Luke Lazarus is an Australian consultant, based in Melbourne, Victoria. He earned his MBA from Melbourne Business School at 24 years old. In the decade since his graduation, Luke Lazarus has started and sold four distinct consulting firms.

Now, with the accumulated acumen of his short, but successful career, he works as a start-up consultant. Essentially, Lazarus works with new or struggling businesses to help them grow and gain momentum in their respective industries. He has a specific plan that he walks every business through to success.

First, Luke Lazarus helps the businesses he works with refine their business plans. Whether this means small tweaks to create a more cohesive goal, or a full overhaul, he helps. Then, he helps the start-ups work on pitches, so that investors will be interested in the product and thus, more inclined to invest in the start-up. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO and Luke Lazarus | Business

Increased capital is one of the easiest ways to build momentum behind a business. Once these facets of business are taken care of, Luke Lazarus helps start-ups create plans on how to bring their product or service to market. This involves market research, marketing plans, and projections. Managing the financial backend is also one of the ways that Lazarus helps start-up businesses become more successful. Recently, he was interviewed on the intricacies of this process.

When asked about how to build a successful business plan, he stated that it is simpler than many people think. A good business plan needs to be hopeful and faithful in the key focus of the business. At the same time, however, it needs to understand the financial and logistical limitations of the goal, without being too pessimistic about it. Creating a good business plan that is also realistic requires a balancing act between hopes and limitations.

Luke Lazarus also recommends having a ‘product story’ to accompany a business plan. This is essentially a road map that defines the entire life of the product being sold. From the manufacturing process to the product being sold to the consumer; the entire process should be defined. This helps start-ups pitch to investors successfully.

In his interview, Lazarus also gave advice on how he stays productive and how others can do the same. He advises starting the day with meditation. In a world and industry that is entirely consumed with multi-tasking, a few minutes of meditation can go a long way in maintaining a healthy mind.

Within start-ups especially, the workload can be immense and overwhelming, so it is critical to develop strategies to maintain health during these times. Beyond this, Lazarus also suggests finding an agenda-setting or note-taking method that works well. This will help organization and provide a clear goal for the day, week, month, and year.

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