects are successful and will tread on that path to success in the future. The foundation is conscious about the regions electric power plants that generate emissions. Therefore, they are always keeping an eye out for ways to bring balance to emissions.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez partnered with Hawkers. The company is committed to the use of developing technology. This makes Hawkers the perfect venture for Betancourt’s and new opportunities. The company has been going strong with supplementing its online sales. Now the company is expanding into a brick-and-mortar retail honoring its Madrid foundation store and branching out to Barcelona, Rome, Mexico, and Columbia. Betancourt has successfully helped Hawkers create smaller-level stores in all of Europe’s Spanish speaking regions.

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Sergey Petrossov Targets Commercial Flying


Sergey Petrossov is the founder and CEO of a company called JetSmarter. There are many people who have to fly on commercial plans on a regular basis. This experience can be frustrating and downright stressful. There are too many flights that are canceled and delayed due to weather issues, staffing problems, and mechanical issues. Furthermore, the security lines at the airport can delay people to the point that they might even miss their flight. Finally, the food at the airport and on the plane, itself is not appetizing. There are many people who are looking for an alternative to flying on a commercial plane. Sergey Petrossov and JetSmarter might offer a suitable alternative.

This young CEO created an app that people can use to book a private plane. Yes, private jet travel does sound like something that is reserved for people who only have a large sums of money. At the same time, his company has already grown by leaps and bounds. It is worth more than $1 billion. As a result, more people than ever before are using private planes. This has led to the cost of a seat on one of these private planes to drop to lower levels than They ever have before. In some cases, a tiok it on a private plane might only cost the same as a seat on a flight in business class.


Sergey Petrossov is already one of the most successful CEOs; however, he has not done yet. He has big plans for his company. As the price continues to drop, he wants to push the envelope in the commercial travel industry as well. This may change the way that the commercial travel industry is structured. For the people who have to fly on a regular basis and deal with the frustrations, this would probably come as a welcome change. It will be interesting to watch this company continue to develop over the coming years.

Sustainabilty Embraced by Toyo Setal Corporation

The global business world is facing new challenges everyday. Environmentally, government officials are being pressured by citizens from around the world to keep our earth, water and air safe and sustainable for everyone.

“Sustainability” is the buzz word in today’s market. It is defined as “people, planet, and profits” all working in harmony– together. Corporations need to value the environment just as much as seeking to produce their profits.

One of the heavy hitters is Toyo Setal (TSE), a Brazilian company, that works with deployment of industrial enterprises. Toyo Setal strives to develop intricate projects which are being utilized in the EPC Industry– Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning. More specifically, projects in Oil, Gas, Chemistry, Mining, Steelworks, Fertilizers, Energy, and Infrastructure are vital areas of operations within the Toyo Setal Corporation.

In fact, Toyo Setal has a proven record of Sustainability. They have been honored with the “Innovations in the Integration of Engineering Projects award, given at the AVEVA World Summit–2014. This constant commitment to Sustainability is no easy task, but due to the professionals who are highly qualified, possessing high-leveled values, they are gleaming in the efforts to be productive and work in harmony with “people, planet, and profits.”

The actions and execution of Toyo Setal’s Corporation are planned very carefully. In order to keep their commitment to Sustainability efforts, teamwork is an anchor. Teamwork is surrounded with a culture of excellence and ethical practices. The effort is made to make and keep high organizational structure: application of effective technologies, high-performance team culture in managing processes, preparation of leaders and successors to pass on knowledge, allow for good communications between head offices and their enterprises, and rely on key technology to strengthen three basic functions in a high tiered Corporation–quality, time, and investment.

As Sustainable Development will continue to be a mandatory factor in the global business world, Toyo Setal will continue to progress by meeting the environmental licensing requirements. Some distinctive practices used are safe guarding endangered trees or plant life, sharing environmental education programs, and transporting special animals to natural habitats (fish, reptiles, turtles, native species).

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Niranjan Shah – A Leader Passionate About Work that Benefits Society

Niranjan Shah is the co-founder and chairman of Globetrotters International Inc. The company is one of the top architecture, engineering, and construction management firms in the United States. The Chicago-based firm also offers consulting services, property and facility management, IT services, and permit review.

The company has been in business since 1974. They serve both public and private sector clients with consulting, management, and design services. The company has over 200 professional, management, and support personnel. Their goal is to provide services that are cost-effective, high quality, and sustainable for their clients. They take pride in tailoring professional services to each unique project.

The business succeeds on every count as they are an award-winning firm that puts their clients’ needs first. The company has worked on various projects for federal agencies. The results of their projects are so precedented that the work they have done has been published in several research reports and journals.

The company has worked on various local projects in Chicago including the Deep Tunnel Project which was designed and implemented to manage urban flooding and water pollution for the city. For this project, Globetrotters won a national award from the American Society of Civil Engineers in 1986, the Outstanding Civil Engineering Award.

Globetrotters has also worked on other highly notable jobs including the redevelopment project for Chicago Midway International Airport, the McCormick Place expansion, and at Chicago O’Hare’s airport international terminal 5 in design and facility management.

The company has some very modest beginnings. Niranjan Shah was the only full-time employee for Globetrotters International Inc. when the company was started from an office on the south side of Chicago. With his leadership, the business grew to where it is now with over 200 technical and professional personnel. They are one of the leading engineering and architectural firms in the U.S.

Born in India, Niranjan Shah also experienced some very modest beginnings. He grew up in a small village with no running water or electricity. This had to have a huge impact on him, as he had an avid interesting in engineering. Engineering is the science of building infrastructure with a focus on benefiting society and increasing the standard of living for people.

In India, he earned an engineering degree from the Birla Engineering College at Sardel Patel University.

After college, he moved to the United States and earned his master’s degree in civil engineering at the University of Mississippi. Upon graduation, he moved to Chicago to start his company, Globetrotters International Inc.

Niranjan Shah worked hard to establish his business and earned professional licenses in several states, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Wisconsin and expanding the business into these regions. To gain more of a business education, Mr. Shah attended management training at the prestigious Harvard Business School.

Mr. Shah has a deep commitment to philanthropy, giving back to the community, and public service. He helps small villages in his homeland of India and organizations throughout the United States by working with local and international foundations. For his contributions, he has been a proud recipient of the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award in 2006.

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Paul Herdsman – Everything that you need to know

Paul Herdsman is a successful business man who has been able to help out many start up businesses grow and develop over time. He has been able to work with a wide variety if companies that have helped him grow as an individual and as a business owner as well. He knew from the beginning that wanted to grow and become successful, and this is exactly what he worked for every single day.

He takes pride in his family and in his children as well. In a recent interview that he did, he explained that he always tries his best to be present in the lives of his two children and that it is important for him to make sure that he is there for anything that they may need. This has been something that has been able to help him grow as a business man as well.

This is a good characteristic that he portrays. This has also been something that has helped him grow his business because he knows that he needs to work hard and put in the effort so that his children can take advantage of this later.
Today, he is known to be a very successful business man who works hard every day to make sure that his business is running the right way. Paul Herdsman also takes the time to make sure that those around him are taken care of as well. His hard work is admired by many people in this career field.

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