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Going Into Real Estate: How Maarten de Jeu Advises Investors Looking at Property for the First Time

Real estate remains an attractive investment opportunity. Businesses will always need office space. People are always looking to rent apartments. Real estate, both commercial and residential appeal to investors because they promise steady returns on investment well being considered safer than the stock market. But Maarten de Jeu, an expert in corporate strategy, says there are some key steps to success all investors ought to follow.


Revenue comes from two sources: property value increases and rent. They’ll also require more Capital beyond the initial investment. Renovations, for example, maybe essential before tenants can move in. This is true for commercial and residential properties, but de Jeu notes that there are key differences.


The initial capital needed for commercial real estate investing is higher than residential. This might cut down on competition, but those able to stick it out will find that renting out these properties will assist in covering insurance costs, taxes, maintenance of that property.


How does an investor get their start with real estate?


Primarily, de Jeu considers all business to be centered around people. Investors must be concerned with numbers in order to make decisions, but working in real estate means reaching out to people constantly.


Networking events were created to connect investors to these kinds of people. Getting to better know those who work in real estate locally can inform an investor and how business works in the area. Fostering a relationship with such people can prove to be valuable later on in the investment process. De Jeu points out that an investor can never know when they’ll need to reach out to someone to help them make a decision.


How to make use of such relationships, investors need to study. Being informed, de Jeu says, it’s something every investor should be focused on. Knowing all they can about a property, the market, and the players involved we’ll make those professional networks more valuable. By knowing where they need help, an investor can identify which person in that network to contact and better inform their opinions.


This is how an investor starts a risk assessment. Next, they will have to take into account what the area is like, the state of the property, what needs fixing, and the value of the area. The only way to know what the damage to the property is like, and know what might go into renovations, an investor will have to attend open houses, really get to know the area, and consult with others to know what potential returns might be like.


But before taking another step, de Jeu says an investor ought to consult their comparables. This is when an investor looks at similar properties, in like neighborhoods, and compares them with the prospective investors to determine if the price being set is fair.


However an investor proceeds, de Jeu says all investors need to proceed with caution. While real estate diversifies a portfolio and makes for a safer option, investors need to rely on others and thorough research to make sure that their effort is worth it in the end. Learn more:


About Maarten de Jeu:


Maarten de Jeu is a corporate development strategist and advisor working in Europe and North America. He’s a graduate from the University of Oxford, and with an MBA he was recruited by Aviva plc. First, he works as their Director of Strategy and Corporate Development. Then he joined their London offices as their International Strategy Manager. Later on in his career, de Jeu started consulting for TVDK Management Consultants. There he made inroads with corporate clients like Heinz and Sara Lee when they sought out expansion into international markets. With his Chicago-based organization SVM Business Advisory, de Jeu teaches middling businesses to find their way to expand and reach the international market.

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Jack Plotkin Knows Population Health Management Isn’t a One-Hit Affair

Jack Plotkin

There is a common misconception, often driven by financial perspectives, that if a healthcare provider or employer can just figure out the right mix, the high-risk patient costs can be controlled or avoided. The fact is, population health management requires an ongoing commitment. And that ongoing approach has to depend on and work with the right infrastructure to make sound decisions and provide quality treatment that works. That’s not possible with bad or missing measurement data. Fortunately, this is where modern telehealth capabilities fill the risk and gap.

Three aspects of any healthcare delivery system have to be met competently for the system to work right. It needs to be sure and not lose any of the data collected. It needs to be a technology that can be understood and afforded financially. And the system needs to allow the ability for medical professionals to do their jobs and make the right decisions without interference. When these three elements are in place correctly, telehealth can delivery population health management that boosts prevent and lowers overall treatment costs over time.

Jack PlotkinHowever, like many areas of change, telehealth migration has to be wholeheartedly supported to work well. Per system implementation expert Jack Plotkin, As with any major change management approach, resistance will spring up simply because old processes are known and familiar versus unknown new technology. If an organization’s leadership won’t engage at a technical level, telehealth’s benefits won’t manifest uniformly for the best results. And this is the challenge that continues to occur; many can see the promise in what telehealth can provide for population management, but the results aren’t realized yet because of the missing program top-down support.

Maarten De Jeu Advocates for Community Education Projects

Maarten de Jeu is a revered and renowned businessman and entrepreneur. He is an icon in the financial industry career. De Jeu came to limelight after he established the SVM business Advisory, where he serves as a Managing Partner. Besides, he is devoted to community service and philanthropy. Maarten is always proud of engaging himself in programs that major in helping young people. The higher percentage is supporting lucrative education programs that promote the young generation. A higher rate is in support of profitable education programs. Maarten initially used to be the Co-Chair of the Sciences Spins program which was initiated by the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago. It majors in teaching the visitors of museums about the fantastic history of the bicycle.

