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Bhanu Choudhrie Helps Communities For Charity

Bhanu Choudhrie has been working in business since his graduation. He is working to help healthcare, aviation, real estate, and banking. Bhanu lives in London but works in India and the US. The businessman started C&C Alpha Group. The investment firm helps businesses find venture capitalists. They invest in small businesses that want to expand globally. Choudhrie knows that helping in healthcare will lead to more business in India.

Bhanu Choudhrie wants to travel and focus on aviation. He learned a lot from his father while growing into maturity. The aviation projects lead to pilots that can fly commercial. Bhanu Choudhrie uses his education to pursue more business. After learning more about aviation, Choudhrie started Alpha Aviation Group. The school has enrolled 35 pilots. The 2-year program helps them learn about flying and engineering. Bhanu attended Harvard University to study management. Harvard helped him focus on business funding through Angel investor. These investors don’t want return funding. They will help a new business owner through counseling.

Bhanu Choudhrie has had help with his business and investments. Choudhrie helps in India to help maintain its economy. Choudhrie plans to work more in the US with healthcare and real estate. Some business owners are trying to combine what they’ve learned to promote in different communities. Bhanu has received awards in philanthropy and wants to learn more about the government. Bhanu has networks that are growing in different fields. He wants to work and start more companies. Aviation is a big field that has greater chances for students to maintain a job. Bhanu knows that businessmen have to travel while networking. Bhanu can give great recommendations for traveling through aviation. C&C Alpha Group can invest in businesses that are already established. India has already seen better outcomes because of his global learning and technology.

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James River Capital; Raising all Boats With Value-Added Messaging

Paul Saunders founded independent investment company James River Capital Corp (JRC) in 1995. Today, Saunders is focused on providing innovative financial advice to entrepreneurs as well as to anyone who is looking to get a leg up in the world of business.

Saunders’ ongoing information sharing campaign is a terrific example of how a company can draw positive attention to itself through value-added content. That is promotional content that delivers valuable information to a target audience. In other words, it’s advertising that actually benefits the prospective client.

It’s a win-win proposition and one that proves itself- at least in the case of Saunders and JRC. Saunders has made this readily apparent by openly sharing key tips on becoming someone others see as a leader. Here are a few examples.

Develop expertise

Saunders says everyone who is looking to achieve a higher status either within a company or as an entrepreneur is to develop expertise- to become a go-to resource for a specific specialty.

Demonstrate the Qualities of Leadership

Leadership is frequently promoted as a good in and of itself. But Saunders says that the way to display it is by meeting deadlines consistently, taking notes conspicuously, and dressing professionally- for a start.

Make Connections

The value of having the trust and support of those around you, Saunders explains, cannot be overstated. By treating those around you with respect and kindness, we can gain their trust. These are the basics of networking- and are far more important than passing out business cards and exchanging winning ideas.

But Saunders and JRC are not just about influencing others at work. By openly sharing tips like these, the company is taking its own advice- presenting itself as an industry leader while benefiting everyone who makes contact with the brand. And in so doing, JRC has become a rising star in the world of finance management.

Brian Torchin is Making The Most of His Opportunity

From a young age, Brian Torchin has always had a big passion for the medical industry. He graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelors of Science degree. After college, Brian Torchin noticed that it was very hard for graduates to find employment in the medical field. As a result, he decided to launch his own medical company called HCRC staffing to help other people find a job in the medical field. HCRC staffing has helped many people find employment in medical fields such as medicine, dentistry, and nursery.

Torchin is also a very big active Facebook user who’s posts often include links to many job opportunities related to the medical field. He’s founded a medical clinic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he continues to work there as a clinic operator. His contributions have also helped many people around the world get medical care and jobs in countries like Canada and Australia. See more about Brian Torchin at Slideshare.

Many people have praised Torchin for his guidance to many different patients in providing medical care for them. His main goals are to develop good relations with clients in order to build their trust. He is also an article writer where he publishes many stories related to the medical field on how to improve your overall health.

Torchin has also collaborated with many different healthcare organizations around the world in providing medical care for people. His main goal is to also address any concerns that his clients might have as well. This is where his ability to build other people’s trust comes from. If you are looking for someone to trust in providing medical care for you, then Brian Torchin is your answer. While I never met the guy before, he seems like a great caring individual who will do anything in his path to make you feel welcome. Visit:

Nitin Khanna Has Followed His Entrepreneurial Instincts Toward Involvement In Several Industries:

From a lifetime that started in India to his many years in his adopted home country of the United States, entrepreneurial ventures have been a big part of the life of businessman Nitin Khanna. He has been active professionally since the 1990s and continues to approach his business endeavors with a notable flare and a strong energy. His time attending Purdue University was formative for Nitin Khanna and he was able to build a strong educational background in the field of industrial engineering. He soon put that background in the engineering field to use as a Manufacturing Engineer with the paper firm manufacturing firm known as International Paper. This was an outstanding introduction to the professional world and helped him greatly in his next role as a Senior Consultant at the Oracle organization.

