Alexis Kennedy Develops New Ideas for Intriguing Games

Alexis Kennedy enjoyed creating narrative-driven games such as Fallen London. He did so while running Failbetter Games, a business he founded after walking away from a software consultant job. Don’t think the career transition was easy for him. Success at running a gaming company took a lot of work, and the process almost failed to reap big rewards. Kennedy did turn things around and established a business with a strong brand. Surprisingly, Alexis Kennedy left Failbetter Games behind to start a smaller indie company named Weather Factory. The new enterprise commenced operations with a Kickstarter campaign for a strange game called Occultist Simulator.

The weird game involved creating a jigsaw designed to reveal secrets about the occult. As a player, you step into the role of a student of the occult. Beware how you put the pieces together, as your player may face instant death. The

Where is Alexis Kennedy going with his new ideas for future games? Writers and developers often like to keep their future projects in secrecy. Surprisingly, Kennedy gave some insights into the new material currently in development. He suggests a new game would deal with an occult librarian. The general theme involves dealing with occult books arriving at a library. Players find themselves tasked with cataloging the books in a spooky environment. The game would take place in the same universe as Occultist Simulator.

While he suggests fun can be more valuable than profit, it is safe to assume Occult Simulator turned a profit. Otherwise, we would not hear about sequels or spinoffs to the games. The follow-up game will be less challenging to play and might be a lot lighter in tone.

Alexis Kennedy continues to have fun doing what he loves: writing and developing games. Besides those two duties, he does well as a manager of a gaming company.