The Museum of Science and Industry is the most prominent organization in the Western Hemisphere due to its size and scope. Giving back to society is among the significant endeavors of the museum. The Museum employees Farrell Fellows Internship to encourage teenagers from Chicago area to involve them in science. With active management by Maarten de Jeu, the program is among the vital part of its complete success.

The Museum of Science and Industry set the Farrell Fellows Internship program during the summer. The program takes more than five weeks during the summer. It includes various science-based classwork that enlightens teenagers from Chicago on critical topics that range from science, leadership, and the courage to address the public. Among the significant advantages of the Farrell, Fellowship Internship is that it provides its learners a chance to give back to society by representing affairs with a science idea at the end of every program. The operations performed interactively. Learn more:

One such program happened in 2014, and it showed members of the science behind the bubble. Farrell Fellow Internship members managed to tour all the seventeen libraries in Chicago to ensure that the program is on and operational. Also, the teenager managed to relate and mingle with young children and help them to build a carnival tent from the newspaper.

Maarten de Jeu founded SVM Business Advisory in 2012. De Jeu has set himself aside as a business community critical advisor since he acquired his MBA from Harvard Business School. Since then, Maarten has made a great name due to his excellent reputation. He has become an internationally recognized figure for his immense success in the financial service sector. He has also attained incredible success via commercial real estate investment. He has a proven track of being a firm advocate of community education projects initiated by The Museum of Science and Industry.

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Some Tips From Business Advisor Maarten de Jeu

As a strategic business advisor and corporate development specialist, Maarten de Jeu has many talents. In his role as the founder and managing director of the consulting firm SVM Business Advisory, de Jeu assists clients who are seeking to expand into the global marketplace. He is able to build strong multidisciplinary and multi-cultural teams and guide projects through decision-making processes. He provides guidance to business owners in building and sustaining international partnerships.


His vast knowledge in strategy, investment and acquisition, business improvement, and entrepreneurship is evidenced by his impressive education and work experience. He graduated from Leiden University in 2001 with a M.A. in Social Science while majoring in Public Administration. In 2005, he received his Executive MBA from the University of Oxford. 


His international work experience includes serving as Aviva’s Director of Strategy and Corporate Development in London, the international strategy manager at TVDK Management Consultants, and co-founder of the technology start-up SpeakUp. He currently lives and works in Chicago, where he shares his expertise with the community as part of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Economic Club of Chicago, Museum of Science and Industry, Environmental Law and Policy Center, and University of Chicago.


De Jeu advises any business owners looking to have a global presence to recognize the importance of committing the time and energy into understanding the culture in which they seek a piece of the international market. According to de Jeu, there are 8 factors to consider. Learn more:


  1. The business owner must commit to providing quality products. The business owner should maintain the high quality offered in the American market in order to make a good impression and develop a trustworthy reputation.


  1. The business owner must respect cultural differences which means recognizing that some American idioms don’t translate well, or at all, and that some products are not appropriate in some markets.


  1. The business owner must show dedication to a long-term relationship and commit to hiring from the local population.


  1. The business owner must know the market and recognize if there is a demand, suitability or competition for his product. The business owner must also select an appropriate location.


  1. The business owner must have a plan that spells out how standard practices will be applied and helps develop knowledge of the new market.


  1. The business owner must become familiar with local laws and regulations or hire local counsel to help.


  1. The business owner must obtain sufficient funding. Global expansion requires capital.


  1. The business owner must be willing and able to be flexible, make changes based on trends and local culture, and understand plans and strategies may change.

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Reviewing Austin’s Leading Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews

Simple yet significant is a great phrase to describe the work of Dr.Jennifer Wladen. She makes a complex plastic surgery seem so simple and effortless. Yet, she creates art in transforming the way people’s bodies appear. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews online are the evidence to prove what significant work she does in the simplest ways. Her review explains how professional she is. Her reviews reveal how proud patients are after leaving her clinic. Dr. Jennifer Walden has built a successful cosmetic surgery practice and the reviews online reveal just how this surgeon can transform the way a person views their body with the magic of cosmetic surgery.

