It is possible that many of the most iconic ads you still enjoy today have been made possible due to Gustavo Martinez. Mr.Martinez has been for decades one of the most revered marketing and advertising consultants in the industry. Throughout his career, he has also served within other positions. Early on he was the CEO of marketing firm J. Walter Thompson Worldwide as well as the president of Olgilvy and Mather and McCann Worldgroup. We recently sat down with this legend of the marketing and advertising world to go a little more in-depth about his life and career.


Recently you’ve strayed away from marketing into the world of consulting, why is that?


Gustavo Martinez states that he would like to first define the world consultant. A consultant is simply one that provides a service as an independent contractor. This has allowed him to understand that consulting has, in fact, been the cornerstone of advertising. Creativity for a company is extremely important in the world of marketing and therefore require a highly-effective team that can do that. However, most people don’t produce their best work within highly controlled corporate environments and thus, opt-in to work instead as independent contractors.


What does a typical day look like for you?


Mr.Martinez likes to label himself a workaholic. He adds that most of his mornings begin bright and early around 7 am in which he likes to spend the first part of his morning having breakfast with his family and overall enjoying their company. Afterward, he begins to go through his emails while skimming the day’s news. Mr.Martinez then takes off to his office around 9 am and will work throughout the day till around 7 or 9 pm.


How do you and your team bring your ideas to life?


Gustavo Martines states that creativity is the ore of marketing. Throughout his years in the industry, Mr.Martinez has found that diversity is the key to opening a tremendous amount of great ideas. In addition to diversity, Mr.Martinez likes to make sure that he has the right people for the team. He continues by saying that it does not enough motivate your team but genuinely inspire them. Lastly is the act of recognition. Mr. Martinez says that his team are always filled with highly-talented artists and likes to create a workplace where they are recognized for those talents and skills.


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