How Did Norman Pattiz Research The Radio Industry?

Norman Pattiz started a new study of advertising in the radio industry, and he is using his position as the CEO of Westwood One to ensure that the industry is growing. He has built a massive empire around his own radio stations, and he wants other radio stations to experience the same success.

There is no reason every radio entity cannot perform well, and this article explains how his study has helped the radio industry at-large.

#1: What Is In The Study?

The study is a comprehensive look at every part of the radio industry, and it studies how advertising is bought and sold by radio stations.

Someone who is interested in radio advertising will notice that there are trends int he industry they must abide by, and they will have many opportunities to adjust to the industry accordingly. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

#2: Are Brands Recognized Easily?

Brands are recognized quite a lot when they are heard on the radio, and it is because the radio is a passive entertainment device. People get in their cars every day, and they listen to the radio without considering how much they hear the same content. Brands and their slogans are easy to remember because someone has heard them many times over, and they often find themselves reciting whole jingles or slogans when asked questions for the study.

#3: Why Is This Study Important?

The study is important for all those who are in need of assistance with their advertising budgets and operations. A radio station may use this information to learn how easy it is to adjust their advertising to meet the parameters of the study. The study explains how businesses may advertise, and it shows that companies such as grocery stores do quite well on the radio.

#4: How Does Norman Help?

Norman Pattiz has been a captain of the industry for some time, and he is creating a new wave of information about radio that is making the industry much easier to manage and understand. Someone who is searching for a better way to keep their radio station afloat may follow his advice, and they may read his study in conjunction with things he has said.

Norman Pattiz has done quite a good job ensuring that the radio industry is performing better because of the information he releases. His newest study is quite helpful as advertising money may be spent much more wisely in the future.