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Jeremy Goldstein, Attorney and Founding Partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC

With more than 20 years of commitment to his craft, Jeremy Goldstein, founder and partner of law firm Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, has improved the field of corporate and employment law. His position relies on him to assist with company mergers and acquisitions, and legal consulting. This provides him the opportunity to advise his clients on pay and career fruition. Goldstein’s highly formidable education includes an MA from the University of Chicago, a BA from Cornell University, and his JD completed at the New York University of Law. After his time at the University of Law, Goldstein spent a while working for a big New York law firm before creating his own firm, where he would focus his attention on working with CEOs, their upper level management teams, and corporate governance affairs.



All About Corporate Governance



Goldstein’s well known attitude towards settling corporate government affairs is his monumental notice. The complexities of employment law can be overwhelming to someone without Goldstein’s iron grasp on sufficient business practices. What corporate-level governance entails is the providing of a standardized system of proper rules and regulations to ensure effortless and safe productions. Corporate governance at its basic principle is to define the lines of authority, while helping to shape a company to allow for the investor’s best interests, as well as the employees’. Working with these professionals also includes collaborating with CEOs and their upper level management teams. These teams carry a variety of experts in their fields and they can include financiers, shareholders and suppliers. A company relies on each of these professionals to incorporate their knowledge into the development and overall, its success. And while success is the imminent goal all corporations are aspiring for, Goldstein expresses that communication and trust are the first steps towards reaching it. For a company that wants it, proper disclosure and transparency are the only ways to move forward. Goldstein states that a company should be willing to publish their entire description of their stock ownership guidelines, as well as any and all committee charters and copies of their articles of incorporation. As their lawyer, Goldstein argues that having clear knowledge of a company’s ideas, intentions, and vision instills trust and accountability. Accountability and trust are both important to investors as well, as they are not just investing in a project, but an idea that ideally will sustain itself for many years to come.


Jeremy Goldstein is so reliant for his craft because of his ability to spot inaccuracies in management that a company would not catch on their own. Mismanagement of funds in accounting and human resources can dissuade future investors as these can cause future complications. As a result, investors can become unaware of actual funds and risk the mishandling of their own money. Even worse are companies who practice deceitful business ethics, in which restoration is nearly impossible once these practices have been discovered. Neglect and poor business control techniques can reside anywhere within, all in all.


Let The Professionals Take it Away


Clients can be expectant to treatment of eminence upon visiting with the devoted law firm. Goldstein is an advocate in defense of non-compete agreements and employer protection. A non-compete agreement protects the rights of the employee against unforeseen circumstances involving said employee. Goldstein believes his career as a lawyer should reflect his morals and provides assurance that consultation with Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC means peace of mind for any company.


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How Corporate Attorney Jeremy Goldstein Gives Back To The Community

Jeremy Goldstein has several decades of experience as a New York City-based corporate attorney, during which time he’s worked with a considerable number of well-known companies. Throughout this time, he’s primarily focused on the mergers and acquisitions niche and offers a variety of services through his private firm. Some of the more notable of these include corporate finance, commercial banking, and managerial governance, skills with which he’s gained quite a positive reputation.


This has primarily been because many of the skills and services that he offers would typically require a full team to oversee and complete. As a result of this, Jeremy Goldstein has become quite a well-desired corporate lawyer across New York. This has led to Goldstein working with a variety of national and international clients, such as Alltel, South African Breweries, and Sears. However, he’s claimed that his work with J.P Morgan Chase working on a variety of mergers and acquisitions is one of his greatest achievements.


Throughout his career, Jeremy Goldstein has noted that there are a variety of things that a corporate lawyer must be able to do to ensure that any merger or acquisition goes smoothly. One of the most notable of these focuses on the fact that negotiations are an intrinsically human process, which means that he needs an extensive amount of people skills. As such, Goldstein aims to minimize private deliberations as much as possible, as these can prolonge the negotiations process.


To do so, he looks to make sure that the process is as quick as possible without compromising on the quality of the services that he offers. Alongside this, Jeremy Goldstein works directly with CEOs to help them in a variety of ways, especially when a company is going through large changes, such as a merger or being purchased by a larger firm.


Working directly with CEOs is something that Goldstein first began doing when he noticed that many of them had difficulty making decisions when going through challenging times. With his approach, Jeremy Goldstein looks to help CEOs choose the right legal strategy for their needs and goals, such as when they’re implementing a forward integration that they might be unfamiliar with.


Throughout this time, Goldstein has been involved in quite a large number of New York City-based charities, with the majority of these focusing on giving back to and helping the community. One of the most notable of these is Fountain House, which predominantly works with people suffering from mental illness. For the past several years, Jeremy Goldstein has not only served on the charity’s board but also been engaged in quite a large number of fundraising efforts.


One of the most recent examples of this was a gala that he hosted, which boasts $5,000 per head. However, the proceeds of the event went directly to Fountain House. During the celebration, attendees were able to enjoy a meal while also enjoying a variety of wines. Alongside this, many of them were able to make associates that could lead to future business opportunities.


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Jeremy Goldstein Success in Employment Law

Jeremy Goldstein is an expert in employment law. He pursued a degree in law from the New York Law University. Jeremy first worked in New York City-based law firm before he founded his company. He performed various tasks in the firm and dealt with prominent companies. Jeremy garnered great expertise from the roles he played in the large law firm. He was able to create and establish Jeremy L.Goldstein & Associates.



Through his firm, Jeremy Goldstein mainly focuses on employment law. Together with his associates, they are dedicated to providing excellent advice and presenting matters related to business. Jeremy Goldstein uses expertise to fight and protect the rights of his professional customers. He usually uses non-compete agreements to protect the rights of employers in different situations that may pose potential risks to their firms.



Jeremy Goldstein believes that non-compete agreements are vital for any business leader. They outline some rules and regulations that help to govern the workplace successfully. One of the benefits is that it describes the time that an employee must wait before being employed by a competing firm. This is important because employees may have access to unique strategies and formulas that may be used in a competing entity. Jeremy Goldstein believes that employers should use the non-compete agreement to limit the competition they may face from former employees who may seek employment in similar firms.



Positive public relations have been a successful marketing strategy that Jeremy Goldstein uses. He makes sure that he considers the type of customers he is hoping to attract so that he can choose a good legal case. He tries as much as possible to avoid negative publicity that would lead to considerable losses in his business. Jeremy Goldstein ensures that the kind of headlines his firm makes go hand in hand with its professional growth.



Unique perspectives in employment law and building positive professional relationships have played a vital role in his success as an entrepreneur. Jeremy Goldstein ensures that he can apply the aspects in his daily activities. This way, he can find solutions to complex problems. He provides that he deals with his clients appropriately and help them through the phases of business success.



Jeremy Goldstein is passionate about philanthropic acts and always finds satisfaction in participating in charitable activities. He works as a Board of Directors at Fountain House charity. Giving back to society fits well in his career as it helps him have diverse views on legal problems. Jeremy believes that it is essential for investors to always find fulfilment in assisting charitable programs.


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Jeremy Goldstein recently purchased the Ragic Software. It is advantageous in that it helps him build databases enabling him to retrieve information on his clients very quickly. Jeremy always goes for software that can help in saving as much time as possible as he works with his clients.


Jeremy Goldstein Takes The Time To Really Get To Know Each Client And Their Needs

It’s easy to see when someone is passionate about their job. They give their all, genuinely care about their clients, and try to make a positive mark on the world. They also go above and beyond the call of duty, helping their customers and clients with whatever their needs are.


Jeremy Goldstein is one of these individuals. He is incredibly passionate about his work as a lawyer. He is authentically invested in every client’s case. On top of this, Jeremy has a winning streak that can’t be beat. Big corporations to individuals have taken notice of this lawyer which means he is becoming highly requested. To date, Mr. Goldstein has already worked with some of the biggest and well-known companies in the United States with their acquisitions. Some of them include AT&T Wireless, Chevron Texaco Corporation, Goodrich by United Technologies, and many more. These acquisitions really solidified his role as a top notch lawyer.


Mr. Goldstein specializes in mergers and acquisitions. He also sits on a number of committees pertaining to executive compensation. This is one of the topics that his private law firm specializes in. In 2014, Jeremy founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The New York City based firm was the result of the Mr. Goldstein’s many years experience in the field. He has been recognized by many publications as a leading executive compensation lawyer.


Jeremy earned his Juris Doctor degree at the New York University School of Law. Before landing in New York City, Jeremy Goldstein lived in several different states studying art history in college. It may be interesting to know that the successful lawyer has a Master of Arts degree in art history. When it comes to bringing his ideas to life, it’s easy. There are no new issues and no shortcuts in the industry, so doing a good job is all you can do. Get really invested in each case and know your clients. Jeremy dives into each case to find out what his clients really need and want. He puts the time and energy, and it sure does show. The better he knows his clients, the better advice he can give them.


Mr. Goldstein also devotes 100 percent of his energy towards each case and gives clients 24/7 access to him phone. If they need any questions answered even in the middle of the night, he’s there to help. One thing the successful lawyer recommends everyone to do is to always stay on top of buying new technology. One client back in the day advised Jeremy to do so, and it has not failed him. This is especially true if you have a lot of information on a computer, having a backup can be a life-saver.


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A Trusted Financial Firm, Lincolnshire Management

Founded in 1986, Lincolnshire Management, a financial firm has been a successful private equity firm based in the financial capital of the world, New York City. The firm manages over $1.7 billion in assets and truly understands capital markets. The company also has offices in Chicago, another financial headquarter of the world. Out of these cities, the firm offers a variety of private equity services. With many acquisitions and sales of these assets being noted in popular news publications, including a recent $218 million sale of an asset, proving it is still relevant over 30 years after the firm was founded. They have also recently completed an acquisition of the $835 million Equity Fund. More information about the company’s portfolio is mentioned here.

This financial service provider offers investment services led by their CEO and chairman, TJ Maloney. He is quoted on the company’s website as reinforcing his commitment to his role of this giant investment service provider by saying, “Lincolnshire is committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and Environmental, Social and Governance best practices.” Listing important principles to show his commitment to the environment, social and governance best practices, all of which are key features for a trusted financial firm to embody. TJ also has a team of over a dozen individuals who help ensure the best financial services for their clients. The private equity firm lists their services assisting with public and private companies, recapitalizations, corporate divestitures, and buyout management and growth equity for firms.

Expect to hear more about this trusted financial firm in the coming 2019 fiscal year. The coming year seems to have a positive outlook for financial service providers in general. If the economy, particularly in the United States can continue to grow and starve away a recession which has not happened in over a decade now in just a few more months come June 2019. Even with this in mind, the long term outlook of markets remain fairly positive as we see technology propel civilization into the future.

Finally, you can learn more about the firm online with their Crunchbase listing. You can read this link for more information about the listing

Alex Pall Is Reaching New Heights With The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers release of Closer was different than what they have done in the past. Andrew Taggart was singing with Alex Pall representing the other half of the group. This was unlike their traditionally crafted electronic soundscapes. The duo successfully combined personalized dance music with the feelings and thoughts of true artists. Alex Pall has been DJing since he was a kid in New York. He eventually realized dance music was his passion and he decided to give it a chance. When he met Andrew Taggart it was perfection. They started playing together every day and four years later they hit their stride.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart were both ambitious, driven and wanted the same thing. They knew what worked, what did not and created their own unique identity as artists. They learned a lot as time passed and started becoming even better artists. Their journey of self discovery led to them asking questions and trying new things. Eventually the pair decided they wanted to do more than just straight up dance music. They are both fans of all different types of music so they branched out and created Don’t Let Me Down and Waterbed. Their new style blurred the lines between dance music, pop music, indie and hip-hop.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart make certain everyone has heard the big songs they release prior to moving onto the next one. They are creative and create the type of content nobody has heard. The songs they write are about the lives they are living. Closer was about the attraction to an ex girlfriends and the memories of the breakup. The duo works with songwriters but when they write the songs are much more personal. They want their work to be cohesive illustrate their lives and who they are. They both enjoyed working with Halsey and found her a unique and cool artist. They appreciated the strength in her voice and felt the music meshed with their identities.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart enjoy performing live because it transcends the typical experience. They keep hustling and refuse to get complacent. They simply keep pushing the boundaries to provide their fans with new experiences.