Omeed Malik is a businessman who was born in New Jersey. His early life was characterized by his dedication to academics. He continued his commitment to education when he reached college age. His Bachelor’s Degree is in the fields of Political Science and Philosophy. Omeed Malik undertook his undergraduate studies at Colgate University. He then went on to study at the Emory School fo Law and received his Juris Doctor. After completing his studies in college, Omeed went on to work for Donald Payne, a representative for the state of New Jersey. He quickly showed a great deal of skill in areas such as public speaking and leadership. The experience he gained during this period of time was formative in helping Omeed Malik to continue to develop important knowledge and experience.

These days, Omeed Malik is gaining acclaim and respect as the Chief Executive Officer at Farvahar Partners. He is also the firm’s founder. Farvahar Partners is a unique merchant banking organization that works to grow businesses through the process of investment of partner capital. The inspiration behind the creation of the firm came from Omeed Malik’s desire to find a way to close the gap between early-stage and late-stage investment capital activity. Omeed Malik has established an excellent team of industry professionals that have helped him to grow the business at Farvahar Partners.

Omeed Malik’s Farvahar Partners team includes Managing Partner Joe Voboril, Senior Advisor Charles Myers, Managing Director Kate Peachway, and Managing Director Avinash Kaza. These individuals all have rich backgrounds within the fields of investment and finance and they have been instrumental in the impressive rate of growth that has been achieved by Omeed Malik and Farvahar Partners. With a team like this in place, the future looks to be a bright one for Farvahar Partners and its inspirational founder.

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