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OSI Food Solutions Acquired Rose Packing Co. To Complement Its Own Broad Range Of Fast Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions made a recent announcement entailing its acquisition of Rose Packing Co., Inc. Rose Packing is a long established food company based in a Barrington, Illinois. The firm manufactures and distributes pork and other food products to companies in the food service and retail markets. The multinational headquarters of OSI are in Aurora, Illinois. The news of the transaction was released in March of this year. Learn more about OSI Food Solutions at

OSI Food Solutions is a worldwide producer of meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, snack, and pizza dough. It also supplies food service organizations and retailers. OSI was founded in 1909 and has operated in the state throughout its existence. The company has 20,000 plant and office employees. Rose Packing Co. was founded in 1924. The company owns a food production facility in nearby Chicago, and its product range is extensive. The facility makes hams, Canadian bacon, a variety of ethnic sausages, and Guinness beer brats. Rose Packing also produces breakfast sausage, meatballs, patties, pork loins, ribs and chops, turkey, pizza toppings, and salad topping ingredients. Rose has over 700 employees. The company’s product lines compliments the products that are offered at OSI Food Solutions. The two companies share many of the same values. Both were established in the early years of the 20th century, and the two organizations are both American companies that are deeply rooted in the state of Illinois. Additionally, OSI Food Solutions and Rose Packing Co. both have the same strict standards for high quality food production procedures.

OSI Food Solutions operation over 67 facilities within 17 countries. It specializes in providing the food solutions that best serve the fast food restaurants. OSI’s clients include Burger King, McDonald’s, Papa John’s, Yum food brands, Starbucks, and Subway. The two top executive leaders of the organization are Sheldon Lavin, who serves as chairman, and President and COO David McDonald. Read this article:,-osi-food-solutions-_arid,57809.html

OSI Group Announces Co-Production Agreement with Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods

Impossible Foods launched a research and development project in 2011 at the time it opened its headquarters in Redwood City. Its goal was to find a plant-based burger that contained all the characteristics of a beef burger but was only plant-based. There have recently been many companies entering the plant-based arena of food production. Many companies are proving to be successful in producing plant-based fish, steak, and other substitutes for different kinds of meat. Impossible Foods wanted to be the first company to produce a plant-based burger that actually tasted, cooked, smelled, looked, and “bled” like a beef burger, yet retained its 100% plant-based qualities with no additional additives. After five years in research in 2016 Impossible Foods believed it had found the perfect combination of plant-based nutrients for its Impossible Burger.

New York Debut

Impossible Foods planned a debut of their Impossible Burger to be in New York and had invited some of the countries best chefs, food critics, and vegans to be present at the tasting. David Chang’s Momofuku Nishi restaurant was the chosen location for the Impossible Burger launch. Following the presentation, showing, and tasting, there was positive feedback from those present. The media spread positive reviews in their reports and the Impossible Burger started gaining real interest when order began pouring into the Impossible Foods headquarters in Redwood City. By mid-2019 10000 orders had been amassed at Impossible Foods headwuarters for the Impossible Burger, which it was working to meet in its 68000 square foot production facility in Oakland.

Keeping Up With Demand

By mid-2019 Impossible Foods struggled to stay ahead of the growing demand for its Impossible Burger. Impossible Foods launched a campaign to find a co-producer with a wide enough infrastructure as well as a high strack record of being a producer of products like their own Impossible Burger. Immediately Impossible Foods was impressed with the 100 year history of OSI Group, especially OSI Group and its producer relationship with McDonalds Franchise. OSI Group agreed to a co-production agreement with Impossible Foods that allows it to produce the Impossible Burger in its Chicago Plant. OSI Group fitted its Chicago plant according to specific dimensions related to their present production facility in Oakland.

The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group

Impossible Burger Demand Grows And OSI Group Steps In

Most would think a 68,000 square feet facility is large enough to produce enough IMpossibel Burgers for any client. But most would be wrong. Impossible Foods, the maker of Impossible Burger, has found out the hard and long way that their burger is highly wanted by millions of people. Because of this want they are struggling to keep up with production. This problem began several months ago.

