The Holder and Founder of the Patent for Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant is known mostly for his invention of the foundations for the blockchain technology that we use today as the base for all cryptocurrencies that are available.

Serge Belamant was born in Tulle, France in the year of 1953.

Serge Belamant landed in South Africa from the country of France at the age of fourteen with the rest of his family. He father was a skilled tiler by trade.

Serge Belamant went to Highlands North High School for boys in South Africa. He had to learn to write and speak in English and was able to gain knowledge of the language fairly quickly. He was an excellent student and also a sports player in sports like Rugby and others. He also was a great player at the game of Chess.

He was to become Head Prefect in the year of 1972, and was also granted full colors in Rugby, other athletics, in chess and also in academics. He was named Victor Ludorum in the years of 1970 and also 71, he was house captain, and also an active member of both the bridge and science clubs. He was to represent Southern Transvaal, multiple different times, in the championship known as the South African Chess school. He placed 6th in 1972.

He matriculated in the year of 1972 by the means of a university exemption pass.

He went to Witwatersrand University and began studying engineering, and then in his second year, he decided to switch to computer science and also applied mathematics. He then stopped his studies and began taking 3rd year classes in information systems through the UNISA. He never did complete his degree because he didn’t want to retake courses that he already completed at the former college he attended. To know more about him click here.

He then started working with an engineering facility named Matrix, which is a department of BKSH (a big civil engineering-based company). He focuses on small to mid sized IBM based computers in which he utilized finite element analysis software. He created programs on a computer of Cyber to observe levels in dams in RSA and attempted to predict droughts in the future and regulate levels in the dam.