After 35 years of working in the corporate world, Gustavo Martinez has branched out on his own in the huge and complicated world of the advertising industry. Some of the world’s most iconic ads are result of gustavo’s creativity oh, and now he is changing the way clients work with advertising, marketing and consulting agencies.


Gustavo Martinez is not new to the industry. He has led some ot the largest agencies in the world, won many awards and is well known in the advertising industry of this century. Recently, however, Gustavo has decided to step down from his corporate positions and start his personal consultancy creative advertising business.


Gustavo Martinez believes this is the approach to take to grow his advertising knowledge. He believes that advertising is an extremely creative activity and dealing with artists can sometimes be difficult for corporate entities. Because of this, it is difficult to mass-produce the advertising materials large corporations need.Advertising that really works, pulls at heartstrings and offers a clear message, however, good creatives can’t pump out this type of creativity as if it were factory madel.

Effective advertising requires flexibility and creativity which is not possible in an average 9 to 5 work a day position. This is why he has diverged into advertising consultancy.

Gustavo believe that when creative people have more work flexibility, they produce greater results. Therefore this independent consultancy model offers a better way to foster the creative genius of the artists he works with.


Under this new consultancy model, Gustavo partners with other leading internet marketing firms to help the business acceleration process. These associated goals are to accelerate business growth by giving businesses a new marketing strategy optimized by the team. He understands that most businesses just don’t get what their marketing needs are, and they certainly can’t afford the time or the money involved in a trial and error marketing process.

Gustavo believes that experience is key in the advertising environment. But he also knows that technology, design and functionality also play an important role and must interrelate with experience and creativity. It is this interconnectivity that works exceptionally well at getting consumers to interact with products.

Gustavo Martinez has been in the industry for a long time. His role as an entrepreneur is now teaching him to use new tools and methods to make advertising productive for his customers.


Gustavo’s Intense Work Ethic



Although he has slowed down some, now that he is no longer a large agency CEO, but he still has a strong work ethic. Most days he puts in a 10 to 12 hour day. However, as his consultancy business grows he expects, like other creatives, to have a more flexible schedule.


He Digs Up Gold

Although he now works as a consultant, his job is much the same as always, to dig up the pure advertising gold and focus the creative process of the team he works with. To do this he needs to work with the top talent in the field and help motivate the creative team to give their best production efforts.


Even though he’s now working for himself, Gustavo is still at the help. It’s his job to find the best of the best creatives in advertising to work with and help these creatives expand on their abilities in joint efforts. He says keeping everyone on the same page and helping them learn to appreciate the work of others is not an easy job, but Martinez recognizes that through admiration and recognition he can create the needed positive work environment.


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