Vijay Eswaran And Q1 Group Make The World A Better Place By Offering Business Solutions And Better Education Reforms

Vijay Eswaran is the founder and executive chairman of Q1 group. After a long stay in America and attaining the status of a prosperous business man he decided to move back to his home. When he moved back he created a conglomerate which is referred as the Q1 group that has seen him prosper in various business endeavours.

He used his entrepreneur skills to form the group that ventures in the different businesses. In addition to the being a successful businessman, Vijay has also other notable skills which are; the best-selling author, a philanthropic and a motivational speaker.

Vijay speaks to people during motivational forums on the various topics that match the needs of his audience and this makes money for this businessman.

Moreover, Vijay Eswaran’s philanthropic nature has been recognized on international levels when he was first listed by Forbes as being one of the heroes in this sector in the year 2011. His charity activities revolve around the minority group in the society.

Vijay Eswaran’s donations have gone towards women and youth empowerment as well as to the education sector where he tries to improve the conditions in the learning institutions.

Due to his business aggressiveness and his generous nature he has received recognition in terms of awards. First he got a lifetime achievement reward in Regional philanthropy by leading Independent think tank strategic Asian leadership in Malaysia.

Secondly, he also scooped an award as the leader in Global business strategies from the Global organization of people of Indian Origin.

Q1 group of companies are a multinational business entity that deals with various sectors. They cater for many businesses such as retail, education, financial services, direct selling among others. The group focuses on helping people prosper by offering business solutions and enabling people live by adopting the urban lifestyle.

They also help foster education by pushing for reforms in the sector. The entity has coverage in 30 countries that has enabled them create employment for 1500 people across these countries.

The group has five key regional offices that facilitate the day to day operation of the organization which include; Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand. The group continues to evolve and expand by engaging in various ventures as well as penetrating the different markets.