Vijay Eswaran is a businessman from Malaysia who serves as an Executive Chairman at the QI Group of Companies, a business based in Hong Kong. He was born in Penang, Malaysia to a teacher and a worker at the Ministry of Labour in Malaysia. The resulting job of the latter caused the family to move to many parts of the country during Eswaran’s Childhood. He started learning business when he studies in the London School of Electronics, eventually earning him a degree in socio-economics in 1984.

His career started when he worked hard all around Europe for different purposes such as construction and gathering grapes when he was in France. His hard work was his top principle which caused him to go to different places during his youth as he progressed through his career. But when he started working in the UK, things got better for him as he started dealing business as he learned binary system marketing.

This caused him to become a professional in the UK due to his talents in the said marketing strategy. He then used this form of strategy to flourish his career, while grabbing an MBA in the Southern Illinois University at the same time. He eventually learned multilevel marketing in the process when he was working for Synaptics when he stayed in the United States. It just shows that his curiosity and his willingness to strive for greatness earned him the right knowledge to give him a greater career.

But this isn’t his “turning point” in life yet as he still worked hard as an information systems engineer for different companies in the United States, especially in IBM. He also worked in South East Asia as an information systems engineer as well. But after arriving back home in Malaysia after 13 years of his career overseas, he was granted an opportunity to start a business in the Philippines thanks to Cosway Group – a company in Malaysia. This caused him to become more well-versed in multilevel marketing to the point where he became successful in operating the QI Group.

He then became involved in writing in order to show his philosophy of working hard in order to achieve greatness in life, just like what he attained personally. He wrote Sphere of Silence in 2005, the Thinking Zone in 2008, and 18 Stepping Stones in 2010. All of these are his writings that are dedicated to improving a person’s mindset whenever hard work is faced, and how experience can improve one’s life even further.

A good philosophy in life is what defines a successful man even if he/she is still on the way towards a successful life. As seen on how Vijay Eswaran led his life through hard work, you can really say that perseverance will serve as the steps in going through the milestones of success.