With consumers spending more of their time online, businesses have to give it the same consideration or fear falling behind in the modern era. To make that possible, they’ll need a surplus of data made available to them and the expertise to make sense of it. LocationSmart helps businesses assess such data so they can handle fraud, monitor their networks, and remain competitive throughout their industry.


TechnoCom Location Platform opened for business back in 1995, now known as LocationSmart, it’s the biggest location-as-a-service company operating in the US. Gaining that visibility was the result of clarifying IP data, understanding the various uses of mobile devices, and how both can affect any business’ standing in an industry.


Telecom Cisco has been monitoring mobile device usage, and according to their numbers determine that by 2021 the average person will be accessing up to 4 mobile devices on an average day. That’s a surplus of IP data, and LocationSmart is poised to make sense of it all.


Business is no stranger to general IP data. It’s helps keep a record of logins and privileged network access. What LocationSmart does is look beyond IP addresses to determine where users are physically located. Geolocation data can tell where users are or if they’re trying to obscure their location with software. This means businesses can determine if users are trying to go around their terms of service, and decide how to proceed to keep their network running as it should.


While this is a good method for fraud detection, it can also be used to stop repeat offenders. Streaming platforms offer up their content for a fee. Users who share passwords or use access to facilitate piracy are causing a profit loss for the platform. Geolocation can spot and keep track of credentials being applied by multiple IP addresses, and businesses can investigate to see if this is an authorized user or if their content is being accessed improperly.


Monitoring traffic in this way, LocationSmart can establish patterns among IP addresses, highlight their points of origin, and determine if proxies are in use. All of this is essential data in addressing attacks on their network.


Aside from protection, LocationSmart’s capabilities can also improve the consumer experience. Any business that wants to extend their reach will have to consider localization of their site and services. That entails knowing where new consumer bases are, the languages they speak, their preferences, and potential regulations. Geolocaiton can reveal the regional data necessary to remain compliant to regulators and appealing to consumers.


LocationSmart has become a critical ally in alerting businesses to encroaching threats and determining what builds a better business based on consumer needs. They’re also responsible for facilitating better internal communications, meeting regulations, verifying transactions, and a lot more. As more mobile devices get used everyday, there’s a greater deal of data every business will have to comb through if they want their networks secure, their partners content, and their customers served better than the competition ever could.


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