Not being able to get enough of the Impossible Burgers manufactured for Impossible Foods has caused them to lose out on revenue. The California based company has contracts in place to deliver qualities of the Impossible Burger to clients. They have been seeking a solution to solve this crisis and have been able to find a helper in getting more of their burgers into the hands of clients.

It was one hundred years ago when OSI Group was started. This was not their name at the time. Instead, their name and building was created by a founder who had a passion for meats. He was a butcher. He butchered his way to success. Eventually, his sons took over the company. The sons began forming partnerships with other businesses and financing companies. These partnerships allowed the company to explode with growth, square footage and worldwide success. Read this article at

Now, OSI Group is an international company that makes billions of dollars annually creating foods for clients around the world. Their next partner will be Impossible Foods. They will be co-manufacturing the Impossible Burger. The Impossible Burger will be a burger that changes what OSI Group is known for. This change is good, needed and example of how OSI does not shy away from innovation.

The production by OSI Group to co-manufacturer this burger has begun. The production of this burger will usher in a new chapter for OSI. The company is always working to reinvent itself. They like having a broad approach and portfolio of products and partnerships they have. OSI has created a lot of success and monetary value for themselves by forming partnerships. A meatless burger is something new for them. But a meatless burger will allow them to walk into a new chapter of their story of being a meat company that is producing non-meat foods.


OSI Group Is a Large Private Company

One of the largest and most valuable private companies in the United States is OSI Group. This is a company that primarily makes its money by processing meat. However, it is also involved in the distribution of several other types of food. The company has grown considerably since its humble beginnings in the early part of the 20th century. The fact that it is a private company means that CEO Sheldon Lavin has the authority to make decisions without having to answer to a board of directors or shareholders. This has allowed him to steer the company in unconventional directions that have enabled it to reach enormous levels of profitability.

The company got its start with the name Otto & Sons. For many years, it consisted of just one factory. However, a man named Sheldon Lavin came along and realized right away that there was a lot of money to be made. He got the owner to sell him a controlling interest in the company. At that point, he began to make big moves that would help solidify the position of OSI Group as the American leader in meat processing. He started out by choosing several western states where he could open factories. The states he chose had very limited resources when it came to processing meat.

Sheldon then began to look overseas for his next conquest for OSI Group. He knew that there were many developing countries that were in desperate need of meat processing facilities. He started to reach out to those countries in order to determine their level of interest. He found that there were dozens of countries that were willing to welcome OSI Group with open arms. At that point, Sheldon Lavin knew that it would only be a matter of time until OSI Group would dominate the global meat processing industry.

OSI Group has established a stellar reputation around the world. They are known for providing high quality meat products to literally millions of people. They are also renowned for their commitment to providing a safe working environment for all of their thousands of loyal employees. Click here to learn more



Sheldon Lavin and The Pursuit of Potential

Everything comes down to work and leverage. Sheldon Lavin would know this from his time at the OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin would also know that when individuals are working together as a functional family, much good can come from it. Sheldon Lavin and other CEO’s know that it is all about unity and working toward a common goal. Sheldon Lavin would also know about the ideas of integrity, respect, admiration, and loyalty.

This is why CEO’s and other executives would encourage team building activities, this is to foster a sense of familiarity and family. When one is able to do so, employees and a firm can stick together through thick and thin and really move things forward.

It is hard to do things when there is discord and much easier to accomplish when there is unity.

Executives at other corporations also hold similar values, see, Mars at Progressive Care.

It was in 2016 that Mars was brought on board by Progressive Care as its CEO. Three years later, she has been able to lead the company through its targeted plans of expansion, to the point where the firm is currently thriving under her leadership.

Given the effectiveness of Mars’ business acumen, Forbes recently spoke to the exec about the fundamentals of leadership; the importance of diverse experience; and the efficacy of seeing things from multiple perspectives.

