Paul Saunders founded independent investment company James River Capital Corp (JRC) in 1995. Today, Saunders is focused on providing innovative financial advice to entrepreneurs as well as to anyone who is looking to get a leg up in the world of business.

Saunders’ ongoing information sharing campaign is a terrific example of how a company can draw positive attention to itself through value-added content. That is promotional content that delivers valuable information to a target audience. In other words, it’s advertising that actually benefits the prospective client.

It’s a win-win proposition and one that proves itself- at least in the case of Saunders and JRC. Saunders has made this readily apparent by openly sharing key tips on becoming someone others see as a leader. Here are a few examples.

Develop expertise

Saunders says everyone who is looking to achieve a higher status either within a company or as an entrepreneur is to develop expertise- to become a go-to resource for a specific specialty.

Demonstrate the Qualities of Leadership

Leadership is frequently promoted as a good in and of itself. But Saunders says that the way to display it is by meeting deadlines consistently, taking notes conspicuously, and dressing professionally- for a start.

Make Connections

The value of having the trust and support of those around you, Saunders explains, cannot be overstated. By treating those around you with respect and kindness, we can gain their trust. These are the basics of networking- and are far more important than passing out business cards and exchanging winning ideas.

But Saunders and JRC are not just about influencing others at work. By openly sharing tips like these, the company is taking its own advice- presenting itself as an industry leader while benefiting everyone who makes contact with the brand. And in so doing, JRC has become a rising star in the world of finance management.