GULF COAST WESTERNThe current CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Matthew Fleeger, has earned his good reputation in the oil and gas industry by managing this company, with its main headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. Gulf Coast Western has actually been around since the seventies, when Matt’s own father founded the company.

Through Matthew’s help, he was able to expand the family business. Because of his expertise that he garnered through education and experience; Matt was able to boost this homegrown company to become the industry leader that it has become today. His own dad may have begun Gulf Coast Western, but it was through Matt’s leadership skills and strategic decisions that they were able to secure the top spot.

Today, Gulf Coast Western remains one of the largest oil and gas investment firms across the globe. Though he is very focused on managing this old family business, as well as his other personal business ventures, Matthew Fleeger has not forgotten to make quality time a priority for his wife and kids. Since they are his inspiration, he finds himself always looking forward to deal with various projects because everything that he does is for their benefit.

Apart from the family Gulf Coast Company, Matt has his own tanning company and medical waste management venture. Apart from this, he is a philanthropist, who is popular for taking their company’s corporate social responsibility seriously. Matt is noted for doing several successful charitable events in the Dallas area. On top of that, he is a prime supporter of the Sadie Keller Foundation, a well-known cause that helps young children with terminal cancer to help scientists find a possible cure.    


Gulf Coast Western has expanded rapidly over the past few years when Matthew Fleeger took over after his father’s retirement. Many people now come looking to him and his team for industry advice. They are considered a premium asset within the industry and they have also been lauded for what they have been able to accomplish for other people.