Reading a review about Dr. Jennifer Walden is very rewarding. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews help a person in deciding if she is the best surgeon for them. These reviews reveal different surgical procedures the surgeon has done. These reviews allow a person to get a better understanding of the surgeon. Reading a review of any surgeon is highly recommended before going through with a procedure. Her reviews discuss her demeanor, procedures and quality staff. All of these are very nice to hear and know about a surgeon before selecting them as your surgeon for a procedure.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has crafted a great career for herself. Her passion, commitment, and understanding of what customers need are why she has become a well-known and successful professional in cosmetic surgery. Reading just one review will have a person convince that this surgeon knows how to achieve the look the patient is going for. The surgeon is known for facial surgical procedures, liposuction, augmentations, and other cosmetic procedures. Her reviews reveal she has loyal patients who have come back to her. It is obvious why they are repeat patients.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s office and clinic are nestled in Austin, Texas. She is an elite surgeon in the Texan city. Yet, her reach reaches around the country. She has been featured on many media outlets. What can be learned from this outstanding surgeon is that she has the skills, reviews and desire to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals.

Paul Saunders, The James River Capital Executive’s Advice on Investment Funding

James River Capital is one of the companies that have built their brands in the investment industry. The company opened its doors in 1986 operating as KP Futures Management Corp. Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. used KP Futures as an alternative venture before the latter became independent in 1995 rebranding to James River Capital. Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders initiated the change after buying KP Futures Management Corp. from Paine Webber, the investor that bought kidder. James River Capital operates under CFTC as a Commodity Pool Operator. It also serves the same institution as an advisor for the commodity-trading portfolio.

Additionally, James River Capital offers investment advisory services under the SEC umbrella. Paul Saunders is an expert in financial matters after spending the better time of his career in the trading and investment banking sectors. Paul acquired the skills from the Virginia and Chicago Universities. The B.A. and M.B.A degrees from Virginia and Chicago respectively helped him get employment opportunities from renowned companies before purchasing James River Capital.

His tenure at Warburg Paribas Becker as the company’s Corporate Finance sector and A.G. Becker’s Commodity sector honed his financial and management skills significantly. Before joining KP Futures Management the president, Paul worked at Kidder, Peabody, and Co. as the Commodity Funds and Managed Account director. The financial guru offers advisory services through James River Capital to startups in different ways of funding their businesses. 

According to Paul Saunders, many budding investors fail because of inadequate funding of their ventures. He advises them to look for funds that would sustain their new businesses and investments beyond launching. He points out that not every investor is lucky to have a new company that starts making a reliable profit from the first day of launching. One of the best ways of funding a business is through bootstrapping. The investor funds the venture either by personal savings or from the support of friends and family members. 

The James River Capital Chief Executive Officer notes that the investors could get funding through engaging their friends and selling them the business idea. The crowdfunding method works well if one has reasonable friends and the ability to sell the ideas professionally. Paul gives an example of Oculus Virtual Reality Headset that raised $2.4 million through crowdfunding. An investor bought the company for $2 billion at its prototype stage through Facebook. Learn more:

If the two methods fail, the investor has no other alternative other than consulting the funding companies, banks, and groups, among other financial institutions. The lenders provide business and local loans that attract interest and demand excellent credit score or collateral. The other alternative is to look for venture capitalists and angel investors that fund investors for better returns after an agreed period.

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Sergey Petrossov Created the JetSmarter App

Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov has gained quite a bit of fame over the past few years. Much of this attention is the result of him creating an app that is called JetSmarter. The purpose of this app is to allow people to book a flight on a charter jet much faster and easier than was possible before. There are now many private jet booking services that have all of their flights featured on JetSmarter. The app has become very popular and it has increased the business for all of the companies that are featured on it.

Sergey Petrossov has always been very interested in technology. He feels that he was born at the right time when computers were becoming very common. This allowed him to create a number of businesses that he would not have been able to a few years earlier because the technology did not exist yet. He feels that we have only scratched the surface of what smartphone apps are capable of doing. He now spends a lot of time looking at app ideas created by other people. He invests his money in the ones that he likes the best. However, most of his time is taken up by being the CEO of JetSmarter. He looks forward to helping his company grow by a huge margin in the years to come.

Sergey Petrossov is now a very powerful entrepreneur in the tech world. He would like to keep investing in new apps and creating his own. He said there are many brilliant minds out there that have no shortage of great ideas for smartphone apps. It is just a matter of choosing which ones are feasible. He said that he looks carefully at the cost of each app idea. Then he determines if there will be a market for the service that the app provides.

Sergey has proven himself to be a brilliant man who has helped to change the way that people book flights on private planes. JetSmarter has created a huge boost for the private jet industry since it was introduced several years ago and it keeps growing.

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Keeping Ahead of the Curve: Marc Beer

Marc Beer is a man who has seen things come and go over the years. He has been in the pharmaceutical business for more than twenty-five years. He is the CEO and founder of a company called Renovia. This is just the latest step in a busy and illustrious career. He has worked hard to get where he is today. In an interview with, he talks about his life and career.


