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Academy of Art University Is A Leader In Fashion With Appearance at NYFW

Appearance in New York Fashion Week


Not too many design schools can claim that their students’ work has been featured at New York Fashion Week. However, the Academy of Art University is an exceptional place. The Academy of Art students have appeared at the New York Fashion Week, which demonstrates the quality of their student body.


Impressive Craftsmanship On Part Of Students


Craftsmanship displayed by the students managed to impress Ms. J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model and Sara Kozlowski of CFDA. The attention to detail displayed by the young designers is astounding, with visions of the future on display for all of their students to see. The fusion of materials has meant that a complex look has been achieved as a result of the students’ enthusiasm for the fashion world.


Academy of Art Created As Training Ground For Advertising


The Academy of Art University was created by Richard S. Stephens in San Francisco in 1929. This began with a main campus on New Montgomery Street. Mr. Stephens was a magazine editor and painter, so he established the school as a training ground for those whom wanted to pursue careers in the Advertising industry.


Currently Run By Founder’s Daughter


Currently, his daughter currently is responsible for the school, whom has led a significant increase in enrollment to 18,000 enrolled students. The school even operates a car museum with over $70 million of the rarest vintage cars. They hold accreditations from two different agencies: the National Association of Schools of Art and Design as well as the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


Urbanized Campus


The school is an urban campus in San Francisco. It is a great place for their students to pursue passions in design, art, entertainment, and liberal arts. Those whom want to become great industrial designers, or even great graphic/advertising designers can all find a home within the Academy of Art University.


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