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Mr. T.J Maloney Adds a New Team to Lincolnshire Management Firm

Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm, which helps in the growth of middle market companies. Started 33 years ago, the company has its headquarters in New York. Through the leadership of Maloney, Lincolnshire Management has helped many companies acquire prestigious status, thanks to the firms qualified and committed team. In the team is Mr. TJ Maloney, who brings in vast experience and skills to the firm.

Mr. Maloney has been the company’s leader for over two decades. His experience in firms and companies like Transcraft Corporation has contributed in his day of day running of Lincolnshire Management Company in a significant way. The firm has enjoyed progress and expansion, thanks to the able leadership of Mr. Maloney.

Recently, the firm saw the need to add new members to its team. This was after a close and careful examination of the firm’s future prospects. The need for analysts saw Yashna Ginodia and Georg Stolt-Nielsen join the firm’s team whereas Matthew Nacier and Nicolas Vega Llona came in as senior associates. This was proof that the firm was growing and a stronger task force was needed.

Mr. TJ Maloney was excited to announce the new members, promising more and better services to Lincolnshire Management clients who were increasing in number each day. Mr. Maloney added that the team would ensure that new ventures were conquered and hence, more investments would be made.

Lincolnshire Management has made history over the years it has operated under TJ Maloney by investing in prestigious firms. Some of these firms include Allison Marine, Latite, Dalbo Holdings, Inc., among many others. The firms that have trusted Lincolnshire team have enjoyed exceptional growth and recognition as well.

Though busy with developing and growing Lincolnshire further, Mr. TJ Maloney always creates time for himself away from work. He ensures that he has time with his family and engages himself with the outside world by reading and traveling vastly. T.J Maloney adds that what the clients are getting from Lincolnshire Management is just but a foretaste of what is to be tabled in the near future. T.J Maloney is BA holder from Boston College and a Law graduate from the prestigious Fordham law school.

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Sharon Prince Wants To Help Others Through Grace Farms And More

Sharon Prince started Grace Farms on a beautiful piece of land that she was inspired by and knew would become a peaceful place for those who need to get away. But, she says that it isn’t the land that will help people change, but it is the people who are committed to making a difference in the world. She opened the land to the public and got people to work there who would help others find a sense of belonging.

Sharon Prince is using her organization to fight against human trafficking. She is also using it to help wildlife. And, she wants it to be a space where people can feel free to come to get away from all of the struggles that they face and to find a good community and the faith that they need. There are interdisciplinary leaders working for Grace Farms who help those who come to it. Those leaders help people fight back against the biggest issues of the day and also help people to become stronger and bolder and learn entrepreneur skills. She hopes to inspire future generations through Grace Farms.

Sharon Prince opened Grace Farms in 2009, and the organization is known as a private operating foundation. She currently serves as the president of the foundation and also as the chairperson. Sharon Prince Grace Farms fights against all kinds of social injustice with the foundation, and she has gotten involved in some bigger projects with such organizations as the United Nations University because of her passion for making the world a better place. She also serves on the board of another organization that is focused on helping the vulnerable, and she is always looking for new ways to fight human trafficking and other issues.

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Ashley Lightspeed and The Rise of The Platforms

Ashley Lightspeed is an individual who would have a lot of thoughts. Ashley Lightspeed would have these thoughts because she is involved in business.

A few her thoughts may revolve around platform companies such as Uber.

She would think about these types of companies because of the fact that these are the types of companies that are going to become prevalent in our world.

What Uber does need to focus on here would be to diversify its products, and to make its main service better to the point where it doesn’t have to depend on models such as loyalty programs to that extent.

With the acquisition of startups such as e-bike company Jump, as well as its focus on improving its service, Uber has been working towards those goals under Khosrowshahi’s leadership.

But the company has some strides to make at that front for those efforts to translate to something tangible. Get the latest update on her twitter to find out more.

