“Corporations are not people.” The ridiculous decision of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that corporate donations are protected under free speech is an aspect of this society that should be changed. Campaign finance reform is not merely optional for the future.

It is necessary to bleed out big money donations in politics if this country wants to function as a democracy that represents the people. A corporation run by billionaires and millionaires is nothing more than a business with a logo brand. It is not -and never will be- a citizen of this United States. End Citizens United seeks to support candidates who want to put an end to corporations being given “free speech” rights.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that strives to end special interest money controlling politicians. They endorse candidates who have vowed to not be controlled by special interest donation money to their campaigns. End Citizens United strives to endorse candidates who have vowed to push for campaign system reform in how donations are accepted and who donations can be accepted from.

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End Citizens United has recently endorsed Senator Gillibrand and have praised Senator Cory Booker for their statements to not accept corporate PAC money. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand made a lengthy video about her decision to not accept corporate PAC money. She posted her video on Twitter for her constituents and others to view. She is up for re/election in coming 2018. Senator Cory Booker tweeted about his constituents being concerned about corporate money in politics. He vowed to no longer accept corporate PAC money. He put the twitter name for End Citizens United into his tweet.

The two senators are joining their fellow senators: Sanders, Cantwell, and Warren. More people in the house or running for the House of Representatives have also taken note that they should run without corporate PAC money and support reforming the financing system for elections. The growing number will hopefully lead to real and poignant reform within the government concerning how our elections are funded.

Visit endcitizensunited.org for more information on candidates they endorse, the grassroots donations efforts they support, and the efforts they’ve made to educate and push for reform in the campaign financing system to get dark money out.