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Securus Technologies Implements Crime Prevention Model

Securus Technologies was one of the first inmate calling networks who were interested in a crime prevention model. This model has been a success with an online forum which has received customer comments which have been able to prevent telecommunications crime. Their CEO, Richard A. Smith was one of the first executive team members to implement a feedback forum on their website. He understands the need to protect the general public with services used under federal regulations for monitoring, surveillance, and telecommunications security. Their customers have been able to receive stabilized inmate calling prices because they took the initiative to report crime.


Crime Prevention Model


stop inmate cellphone use

– stop illegal inmate gambling

– additional facility monitoring and support

– prevent illegal money transfers

– and more…


Securus Technologies was one of the first to build a successful crime prevention model with the aid of their customers. They have only had their crime prevention model in place for a year, but have been able to get a tremendous amount of customer feedback. You’re invited to visit their website and see what others have had to say about their crime prevention model or leave your message about your Securus Technologies experience.


Securus Technologies Changing the Way Officers Do Their Jobs

Each day I report for work at the local prison, I have to trust that my fellow officers and the resources afforded to us will help protect us during the day. These inmates are becoming more violent each day, and if we can not take a proactive approach to keeping the peace, then we could all be heading home in a body bag. Thanks to resources like that of Securus Technologies, we can now maintain order and protect one another in ways like we have never done before.


Part of the reason for the increase in violence, these inmates are having an easy time getting drugs and weapons into the jail on a regular basis. In the past, me and my team would be spread thin in the jail trying to cover all possible entry points. Even using scanners in the visitor center and drug-sniffing dogs in the inmate cells, we still are finding it challenging to stop the flow of contraband into the hands of these violent inmates.


Securus Technologies has been installing call monitoring systems in many jails around the country for years. These system do the work over many officers, scanning the calls the inmates make for things like conversations about drugs, fighting, and weapons. The LBS software can alert officers of the potential trouble and my tram can not get there before these incidents are allowed to take place.


Since the company installed their monitoring service, we have seen a huge drop in violent episodes inside the prison. The LBS software alerted my team an inmate was expected crack from his sister, and during their meeting in the visitor center, we were able to confiscate those drugs before it reached the rest of the inmates. Things like this will eventual make out work environment safer for all.


How Securus Technologies Exposed a Corrupt Staff Member

One of the hardest parts about being a corrections officer is trying to keep contraband from getting into the cells of the inmates. We have a number of ways that we as a team try to combat the problem, starting with the physical inspection of every visitor that comes to the jail. When a person comes to our prison, they are made aware that if they are carrying anything and it makes its way to the inmates, they are going to be charged and given a cell of their own. There are many who disregard the warnings because they will do anything the inmates tell them to.


When my superiors had me come in for a meeting to try and get a read on the trouble, they explained to me they were bringing in Securus Technologies to help us to identify how the inmates are getting their hands on all this contraband. We have been working with the company in the past, due in part to their CEO, Richard Smith, who says that he and his thousand employees all are committed to making the world a safer place for all to live. The new inmate call system they were installing was going to help us to create a safer prison for officers, visitors, and inmates alike.


I needed to be trained on the LBS software before I could get familiar with the call system. That week, we began to pick up chatter about inmates getting contraband through the visitor security center. What we discovered in the end was one of the corrections officers was on the take and letting things into the jail on the days the inmates were telling their families to hurry to the jail. This corrupt staff member was taken off the job and prosecuted on numerous charges.


Securus Technologies – Serving The Correctional Space For Over A Decade

One of the companies that have risen to fame in the correctional space in a relatively short period is Securus Technologies. The company has grown quickly and substantially over the years with the aim to modernize the incarceration experience and equip the law enforcement and public safety agencies with better and more advanced technology. The company launches at least one new service a week on average, which showcases the commitment of Securus Technologies towards the field it serves. It recently won the Gold Stevie Award, one of the most modern corporate excellence awards, for the best customer service training team.



The clients of the company can easily get answers to their queries and resolution of their issues, without having to wait for days. Innovation is what drives Securus Technologies, and it currently has over 600 patents to its name. From the time of its inception till now, Securus Technologies has served over a million customers, and presently its services reach out to over 1,200,000 prisoners across the country. It has helped many prisoners get back in touch with their families and revive their life from isolation. It reduces stress from their live and makes it easier to stay contact with the outside world.



Securus Technologies recently released a press release where it showed some of the comments from letters it regularly receives from its vast clientele, especially the law enforcement agencies and its officials. The officials have mentioned in the letter how the LBS and other services provided by the company helps them serve better, keep communities safe, and catch the culprit efficiently.



As a law enforcement officer myself, I cannot agree more with the text of the press release. I have used the services of Securus Technologies sometimes to get information on the drug misuse and supply in the jail, which helped me take corrective measures and catch the offender at the right time.

How Securus Technologies Defended Itself From GTL’s Inaccurate Information

Securus Technologies is a leader in providing technology solutions in the field of criminal justice. The primary goal of the firm has been to better the lives of prisoners during their time in correction facilities. The company thus provides an array of services ranging from public information, monitoring services, monitoring products, biometric systems, verification, and video monitoring services. Securus is a big company that avails its services to correction facilities. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company has provided its services to more than 3,500 correction facilities. The total number of inmates that benefit from the company’s services is more than 1 million.


I think that Securus Technologies is a highly successful company. The firm has managed to outdo its competitors like GTL in the prison technology industry. I find that GTL has tried to come out of the competition by spoiling Securus name. GTL has made several accusations and claims for damages and injunctions. Securus has come out and stated that all such claims are false. GTL stated that Securus infringed its rights by using its technologies protected by one of the patents. GTL has no evidence that Securus infringed its rights or that Securus used its Technologies. GTL has gone to insist that the Patent Trial and Appeals Board has preserved most of the patents used by the company.


Securus came out in a public press release and refuted all claims by GTL. It stated that the company has its technologies protected by its patents. The company further declared that the PTAB could not rule the case. The case can only be ruled when Securus Technologies and GTL go to court. It is obvious that Securus is going to win because GTL has no evidence. One patent claimed by GTL was that of number 816. The PTAB itself has refused to review any claims made against Securus.


Making It A Holiday Is What Securus Technologies Is Doing

Christmas is a very special time of the year. It is a time of family togetherness and celebration. When someone in the family is in a correction facility, and they can’t be a part of what is happening for the holiday, it can be very depressing. That is why Securus Technologies created Christmas video visits for the inmates in the facilities.

The Christmas video visits allow them to see what is happening at their homes. Their families can also see them. They can share in all the festivities that are happening. If they want to watch the kids open their presents, they can, and if they want to watch as the family has their holiday meal that is also possible. They can talk to their family while they can see them, and it is like they are there in person. It creates a holiday atmosphere in the facilities.

Securus Technologies is always creating new and better ways to help the people that are in correction facilities. They invent different types of technology just like the Christmas video visits on a weekly basis. They are a company that is all about the public’s safety, and they many companies all around the nation want them to work with them. The government also contracts them to work in their correction facilities. The purpose of what Securus Technologies does is to make sure that all people are safe. They want the environment to remain calm, and free from any type of crime, whether it is a civil or criminal crime. They will make great strides in the pubic safety field.