Maarten de Jeu is a revered and renowned businessman and entrepreneur. He is an icon in the financial industry career. De Jeu came to limelight after he established the SVM business Advisory, where he serves as a Managing Partner. Besides, he is devoted to community service and philanthropy. Maarten is always proud of engaging himself in programs that major in helping young people. The higher percentage is supporting lucrative education programs that promote the young generation. A higher rate is in support of profitable education programs. Maarten initially used to be the Co-Chair of the Sciences Spins program which was initiated by the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago. It majors in teaching the visitors of museums about the fantastic history of the bicycle.

The Museum of Science and Industry is the most prominent organization in the Western Hemisphere due to its size and scope. Giving back to society is among the significant endeavors of the museum. The Museum employees Farrell Fellows Internship to encourage teenagers from Chicago area to involve them in science. With active management by Maarten de Jeu, the program is among the vital part of its complete success.

The Museum of Science and Industry set the Farrell Fellows Internship program during the summer. The program takes more than five weeks during the summer. It includes various science-based classwork that enlightens teenagers from Chicago on critical topics that range from science, leadership, and the courage to address the public. Among the significant advantages of the Farrell, Fellowship Internship is that it provides its learners a chance to give back to society by representing affairs with a science idea at the end of every program. The operations performed interactively. Learn more:

One such program happened in 2014, and it showed members of the science behind the bubble. Farrell Fellow Internship members managed to tour all the seventeen libraries in Chicago to ensure that the program is on and operational. Also, the teenager managed to relate and mingle with young children and help them to build a carnival tent from the newspaper.

Maarten de Jeu founded SVM Business Advisory in 2012. De Jeu has set himself aside as a business community critical advisor since he acquired his MBA from Harvard Business School. Since then, Maarten has made a great name due to his excellent reputation. He has become an internationally recognized figure for his immense success in the financial service sector. He has also attained incredible success via commercial real estate investment. He has a proven track of being a firm advocate of community education projects initiated by The Museum of Science and Industry.

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