And there is a lot to learn from what she has to say.

Make sure to stay in the right state of mind like a true executive to be in the right place. Lavin and other executives don’t have time to repeat the same patterns, they have to break through and find ways to be more effective. It is not easy, they have to surround themselves with the right people, good resources and open minded people who will help to take things further. With the right type of people who have an open mind and are interested in creating further value, a lot of good things can happen. That is what it is about in the end, creating good value so that everyone can benefit. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award

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OSI Food Solutions Focuses On The Needs Of Its Customers By Moving Forward With Key Upgrades

OSI Food Solutions has been marching into the 21st century on a mission of expansion, and it has been doing very well. The company now runs more than 60 facilities in different parts of the world and has been continuing to improve upon its sustainability. One of the biggest differences between OSI and its competition is its willingness to prepare custom foods for its customers. Instead of creating a line of generic foods, the company creates food items specifically tailored to the individual tastes of people who come from the different regions it serves in.

OSI Food Solutions employs an R&D team that looks into consumer trends in order to stay on top of what kinds of foods people are asking for. Instead of assuming they know what people want or remaining rigid, the company’s flexibility continues to allow it to serve niche markets as well as the general public. OSI pays top chefs to create many of the food items it sells to its customers. The company’s chefs create dinner items, lunch foods, and breakfast choices and have been pleasing the taste buds of people from all around the world for many years.

OSI Food Solutions recently made a bold move by doubling the processing capacity of a plant it operates in Toledo, Spain. The facility can now process 24,000 tons of chicken every year, and the upgrade costed the company €17 million. The plant in Toledo can now process a combined amount of 45,000 tons of meat, which includes chicken, pork, and beef. OSI was also able to add 20 new jobs to the plant in Toledo, which means there will be 160 people employed at the plant soon.

OSI Food Solutions always responds to the demands and desires of its customers by taking action. Before the company made the decision to upgrade its facility in Toledo, people had been demanding more chicken products. OSI will now be able to serve these people with the chicken products they are desiring. The upgrades at the facility also allowed it to cut down its use of electricity by 20 percent.

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How OSI Group Enhances Growth in the Rose Packaging Company


OSI Group Company is an important institution that enhances growth in various business ventures. Currently, the organization has acquired Rose Packaging Company to enhance its products. Since it is a well-established organization, OSI Group Company hopes to develop a pork product to both its retail and foodservice customers. Since it is a fifth-generation business platform, OSI group limited has ventured in its family business keenly. According to a recent survey in Illinois, the company is acknowledged for being the best institution in the production of meat to its customers. Moreover, it is also established another facility in Chicago where it has employed 700 people to handle its operations effectively.

It’s Transactions

During an appreciation message by the vice president of OSI Group Company, Kevin Scott said that the management was happy with the transactions that had been established by the two companies. Since the company had gained a platform in North America, it would be easier for it to perform its operations efficiently. By acquiring the Rose packaging company, the management said that they would use processing capabilities to increase its growth strategy in the country. Additionally, OSI Group would enhance new channels by adding existing products in the market.

Rose Packaging Company

Since the two companies came together to enhance development in the society, their management is usually committed to their customers to provide unique and innovative solutions. In a statement, the chief executive officer of the company said that his leadership would remain united with OSI and united towards enhancing integration in their environs. Furthermore, Stiehl was focused on working with OSI in the future after its incorporation in the large section of the company.


Moreover, the executive was delighted because the company would provide a platform for the company to improve its products in the future. Eventually, the management of Rose Packaging Company hopes to enhance strong business relationships in the future. After conducting business for more than four centuries, the two companies expected to introduce deep links in the meat industry in the world. Thus, the transaction allowed OSI to acquire some of its assets to facilitate the development of their deal.

