Jeremy Goldstein is an expert in employment law. He pursued a degree in law from the New York Law University. Jeremy first worked in New York City-based law firm before he founded his company. He performed various tasks in the firm and dealt with prominent companies. Jeremy garnered great expertise from the roles he played in the large law firm. He was able to create and establish Jeremy L.Goldstein & Associates.



Through his firm, Jeremy Goldstein mainly focuses on employment law. Together with his associates, they are dedicated to providing excellent advice and presenting matters related to business. Jeremy Goldstein uses expertise to fight and protect the rights of his professional customers. He usually uses non-compete agreements to protect the rights of employers in different situations that may pose potential risks to their firms.



Jeremy Goldstein believes that non-compete agreements are vital for any business leader. They outline some rules and regulations that help to govern the workplace successfully. One of the benefits is that it describes the time that an employee must wait before being employed by a competing firm. This is important because employees may have access to unique strategies and formulas that may be used in a competing entity. Jeremy Goldstein believes that employers should use the non-compete agreement to limit the competition they may face from former employees who may seek employment in similar firms.



Positive public relations have been a successful marketing strategy that Jeremy Goldstein uses. He makes sure that he considers the type of customers he is hoping to attract so that he can choose a good legal case. He tries as much as possible to avoid negative publicity that would lead to considerable losses in his business. Jeremy Goldstein ensures that the kind of headlines his firm makes go hand in hand with its professional growth.



Unique perspectives in employment law and building positive professional relationships have played a vital role in his success as an entrepreneur. Jeremy Goldstein ensures that he can apply the aspects in his daily activities. This way, he can find solutions to complex problems. He provides that he deals with his clients appropriately and help them through the phases of business success.



Jeremy Goldstein is passionate about philanthropic acts and always finds satisfaction in participating in charitable activities. He works as a Board of Directors at Fountain House charity. Giving back to society fits well in his career as it helps him have diverse views on legal problems. Jeremy believes that it is essential for investors to always find fulfilment in assisting charitable programs.


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Jeremy Goldstein recently purchased the Ragic Software. It is advantageous in that it helps him build databases enabling him to retrieve information on his clients very quickly. Jeremy always goes for software that can help in saving as much time as possible as he works with his clients.