MAGFAST is Gearing Up for Pre-Orders

MAGFAST Chargers is Set to Debut Soon with its Newest Lineup

In the world of technology, MAGFAST Chargers has recently announced a launch of new products designed to charge your mobile devices much faster and without clutter. The company’s founder, Seymour Segnit, found displeasure with the quality of products available on the market. He sought to improve them to help consumers save time and money by having to constantly replace their chargers. Segnit is a graduate of Oxford University and has worked on startups in Silicon Valley, as well as, hosting a radio show. His experience and background helped him in developing these products on his own after becoming frustrated with technology experts not understanding his goals. Fortunately, Segnit’s ideas were so popular that he exceeded his crowdfunding goal in just 15 minutes.

The MAGFAST Difference

MAGFAST Chargers can work with each other and charge multiple devices from a single device. They’re also compatible with any mobile device, and adapters are included with their products. Utilizing magnet technology and a device aesthetic that allows them to be stacked together is what provides MAGFAST Chargers with the ability to power greater and faster. The company is also committed to environmental stewardship by sponsoring a program to plant trees for each device that’s sold. Safety is ensured by their 11-point safety program that helps to eliminate the dangers that can be experienced with inferior products and technology.

Pre-Order Now for Significant Savings

The company is gearing up to launch its new product line through attending a presentation that’s made available on the MAGFAST website. Several MAGFAST Charger products are being included for purchasing two of their most popular items. The website also provides a great deal of information regarding the company, its objectives, and its initiatives. Checking it out is easy by visiting You can also request an invitation and pre-order their products, today.