Uber Has a Long Way to Go

The aforementioned observations highlight how these short term profitability fixes are not viable enough from where Uber is standing at the moment.

It cannot raise prices. It cannot cut driver pay. And it cannot depend on loyalty programs to scale its services further.

What it can do is to improve its services. Be better to its drivers. And invest in additional products to diversity its offerings.

Under its new leadership, the company has simply started making amends to escape from its exploiting and spying days. But the recent missteps in Uber’s recent past are significant to the point where they have hurt the company’s bottomline to a noticeable extent – where it was not even able to reach the goals for its IPO (Lyft suffered a similar fate in its public offering, but that still doesn’t make Uber’s loss any less significant).

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Building A Better Future With Jason Hope His Philanthropy

The advancement of technology has been one of the most beneficial changes to our society since the turn of the 21st century. For that matter, technology has been on a tremendous uprise year after year as it continues to improve. This advancement is one of the reasons why we continue to look towards the future. More specifically, we continue to look towards building a more convenient and overall better future for ourselves. Having said that, perhaps no other human being has been as instrumental in building such a future than entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason Hope. Among many other things, Jason Hope is also a hard working business owner and investor. this is why he earns so much respect by his peers given that he always makes time to give back in other areas. With his main focus being on technological advancement and philanthropy, Jason Hope has also earned a distinction as one of the most brilliant futurists of his time. With all of this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the career of Jason Hope and how he is contributing to a better future with his philanthropy. Read more on

Jason Hope, Philanthropy, And The Future

Overall, the main thing that Jason has understood is that one person can’t do all things. This is one of the main reasons he so generously provides financial support to different organizations. In other words, he understands how beneficial it is to have different fields advance simultaneously by helping each other out. From technology companies to anti-aging companies, Jason is making an effort to be as diverse as he can with his philanthropy. This is something that other investors should consider doing. WHo knows how much we could improve if more philanthropist made the collective effort in being diverse? At the very least, it would contribute a faster rate of advancement. nonetheless, Jason also understands the importance of being patient. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. If we continuously make the small changes and investments necessary to create a better future, we might even get the sense that time is flying by.

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South American Businesswoman Rocks World

The career of Isabel dos Santos has been marked by a reliable ascent up the ladder of international business and finance, from her indigenous Angola to her current position as a stakeholder in multiple international conglomerates. She’s named Africa’s wealthiest female and one its youngest billionaires and – in this part – is developing her eyesight of the continent’s long term.

An unbiased businesswoman, her portfolio is made around the banking, building, energy, and telecommunication sectors in her indigenous Angola and close by African says and throughout Europe, portugal primarily. She is deeply focused on expanding financial opportunity in her indigenous nation and supporting the function of ladies in the business world.

Time for Isabel dos Santos native Angola, the girl became a project supervisor engineer intended for a subsidiary of the Jembas Group. She quickly jumped straight into entrepreneurship by partnering in the Miami Seaside bar and cafe in Luanda. It’s still among the capital’s hotspots.

“I’ve been extremely independent. When I started operating, I began with an extremely small company,” Isabel dos Santos explained within an interview with CNN. “An extremely small business with hardly any capital and it grew, as I proceeded to go along, as I invested even more, and my business became more lucrative.”

Quickly thereafter she got in on the floor ground of the imminent mobile phone revolution that was going to sweep Africa. She bought a stake in Unitel when it became the 1st cellular operator granted an Angolan permit in 1999. The strong Unitel S.A. was founded in 2001 and, through her organization Vidatel, Isabel dos Santos found control a twenty five percent stake in the telecommunication startup.

Within ten years Africa was enjoying the world’s quickest growth in the cellular sector. Unitel S.A. expanded quickly and by 2014 its Angolan customer foundation was up to 9 million. It is now one of Angola’s most successful and lucrative companies, with income of over $2 billion.

