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Michael Nierenberg on Career and Progress

Michael Nierenberg did build a business around the fringe aspects of the mortgage industry. This means that Michael Nierenberg invested in his employees, his firm, and in others to make the capital move accordingly and reap great rewards. The entity that he created works as a machine to capture cash flows and produce money that will be netted by the firm and then distributed to investors in the right manner. Michael Nierenberg is certainly headed in the right direction then, as most people dream about progressing from one step to the next in their life and being able to move upward in life. With his current business, he has a mechanism where money flows are deeply embedded from aspects of society.

Each aspect of the business, from the product and the service, the overall sales and distribution, the processes that matter within the business, and other aspects of the business are incorporated by Michael Nierenberg and his business partners.

Wise individuals stay focused and continue to add more skills to their portfolio while adding more connections and value to the world around them. Individuals will know that the progression from job to career to business is sought after by many while some can obtain it. Original source to learn more

How James Dondero’s Charitable Deeds are Transforming Dallas Texas

James Dondero has been hailed as one of the unsung heroes in Dallas, Texas. He believes that when a person is given the power and financial ability to lead a community, he should strive every day to help improve the lives of the people who live there. One of the latest projects which he has been part of is the Dallas Zoo, and the residents of the city cannot hide their enthusiasm for the efforts which he has made to make some change there. Read more about James Dondero at

One of the components that have been missed about the Zoo was the Hippos. The Hippo Habitat was shut down by the Zoo in 2001, and for the past 16 years, Zoo visitors have had to do without the beauty of these magnificent animals. The shutdown followed the death of Papa, one of the oldest hippos died in the Zoo. However, Zoo management reviewed the decision and realized that they were doing the entire city a disservice by shutting down the only source of knowledge on hippos. Visit to know more about him.

When James Dondero was told that the Zoo was considering the possibility of creating a new habitat for the hippos, he pledged to contribute, and he did, to the tune of $1million. The name of the Hippo Habitat was also changed to the Hippo Outpost. The new outpost stands on two acres of land and guests who want to stay overnight can now comfortably watch the animals from the Highland Capital Lodge, which is named after Dondero’s company.

When Dallas residents heard that the new Simmons Hippo Outpost was being opened, they couldn’t wait to get a glimpse of the amazing animals. The reintroduction of the exotic animals has made it possible for the zoo to earn good money. The two lovely hippos which occupy the outpost are known as Adhama and Boipelo.

The zoo is just one of the many activities and charities which James Dondero has been part of in a bid to improve Dallas. James has donated money to the Perot Museum of Natural Science, and the Education is Freedom movement among many other charities. He is a truly exceptional leader.