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Women as the Spotlight In Entrepreneurship With Isabel Dos Santos

In the past years in Africa, the woman is diminished; the woman is a minor and has no say in the development of the continent. However, times are changing and the vibrancy in African women has become something to admire. The spotlight is now on these women and what they can do for the community at large (Yaapd).

Isabel dos Santos among other successful women is a good example of what can become of African women. Being the richest woman in Africa she proves that women should no longer be regarded as the minority. However, women in Africa should be given equal chances as men to transform our world.

Isabel strongly beliefs planting of the seed to bear fruit in the future. With this, Isabel dos Santos strongly implies the incorporation of women in the entrepreneurial world. This will as a result combat sexism in our current world. She has made efforts of talking to young people about entrepreneurship and she emphasizes have mostly been targeting the women population since she aims at eradicating the inferiority of women.

Isabel dos Santos has brought hope to young businesswomen and entrepreneurs. The hitches she faced in the male-dominated industry was the trigger to pursue her dream and become what she is. Despite facing sexism in all direction especially in meetings, she still kept her head high and strived for what she wanted. Her stories on the discrimination she faced are way too many and this makes her long to change the stories of the newbies in the field.

Often making public appearances, she is the perfect inspiration to women in Africa. Having been ranked one of the most successful women in the world she has proved that what a man can do, a woman can also do better. Isabel has also worked with several prominent leaders all over to give back to the community.She studied at the Kings College, London and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering. With this great knowledge of science, she has been able to engage in finding solutions to problems in the world of business.

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HGGC Is Marking Its Footprint as A Leading Private Equity Firm In The Globe

In the year 2007, a group of partners led by Robert Gay and Jon Huntsman came together. They established what is now one of the leading private equity firms in the globe. At the time, Gay was a well-connected managing director at Bain Capital, and Huntsman was the CEO-cum-founder of a manufacturing company named after him. Bringing together their know-how, they founded H&G Capital Partners.
The firm kicked off on a high note. The name, however, became an issue due to its similarity with that of another firm called HIG Capital. Following the filling of a lawsuit by HIG Capital, H&G Capital Partners had to change its title to Huntsman and Gay Global Capital in honor of its two senior most founding partners. This title was however short-lived as in the year 2013, following the departure of both of these partners; the firm adopted the title HGGC.
Its growth and operation
Over the years, the company has managed to acquire 4.3 billion dollars’ worth of cumulative capital. Additionally, the firm boasts of seventeen billion dollars’ worth of platform investments, acquisitions, liquidity and recapitalization endeavors, recapitalization transactions and leveraged buyouts.
HGGC is mainly invested in mid-cap and middle market companies that are both in the public and private sector. Furthermore, it has a keen interest in companies that are in the process of adapting to new technology. Such companies like car dealerships, insurance companies, and grocery stores are on a path to great expansion which will lead to more income. Additionally, HGGC invests in a number of industries including technology, healthcare, infrastructure, manufacturing, finance, chemicals, software and information service sectors among others.
A crucial requirement that HGGC has when it comes to companies it invests in is that they must have a hundred up to five hundred million dollars’ worth of enterprise value, annual revenue ranging between a hundred million and a billion dollars and an EBITDA of fifteen million up to seventy-five million dollars. The reason is that HGGC places investments of up to a hundred and twenty-five million dollars and not less than twenty-five million; hence the companies must match up to these amounts