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Bhanu Choudhrie and Innovation

Bhanu Choudhrie thinks about ideas but makes certain to stay focused and grounded on what matters. For instance, he recently shared an idea about the need for a better charging station system. He shared that if there was something similar to an UBER esque business for that of charging electric vehicles, it would something of note.

It would be useful for all involved. He knows that this type of product would pay off but would hold off on creating it himself because of the infrastructure that it may require. It is better to have electric juice always than to not have it and want it.

It is not surprising that Bhanu Choudhrie would have this type of idea, he likes business and someone who is out and about on the town. Bhanu Choudhrie must keep moving to invest, to learn, and understand investment landscapes. Bhanu Choudhrie will use his knowledge to grow his enterprises and refine processes to grow wealth overall.

Bhanu Choudhrie has gotten far because of the fact that he continues to move.

If you want to be like Bhanu Break the Cycle

If you find that your life is just going through a constant cycle of predictability, then it’s time to break the proverbial wheel and take matters into your own hands. Matters were always in your own hands, it is just up to you to take the right actions.

Time to Break the Wheel

One thing that could help you get out of a rut is to break the grueling cycle of monotony.

1. Make a list of things to achieve. This list could comprise of short-term or long-term goals. But it should be of things that you really want for yourself. No matter how realistic or non-realistic they are, focus on these goals as your vision board of motivation.

2. Prioritize your goals. One thing that helps you get the most out of your goals is to prioritize them. When you arrange your goals in a way where achieving one of them could influence the other, it helps your sense of accomplishments and makes it easier to attain your objectives.

JHSF/José Auriemo Neto

JHSF is a public company that is doing very well in the real estate sector. This holding company was founded by two Brazilian brothers, Jose Auriemo and Fabio Auriemo in the year 1972. The company has continued to spearhead key development in the construction and real estate sector.

Since its inception, JHSF has been known for its innovative projects that have resulted from the excellent leadership of the company. JHSF has diversified investments in hotels, airports and other real estate assets. Especially their investments in Uruguay and other parts of the United States have led to the recognition of JHSF has an international leading real estate company.

The JHSF split into two companies in the year 1990. Fabio Auremo took over JHSF while Jose Auremo led the JHSJ Company. The JHSF continued to experience growth and expansion in business. By 2001, the company had established the first shopping mall which had a subway station.

It marked the beginning of the development of other malls in the country. The company also in the Brazilian aviation industry by becoming the founder of a private airport which was the first of its kind. JHSF has contributed immensely in the opening up of the Brazilian economy. The company is also a source of employment for over 500 Brazilian citizens.

In 2014, Jose Auriemo became a part of its Board of Directors. Currently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the JHSF Company. He is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the projects of the company and making partnership agreements with other entities in 2009.

Jose Auriemo led the company to establish the Cidade Jardim Complex is a high-end shopping Centre based in Sao Paulo. He has also led the company to launch various Valentino stores in Brazil. Jose Auriemo has been instrumental in the growth and expansion in JHSF, and innovative leadership and professionalism have steered the success of the JHSF Company. He has continued to redefine the real estate sector through his experience and knowledge in investments.

Todd Lubar: Helping the Public Understand Finances

A lot of families in the United States are having a hard time buying their own homes. The rising prices of the real estate market make it nearly impossible for millions of Americans to pay for their homes. However, some alternative ways exist, thanks to individuals like Todd Lubar who has been helping American families buy their own homes. Todd Lubar is the president of the TDL Ventures, LLC, and he is helping business people in managing their assets and investments. He is also the vice president of the Legendary Investments, and through his extensive network of connections, he makes it possible for his clients to purchase an affordable property.


As a child, it was always his dream to become a successful businessman. He learned how to become an entrepreneur at a young age, selling drinks to passersby and offering them other goods in exchange for money. As he grows older, he realized the importance of learning how to manage his finances, and he decided upon himself that he would study the techniques on how to become financially literate. He graduated from college and received degrees that would help him unlock new opportunities in life. He used to work for several companies, but then he decided to set up his own business and directed all of the assistance to those who are homeless and those people who wanted to buy an affordable home.


He first established the TDL Ventures, LLC, and focused on the mortgage banking aspect of the company. He gave so many promises to the public, and he managed to turn these promises into reality, adding up more reputation to him and his company. Todd Lubar then advised his clients and customers about the importance of being financially independent and financially literate, and so his next move was to inform the public about the opportunities that are being provided by his company. In the early 2000s, Todd Lubar proceeded to create another company that would help startup companies with everything that they need. Todd Lubar established the Legendary Investments, and more business people became curious about the company and started investing their money.


Today, Todd Lubar is known all throughout the country as a successful entrepreneur. He helped transform the lives of so many people, and he will be remembered by the American public because of his contributions to the society. Todd Lubar also stated that he would continue training entrepreneurs to become better business people, and he would also like to expand his companies to new lands that would give them unlimited opportunities. The Legendary Investments and the TLD Ventures, LLC, are the current companies being managed by Todd Lubar, but he promised that more would be established as long as the people need his help.