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The Service of Isabel dos Santos

This past March Isabel dos Santos lost just a little of her leadership standing in the Angolan telecommunications company, Unitel. Nevertheless, she remained the chairman of the company’s board of directors. In fact, her administration was actually praised during the shareholder meeting in which she officially lost those powers. The shareholders expressed confidence that Isabel dos Santos and the Board of Directors would rightly act in their best interest going forward. Unfortunately for the company and for Santos if looks like a very public legal trial is on the near horizon.

While she has remained chairman, the shareholders decided that it is best that she cease to be Unitel’s president. That vacancy will be filled by Miguel Geraldes. Joao Bao Quippa is also being brought onto the leadership team to oversee the finance department. Unitel is owned by four shareholder companies: Oi, Sonangol, Vidatel (a Santos owned company), and Geni. Isabel Dos Santos is the eldest child of the former president of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos. Her mother is a native of Azerbaijan where Isabel was born.

While growing up, Isabel dos Santos attended an all-girls boarding school in Kent, England. After graduating high school she studied electrical engineering at King’s College in London. After her higher education, over the next 20 years, she was a highly successful businesswoman, holding management jobs at a large number of companies. that by 2013 she became Africa’s first female billionaire. In the early 1990s, she finally returned home to Angola. There she became a project manager engineer for Urbana 2000. Her real success started in 1997 after she started her first business: The Miami Beach Club. She would spend the next 20 years or so building a massive worldwide empire.

For a brief time in 2016, she served as the chairwoman of Sonangol, Angola’s state oil company, but she was almost immediately fired the following year after her father was replaced as the country’s president.

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Carsten Thiel Discusses Tips for a Successful Career in Entrepreneurship

Carsten Thiel is an accomplished figure in biotechnology. He grew up in a family of medical professionals. This influenced his career path. His involvement in medicine has led to the introduction of productive medical products. Carsten Thiel discusses the impact technology has had on medicine. He says that ideas which were thought to be impossible have been brought to life with the aid of technology.

As an entrepreneur, productivity is the main goal. Carsten Thiel mentions how asking questions and being ready to learn has contributed to him being productive. He says that when he works with a team of professionals, he asks questions and learns new concepts from them. Professionals who have worked in different fields are able to offer him insight into certain reasoning he did not consider before. Also, asking questions saves the company a lot of resources in case there are changes to be done before a project is commenced.

Carsten Thiel acknowledges the importance of working as a team and collaborating with others for the success of a project. He talks about leading a team of researchers and employees in order to come up with fresh ideas. In a team, each member contributes their thoughts.

These thoughts become ideas and opportunities to be employed in the company. Listening to your team as the leader maintains a good professional relationship. Motivated and inspired employees are able to become more productive. They appreciate the role they play in the success of the company.

Carsten Thiel has implemented these tips in having a positive company culture.Carsten Thiel recounts how he would convince his younger self to always follow his instincts. When he was starting out his career, he was confident about the work he was doing but still in doubt over how the market would respond to the products he launched.

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Ashley Lightspeed’s take on the future of digital media

Ashley Lightspeed is known in media and business circles as one of the most active campaigners of digital media. She has a wealth of experience in this digital media and technology sector having worked in them for quite a while. Today, Ashley is an investment partner at Lightspeed Venture Capital, a position she took in 2018. In her new job as an investment advisor, this digital media and technology expert has been helping her company and its clients make promising investments in the sector. Ashley believes that in the near future, digital media will go mainstream and the investments being made now will pay off hugely. See more of Ashley at

A stellar educational background

This investment partner is an expert in the digital media and investment fields thanks to her stellar educational background. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual and Media Studies from Duke University. Thanks to this undergraduate program, Ashley has a wealth of knowledge on the influence of media technologies on social, cultural, and political environments. Ashley Lightspeed is also a holder of a Master’s in Business Administration from Stanford University. While at Stanford, she also served as the Arts, Media, and Entertainment Club’s Vice President.

