Sharon Prince is the former President of 66north which is an Icelandic outerwear brand that she had distributed to 100 stores in North America. She also holds multiple degrees from the University of Tulsa which is in Oklahoma. Ms. Prince also works with a charity that is dedicated to ending the exploitation of children and reuniting them with their families. Ms. Prince is the current Chair and President of the Grace Farm Foundation which is a privately operated foundation that enhances the lives of many through engagement with nature, arts, justice, community, and faith. Through her foundation, Ms. Prince has fought locally and nationally, as well as internationally to end human trafficking and violence against women.

Nestled on 80 acres in New Canaan, Connecticut Grace Farms is a place where art, justice, spirituality, and the environment all meet. Grace farms has activities year-round, from summer catch and release fishing, to the color changes of the trees in autumn, and the breathtaking topography during the winter.

Grace Farm’s goal is to restore the land by creating a nurturing environment that fosters indigenous life. Grace Farm has already restored more than 70% of the formerly mowed to native meadows and has provided a home for over 80 species of birds, many species of native bees and fluttering butterflies. The increase in biodiversity has reinvigorated the Ecosystem and has seen the emergence of Kestral Falcons.

With over 40 species of birds enjoying the natural landscape of Grace Farms, You can view the American Goldfinch, Chipping sparrows, and the Yellow Wobbler during warmer months but during the winter months, you’ll see the likes of owls and hawks which do not migrate. Grace Farms also includes community gardens and gardening education. In fact, every year Grace Farm Foundation donates about 500 pounds of fresh produce.

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