Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods launched a research and development project in 2011 at the time it opened its headquarters in Redwood City. Its goal was to find a plant-based burger that contained all the characteristics of a beef burger but was only plant-based. There have recently been many companies entering the plant-based arena of food production. Many companies are proving to be successful in producing plant-based fish, steak, and other substitutes for different kinds of meat. Impossible Foods wanted to be the first company to produce a plant-based burger that actually tasted, cooked, smelled, looked, and “bled” like a beef burger, yet retained its 100% plant-based qualities with no additional additives. After five years in research in 2016 Impossible Foods believed it had found the perfect combination of plant-based nutrients for its Impossible Burger.

New York Debut

Impossible Foods planned a debut of their Impossible Burger to be in New York and had invited some of the countries best chefs, food critics, and vegans to be present at the tasting. David Chang’s Momofuku Nishi restaurant was the chosen location for the Impossible Burger launch. Following the presentation, showing, and tasting, there was positive feedback from those present. The media spread positive reviews in their reports and the Impossible Burger started gaining real interest when order began pouring into the Impossible Foods headquarters in Redwood City. By mid-2019 10000 orders had been amassed at Impossible Foods headwuarters for the Impossible Burger, which it was working to meet in its 68000 square foot production facility in Oakland.

Keeping Up With Demand

By mid-2019 Impossible Foods struggled to stay ahead of the growing demand for its Impossible Burger. Impossible Foods launched a campaign to find a co-producer with a wide enough infrastructure as well as a high strack record of being a producer of products like their own Impossible Burger. Immediately Impossible Foods was impressed with the 100 year history of OSI Group, especially OSI Group and its producer relationship with McDonalds Franchise. OSI Group agreed to a co-production agreement with Impossible Foods that allows it to produce the Impossible Burger in its Chicago Plant. OSI Group fitted its Chicago plant according to specific dimensions related to their present production facility in Oakland.

The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group