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Ashley Lightspeed and The Rise of The Platforms

Ashley Lightspeed is an individual who would have a lot of thoughts. Ashley Lightspeed would have these thoughts because she is involved in business.

A few her thoughts may revolve around platform companies such as Uber.

She would think about these types of companies because of the fact that these are the types of companies that are going to become prevalent in our world.

What Uber does need to focus on here would be to diversify its products, and to make its main service better to the point where it doesn’t have to depend on models such as loyalty programs to that extent.

With the acquisition of startups such as e-bike company Jump, as well as its focus on improving its service, Uber has been working towards those goals under Khosrowshahi’s leadership.

But the company has some strides to make at that front for those efforts to translate to something tangible. Get the latest update on her twitter to find out more.

Uber Has a Long Way to Go

The aforementioned observations highlight how these short term profitability fixes are not viable enough from where Uber is standing at the moment.

It cannot raise prices. It cannot cut driver pay. And it cannot depend on loyalty programs to scale its services further.

What it can do is to improve its services. Be better to its drivers. And invest in additional products to diversity its offerings.

Under its new leadership, the company has simply started making amends to escape from its exploiting and spying days. But the recent missteps in Uber’s recent past are significant to the point where they have hurt the company’s bottomline to a noticeable extent – where it was not even able to reach the goals for its IPO (Lyft suffered a similar fate in its public offering, but that still doesn’t make Uber’s loss any less significant).

DonataMeirelles Teams with amfAR to Fight AIDS

DonataMeirelles is probably best known for her work in the fashion world, notably as the style director for Vogue Brazil, and as a socialite. Lesser known to the general public is her charitable work, specifically her efforts to help provide education and research funding to fight AIDS globally. Meirelles is very dedicated to this cause, often working with amfAR to raise funds for their efforts to cure HIV and AIDS.

AmfAR- formerly the American Foundation for Aids Research- is a global leader in the fight against HIV and AIDS. They have been active sine the 1980s, raising funds for research and education into the epidemic. They are a global organization that has donated over $400 million to AIDS and HIV research. Meirelles was introduced to the organization through a friend that supported it, and she has been an avid fundraiser ever since. She has helped raise awareness of their mission through her social media presence, which reaches almost half a million people, and helped raise funds by participating in amfAR’s various fundraising events. Check out on for more fashion collections.

Chief among those fundraising events in the AmfAR Annual Cinema Against AIDS, a yearly fundraising auction that features memorabilia and fan encounters from films and actors. The most recent of these fundraisers, held in Cannes, France, raised nearly $20 million in funds for the charity. Meirelles was a participant in the event, as she often is.

Donata Meirelles and amfAR both support the Countdown to a Cure initiative, designed to push research and donations to help find a cure for HIV and AIDS by the end of 2020. While there is still a long way to go in battling this insidious disease, the initiative has raised over $100 million in additional funding since it was begun in 2015. With the goal within reach, Meirelles continues her efforts. Visit:


Over the last three years, Fabletics an active wear group has managed to earn a net worth $ 250 million despite Amazon running a significant percentage of online fashion sector. Currently, the economy has shifted the ultimate desire of the current customer from price and quality to brand, customer care, striking design and last mile service. Through its alignment with companies like Apple and Warby Parker, Fabletics has opened additional branch stores in Hawaii, Florida, California, and Illinois. Recently, the General Manager, Gregg Throgmarin let in on the company’s success secret to achieving a 644% retail growth.


The organization ensures the provision of trendy fashion that meets the unique interests of each customer at a subsidized price. These prices have made sure that the company stays ahead of its competitors. Due to its physical stores, the company has come up with techniques to operate. The company has successfully incorporated the reverse showroom strategy which resulted in positive outcomes. This technique has enabled them to form stable relationships with their customers by being a reliable company that has in depth knowledge of the local market.


The Fabletics Movement has worked with various celebrities in Hollywood to expand its empire. It recently launched a collaboration wear in Beverly Hills with Demi Lovato. Demi, a pop singer, is an active advocate for the fashion brand. She finds it both inspiring and empowering to all women despite their physical differences and age gaps. Since 2013 the company has been a fashion brand that has continuously inspired women nationwide. As an actress with no business history, Kate Hudson has managed to build an active wear empire within a short period of three years.


Her active lifestyle impressed the co-founders of the TechStyle Fashion Group who considered making her their partner. Kate is an active participant in the operation of the business; she is heavily involved in budget reviews, online strategies, and design work. She makes follow ups with all members of the movement and ensures both sales and style is impeccable. Over the years the company has faced constraints but managed to overcome them. The company has set on providing high-quality products while maintaining clear communication and satisfactory customer service. The company was ranked top by the Better Business Bureau and even applauded for its impressive customer service score. By partnering with Tech Style, Fabletics has received aid in finances, resources, and expertise. It has also managed to cut the budget on personnel that Tech Style provides.

Affordable, Quality Workout Clothes At Fabletics

Before 2013, there was a hole in the workout apparel industry. There were several expensive brands that offered quality, stylish apparel. If you couldn’t afford those expensive brands, then you were stuck with low quality, cheaper brands that would fall apart after just a few uses. The founders of the brand, Fabletics, along with actress Kate Hudson, saw the need in the industry and sought to fill it. They wanted to create a company that offered quality, stylish workout clothes that people could actually afford. With that idea, Fabletics was created.


This was apparently a big need in the industry because Fabletics has become a multi-million dollar company in just a few short years. They are taking on giants in the apparel industry, like Amazon, who controls twenty percent of apparel sales. To make sales and create a customer base, Fabletics works on a subscription based membership system. Their members pay a low fee each month and receive an outfit shipped to their door. These automatic shipments and easy shopping make for many repeat, loyal customers, which are the key to their success.


Fabletics has also started to open traditional physical stores. This may seem contrary to the way most retailers are doing business. Many physical businesses are starting to do more and more of their business online. Too many retailers are losing sales to online businesses selling items cheaper. Customers will come in the store to see the items and then purchase online cheaper. Fabletics is turning this idea on its head. They are simply using their stores to offer more customer service to their members. When their members shop in store, the items also go into their online shopping cart for later purchase if wanted. It doesn’t matter if the item is purchased in store or online. Thirty to fifty percent of those that enter their stores are already members, wanting to see the clothes in person or browse their selection. Another twenty-five percent of those that enter their stores become members while in the store, thus creating more revenue and more loyal, repeat customers month after month.


Fabletics clothing quality rivals that of the expensive brands. Their clothes don’t fade and hold their shape and compression after many launderings. Their clothes are soft, comfortable, and thick. You will not have any see-through issues with Fabletics clothes. As a customer, you will feel like a smart, savvy shopper getting quality clothing that will last a long time, at a fraction of the cost of the expensive brands. Plus, their clothes are trendy and stylish. Your hand-picked outfit choices each month are certain to be the latest styles that you will happy to wear not only to workout in, but in your everyday life. Fabletics has many options to choose from, something to fit every lifestyle and exercise needs. If you don’t love the outfit you pick out, you can always return for a store credit or another outfit for free. Once a VIP member, you can also pick out any items you’d like a la carte at a discount price.