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Matt Fleeger Aids the Sadie Keller Foundation

Sadie Keller is a survivor of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Diagnosed at the age of seven, and now 10 years old, underwent various treatments for almost three years. These treatments included weekly chemotherapy treatments; that thankfully came to an end in May of 2017. She is the inspiration and driving force behind the Sadie Keller Foundation which supports the children that are battling childhood cancer. It also provides care for the children’s families during these trying and difficult times. The Sadie Keller Foundation lobbies for an increase in spend on childhood cancer research and funding for advancements to fight pediatric cancer.

Shortly after she was diagnosed, Sadie began to make videos about her personal experience during her cancer battle. She used them as a catalyst to air her own uncertainty and fear about her situation, while hoping they would offer support and education for other children who may have facing similar circumstances. Knowing she had the power to inspire and help those who were also battling childhood cancer, Sadie became empowered towards a new mission. She began to work with The Truth 365 social media campaign and documentary that provides a voice for those children who are fighting this devastating and life threatening disease.

At 10 years old, Sadie has become a public speaker and activist for childhood cancer. To help her foundation continue its efforts, Sadie relies on donations to further her cause. The most recent donation came in the form of $14,000 dollars from Matt Fleeger. Fleeger, Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Coast Western Inc., is well known for contributing to causes that effect children. His contribution will help provide packages for children and their families that are entrenched in the battle of childhood cancer. The donation from Matt Fleeger to the Sadie Keller Foundation will also enable the foundation’s efforts to increase federal spending on the research and treatments of pediatric cancers within the United States.

Perry Mandera Teaches You To be a Go-Giver

Some may feel that the problem that exists today is excessive self-indulgence. This feeling may be seen in the widespread digital recording of many people’s lives on a regular basis that is present on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and even up and coming social media platforms such as Tik-Tok.

This continuous stream of information flowing about the minute to minute lives of many an individual may be seen as somewhat self-indulgent, as such, those who are externally oriented are bound to stand out. This means that individuals like Mandera who is all about contributing to the community on a continuous and regular basis will be able to be stars in the community, they will be unique and will be able to lead while others are distracted and too focused on themselves.

Perry Mandera is a great example of what can happen when one looks outside of themselves and into the many needs that are present within the world. Perry Mandera is a great example of how looking for problems and lending a helping hand can be a boon to the individual who is providing the help and certainly a significant help for those that are receiving the services of the individuals as well.

Perry Mandera Organically Learned the Laws of Being a Go-Giver

The truth is that anyone and everyone can learn to be a go-giver, they simply have to look for issues, and become a part of a larger organization that is serving to fight those problems. As an individual that can be instrumental to the mission on a regular basis, the individual, as Perry Mandera has learned, will be able to gain new knowledge, experience and expertise that may not have been present had they not helped (Facebook).

The first lesson one can learn from people such as Perry Mandera is to show up and be present in the community. The simple act of being present in the community on a regular basis and contributing knowledge, intelligence, and support in more ways than one can truly help. This will likely be compounded over time as the individual continues to put in efforts to improve a specific part of the problem and help their particular organization advance a little further each day.

Be a go-giver each day.

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Roseann Bennett, Exploring The Future Of Mental Health Treatment


The nation acknowledges Mental Health Awareness, every year in the month of May. As a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), Roseann Bennett treats a wide range of mental health disorders. Mostly those related to the breakdown of relationships within a family or marriage structure. Some of the clients that Roseann sees are in the midst of a separation or divorce, while others are trying to ground themselves within their immediate relationships. Bennett’s expertise comes as a result of over a decade of treating clients.


Clients can follow objectives for optimal recovery or maintenance of mental health issues. The objectives include: case management and treatment planning and crisis management. No one suffering from mental health related problems is beyond help. Roseanne Bennett uses a two-step approach, first identify the problem and then find out the root cause. Roseanne believes that in the not too distant future, mental health therapists will be able to treat patients using virtual diagnostic modes, such as those seen with telemedicine. See Related Link to learn more.


Today, there are a plethora of resources available to help clients with various mental health problems, for conditions such as chronic depression. Depression is one of the top issues seen by marriage therapists. Roseann Bennett believes that future treatment options begins with an assessment checking for depression. To help with this on a much broader level, she’s co-founded the Center for Treatment and Assessment, with her business partner, Dr. Todd Bennett, it’s located in Hackettstown, NJ. Bennett also serves as the Executive of the Center. The non-profit agency works to assist individuals in need of mental health counseling. They emphasis patient care, regardless if the patients have insurance coverage or not. (Read more about Roseann Bennett of Center for Assessment and Treatment: Q&A)


Roseann Bennett is a graduate of Seton Hall University, where she earned both her Masters and Ed.S degrees. After graduation, Roseann completed her post master’s certification in cognitive behavior therapy at REACH Institute. During this past mental health awareness month, Roseanne said that in the future, therapy will involve using digital communications as an extension of in-office visits. This will allow patients to contact therapists using Skype, video chats, texts and email.


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