Marc Beer says that he was interested in the medical field from a young age. He wanted to know how things worked and keep up with the latest cures for diseases and other ailments. He says that when he decided to be a co-founder of Renovia he was approached by two friends who knew that there was a medical problem out there and they wanted to solve it. The problem is called pelvic floor dysfunction and affects millions of women around the world. His friends wanted him to finance their studies and be able to help find a cure for this condition. This is where Marc Beer came in and he was more than happy to help them out. This is Renovia began to take shape.


Marc beer says that when it comes to making money with Renovia it has not yet materialized. He says that the company is still in the early stages of development and still needs venture capital to get deals done. He says that the biotech industry is a very difficult one to get into because there is not a lot of money to be made and money can be wasted on wrong ideas. If an investment goes wrong it can make a huge difference. It is a very slippery slope when it comes to something like this.


When it came to his early career when he was not surprised that a new business had gone belly up. This did not deter him from trying new things or tackling different positions with other companies. He was nervous when he started a company called ViaCell. there was a lot more money at that time going into the company than going out of it. He was afraid at one point that he would lose his investment but he and his coworkers were able to weather the storm and become a success. This shows the value of determination and leadership in the business world today. Learn more:


Marc Beer has had his share of ups and downs but knows that tough times don’t last forever. He has always had a passion for helping people and being on the cutting-edge of medical research and technology. this is how the cures of tomorrow get their start and no one knows that better than Marc Beer.


All About The Life Of Marc Beer

Marc Beer has been working in the line of work he is in for quite some time. Twenty-five years help you really know what you are doing in a job. Recently Marc Beer was moved up to Chairman of the Board for LumeNXT Inc. This company works producing products that help make surgeries minimally invasive. He has experience in a lot of things including biotechnology, medical devices, and many other things. This helps him to bring a lot to the table. 


Marc Beer loves working with LumeNXT and being able to work with people who are dedicated to the job that they are doing. He knows that working in something like this is very important. He is able to help make surgeries easier and less dangerous for patients. Marc Beer along with surgeons know that with the right technology a lot of surgeries can become easier for both the surgeons and the patients. Without technology, surgeons do not have the precision and visualization they need. 


LumeNXT along with Marc Beer want to make sure they are allowing the safest and most effective products come to life when it comes to creating products for minimally invasive surgery. After many years of working with LumeNXT Marc Beer decided to start his own company Renovia Inc. This company also allows him to help people by creating products that help women with pelvic floor issues. 


Marc Beer has worked in many different jobs that allowed him to be the top leader. This has helped him gain the experience he needs to be where he is today. He never dreamed that he would be this successful but he has worked hard every day to get there. He has always set some pretty big dreams for himself and has always worked very hard to make sure that he reaches them. Learn more:


Marc Beer gained a lot of his success while working with LumeNXT but starting Renovia really helped to take him to the next level. Marc Beer is not finished yet. He is going to continue to keep moving up the ladder. He is going to continue to grow his name for many more years to come.

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Maarten De Jeu and the Farrell Fellows Program

Maarten De Jeu has led a successful career in corporate development and international strategy.
Currently based in Chicago, De Jeu earned an MBA at Oxford where he was first in his class. Soon after that, he began working for TVDK Management Consultants in Amsterdam. His ability to speak
four languages, including English, Dutch, French, and German, helped him become an international success in business.
After rising through the ranks at TVDK, De Jeu went to work with the London based insurance firm
Aviva Plc. In 2008, he became the Director of Strategy and Corporate Development for Aviva based in Chicago. From there he started his own company, SVM BUSINESS ADVISORY. He is also co-
founded SpeakUp, a technology company that offers ethics solutions to companies based in
When he isn’t working, Maarten De Jeu enjoys spending time with his family and being active in several organizations, including the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI). He co-chaired a unique program meant to teach the public about the history of bicycles called the science spins program.
Another important program at the Museum of Science and Industry seeks to help teens engage in science during five weeks of their summer break from school. This program, the Farrell Fellows internship, teaches more than science. It also teaches leadership development and public speaking
through coursework and hands-on activities.
The internship culminates in the students choosing whether or not to host activities at different places in their community as well as the museum. These activities engage the audience in science,
using interactive performances. One example was America’s Got Bubbles show in 2014, where teens from the internship put on a show to educate the public about the chemistry behind bubbles.
Through the Farrell Fellows program, they visited public libraries around Chicago and taught children about engineering by working with them to create carnival tents out of newspapers. They
also learned about model rockets. Learn more:
Maarten De Jeu is active in a number of other associations and organizations where he uses his knowledge and skills to better his community. When he isn’t working or with his family, he enjoys
playing tennis.

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