The future of digital media

This Lightspeed Venture Partners executive has a lot of faith in the promising future of digital media. It is evident that traditional media is slowly being phased out and she believes that digital media will soon be the norm. This is why as an investment partner at her company, Ashely Lightspeed has been advocating for increased investments in the digital media space. According to his investment partner, with the technological advancements being currently witness, the whole world would soon be connected to the internet. This means that almost everyone on the planet would be able to access digital media platforms easily.

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Grand Tokaj to debut its sweet wine in Chiba via

Thanks to its impressive growth in the recent past, China has become one of the most vibrant consumer economies on the globe. Many companies that have been dominating other parts of the world have increasingly been trying to get into the Chinese market. The latest company to do this is Grand Tokaj, a respectable Hungarian sweet wine producer. This Hungarian sweet wine producer has entered into an agreement with, one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the country, to debut its offerings via this platform. At the moment, discerning wine connoisseurs on the e-commerce platform are the exciting range of this Hungarian sweet wine.

A great start

According to, it is putting plans in place to make sure that this world-famous wine brand has a great start in the Chinese market. This prosperous e-commerce platform will help the Grand Tokaj with marketing and also the customization of the products so that they are fit for the Chinese market. Additionally, the insights provided by this e-commerce platform’s big data analysis will help this Hungarian winemaker in its decision-making. JD’s self-developed nationwide logistics network is expected to play an important role in the success of this sweet wine brand in this new market. Grand Tokaj aims to have customers’ orders fulfilled on the same day and is putting a lot of resources in play to make sure that this will be possible. Same day delivery for this Hungarian wine brand might just give it the edge it needs to dominate the market and become a success.

A promising market

For Grand Tokaj, China is a very promising market as statistics reveal that more than three-quarters of consumers in the country prefer wine from abroad. This winemaker is also counting on its excellent global reputation to capture this promising market. The winery is the largest in Tokaj-Hegyalja, Hungary’s historical wine region. So far, customers have received this brand well with more than 1000 bottles of its signature, Tokaji Aszu range sold within the first 10 hours. Furthermore, Grand Tokaj’s online store has already attracted 400,000 followers a few hours after it launched.’s: Youtube.

Isabel dos Santos Empowers Women from Africa

Isabel dos Santos, 45, is Africa’s wealthiest woman. She has been able to maintain her success from a tender age. Isabel mainly invested in different business ventures in Africa. She also dominated the telecommunications, media, energy, as well as finance sectors. The business professional gives back to society in many ways. She empowers African women. Read more about Isabel at eco

Background Information

Donor funding is increasingly popular. It entails the process of giving back to the community through a donor-advised fund. It is a project that Isabel dos Santos has been part of for years. Through her organizations, Isabel has formalized how she conducts her charities by identifying distinct divisions that have been tasked with social responsibility as well as sponsorship programs. Isabel has also made her charity work official by engaging her employees and other volunteers.


For the entrepreneur to lead by example, she devotes time to visit some of the communities she serves. She also addresses their needs by engaging in constructive discussions. Isabel dos Santos has supported the battle against malaria by taking part in various initiatives such as providing clean water for the less privileged. Isabel dos Santos has also worked in different business areas. She is the head cheerleader of Unitel, which is the largest telecommunications company in Angola. In her tenure, she has assisted various companies in the telecommunications sector to develop. The infrastructure of the capital has also grown significantly. Angola’s ability to communicate with different countries has increased. Besides, the company has also created more than 10,000 job opportunities for people.


It’s important to note that Isabel Dos Santos works with some of the best telecommunications experts. She engages them in her business in order to help them leverage their skills and talents. As such, she has created an extensive entrepreneurial network that supports her mission to empower every workforce across her sector. Dos Santos works hard to transform Africa as she believes that everyone deserves an opportunity to be empowered. She advocates for the end of marginalization at the workplace. Moreover, Isabel dos Santos encourages young women to advance their education and careers. Visit: