Tammy Mazzocco Passion is Real Estate

To say that Tammy Mazzocco is passionate about her real estate business would be an understatement, as she is always working and happy about it. She says that she has been given a wonderful opportunity to help families find the perfect home for themselves. Tammy is a RE/MAX professional working in Pickerington, Ohio and the four counties surrounding the town. Pickerington is just Southeast of Columbus, Ohio.

Tammy started her real estate career as a secretary for a local commercial real estate company and continued in a supportive role with other firms until 1999 when she decided to try the sales part of the real estate business. More details can be found on her About.me page

She remembers when she first started selling she was too shy to ask prospective clients about their finances. It is very important for a realtor to know what there is to work with as far as the ability of a client to make a down payment and mortgage payments. This information helps the real estate agent know what price range to show a prospect.

A fellow Realtor told Tammy just to go ahead and ask the right questions and not to worry about what anyone thought about it. She tried it and it worked so she has never had a problem with shyness since.

Tammy likes to set goals and then break them down into smaller components, thus making the entire process more manageable. Tammy says that goals help her to stay on track and she accomplishes more that way.

Tammy treats her clients with great respect, especially when it comes to their time and money. She tries to put herself in their shoes regarding their situation. People feel vulnerable when they are buying new homes, many times from a geographical and a financial standpoint, and Tammy is a great mollifier of any fears a client might have.

You can visit her blog http://tammymazzocco.blogspot.com/

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