OSI Industries Embraces Growth Across the Globe

If you enjoy the great taste of the hamburgers available at McDonald’s, there is a very high chance that you have been eating products from OSI Industries for years. When it comes to fast food, one of the biggest producers for the industry in the United States and the rest of the world is the food production giant. It was recently announced that they managed to expand their footprint globally to more than 65 different countries other than the United States. This number is quite impressive for a company that was only a small meat market when it was first open in Chicago right after the turn of the 20th century. For more than 100 years, OSI Industries has been growing and showing the world that being a big company doesn’t mean that the needs of the customers don’t come first.

In fact, OSI Industries values the relationships that they have built over the years so much that they call the businesses that purchase their goods “partners” as opposed to clients or customers. In order to ensure that their partners are provided with the value-added food products that they want and need, they don’t just offer them things from a catalog. They work with their partners with each product in order to create something that fits the flavor profile that they are looking for while maintaining great quality at a fair and very competitive price. Many of their partners continue working with OSI Industries as they know they will provide them with quality while still being able to offer an incredibly diverse array of products.

Technology has always been important to OSI Industries and it is a driving factor behind a lot of the growth that they have been able to experience. After they partnered with McDonald’s, they quickly realized that they not only had to ramp up their production capabilities as they became more popular across the United States, but they also needed to find a way to ship their products while ensuring that they were kept fresh. This led to them using the flash freezing method that is still popular today.

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OSI Group and Their Work with McDonalds

When it comes to how hamburgers are really made, the OSI Group has been working within the industry for quite some time. OSI Group McDonalds have been merged for many years and work together to produce some of the highest-quality options available. The reason a lot of people put their trust into the OSI Group McDonalds relationship is because this company has been working directly with this fast food chain for many years. They help to produce the hamburgers and supply them to chains all over the world. It is why so many people have found out about this amazing company and how it has all come together to provide quality food to those interested.

One of the great things about the OSI Group McDonalds relationship is that the company is focused on quality. There are strict hygiene protocols within the factory itself and this is why a lot of people have found that quality is at the forefront of all of this production. If you would like to learn more, you can make use of the OSI Group McDonalds social media page or check them out directly through their main website. This is important for people who want and need to utilize this as an option and know that it is going to help them a lot when they are looking to purchase food products.

The OSI Group has been around for over 40 years and continues to supply quality food products to some of the biggest names in the industry. Because of this, you can feel confident using this company and knowing that you are choosing a business that strives to offer quality customer support at every turn. You can find out more about this company by either visiting their main site or by going to their social media page where you will be able to effortlessly make use of the different reviews and promotions that they have going on currently. They are able to work with businesses of all sizes when producing some of the best food available at affordable and low-cost rates for the business owner.

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OSI Food Solutions as a Global Food Leader

OSI Food Solutions employs over 20,000 people at 65 locations across the globe. In fact, they operate in 17 countries and have been ranked as one of the largest private companies in the United States. With these massive resources, the company offers the food industry a solid choice in business partners.

As a global company, OSI Food Solutions offers both retail and restaurant companies high quality products at great prices. The company’s food products fulfill a wide range of tastes, culinary profiles, and operations requirements. All products help to lower preparation time and are held to the highest food safety standards.

The company operates facilities in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific region. Recently, in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, it has heavily expanded its poultry operations in line with global food trends. Due to that expansion, OSI Food Solutions has been able to offer fantastic new options for their customers.

The company specifically tailors its food products to the customer’s need, working closely with chains to develop the type of food and flavor profile needed. OSI is therefore able to develop menu items for every major meal, along with snacks, delivery, and theme specific menus.

Available to customers worldwide are various cooked and uncooked poultry, beef, pork, and vegetable products. OSI uses heat-and-serve sous vide processing to maintain food safety requirements and guarantees excellent consistency in their product lines.

Founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, OSI Food Solutions began exponential growth in the 1950s after securing a contract with McDonald’s. Today one of the leading global companies supplying convenience restaurant foods, the company maintains the highest standards in food safety, winning several awards globally. OSI also works closely with charities such as the Ronald McDonald House and the Northern Illinois Food Bank, which is affiliated with Feeding America.

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