Nitin Khanna took with him these formative work experiences and combined them with his long-cultivated entrepreneurial spirit to create Saber Software in 1999. He founded the organization with his brother. Saber Software quickly grew into a major player in the software industry and its voting software was adopted by 21 states in total. The company gained a boost from the Congressional act of 2002 known as that Help America Vote Act. This act had a mandate for states to upgrade their voting systems and the software designed by Nitin Khanna and his team at Saber Software became the preferred option. This contract provided an injection of capital into the company that allowed it to grow to the point that Nitin Khanna was able to sell Saber Software in 2007 for an amazing sum of $460 million.

This sale allowed Nitin Khanna to go onto his next professional move which was to create a new mergers and acquisitions advisory firm that he named Mergertech. He continues to work as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer to this date. Mergertech has built its reputation based on its steadfast support of technology entrepreneurs by way of providing professional advisory services within the mergers and acquisitions field. Nitin Khanna and his team have built an impressive reputation for the ability to locate ideal partners both financial and strategic, for their clients. The team of professionals that Nitin has built are all experts in their field and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. This has helped Mergertech to grow into a major player within its field and a firm that is trusted by its diverse client base.

Nitin Khanna has also become involved in the cannabis industry as the CEO at CuraCannabis Solutions. He is also a notable angel investment professional with interests in companies such as Yondr, Cloudability, Doing, Indow Windows, and Influence Mobile, among others. As an individual who has enjoyed great diversity in his career, Nitin Khanna has also worked in an executive producer role with the films Terms and Conditions May Apply as well as What Lies Upstream. This is a further testament to his outstanding and diverse business career that has spanned multiple decades.

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Omeed Malik Counts On An Excellent Team Of Industry Professionals To Help Him In Growing Farvahar Partners:

Omeed Malik is a businessman who was born in New Jersey. His early life was characterized by his dedication to academics. He continued his commitment to education when he reached college age. His Bachelor’s Degree is in the fields of Political Science and Philosophy. Omeed Malik undertook his undergraduate studies at Colgate University. He then went on to study at the Emory School fo Law and received his Juris Doctor. After completing his studies in college, Omeed went on to work for Donald Payne, a representative for the state of New Jersey. He quickly showed a great deal of skill in areas such as public speaking and leadership. The experience he gained during this period of time was formative in helping Omeed Malik to continue to develop important knowledge and experience.

These days, Omeed Malik is gaining acclaim and respect as the Chief Executive Officer at Farvahar Partners. He is also the firm’s founder. Farvahar Partners is a unique merchant banking organization that works to grow businesses through the process of investment of partner capital. The inspiration behind the creation of the firm came from Omeed Malik’s desire to find a way to close the gap between early-stage and late-stage investment capital activity. Omeed Malik has established an excellent team of industry professionals that have helped him to grow the business at Farvahar Partners.

Omeed Malik’s Farvahar Partners team includes Managing Partner Joe Voboril, Senior Advisor Charles Myers, Managing Director Kate Peachway, and Managing Director Avinash Kaza. These individuals all have rich backgrounds within the fields of investment and finance and they have been instrumental in the impressive rate of growth that has been achieved by Omeed Malik and Farvahar Partners. With a team like this in place, the future looks to be a bright one for Farvahar Partners and its inspirational founder.

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Sudhir Choudhrie a Highly Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Sudhir Choudhrie is a highly successful international business who is originally from Delhi India and currently a British citizen who resides in London, UK. Choudhrie entrepreneurship journey began in India after he completed his University Education. Choudhrie is an alma mater of the prestigious University of Delhi where he pursued a Bachelors of Economics Degree. Choudhrie after his graduation chose not to join his grandfather real estate business but went straight to venturing into entrepreneurship and established his first import and export business. Sudhir Choudhrie dealt with the importation of TVs from the UK and supplied them to the Indian government. Choudhrie played a critical role in the 1960s and 1970s of helping grow the Indian television network. Choudhrie business was such a success and grew in leaps and bounds to become the leading importer and exporter of consumer goods in India and the Soviet Union. Watch Sudhir Choudhrie on Youtube

Sudhir Choudhrie in 1975 decided to focus on the international market and as a result, established Magnum International Trading Company. Since its formation, Choudhrie has served at the helm of the company as Director and Board member. The company is an export company that has focused its activities in emerging markets in the Far East. Choudhrie besides Magnum has previously served as a Non-Executive Director of Ebookers and also partnered with Addidas to supply the brand products in the whole of India. Choudhrie has also served as Vice Chairman of Alpha Group and was also at one time an executive director of Deccan Aviation Company a charted Indian based Airline Company.

Sudhir Choudhrie besides business likes keeping tabs on the day to day politics and is a long-time member of the UK Liberal Democrats Party. Choudhrie has been an active member of the party since the year 2004 and has financially supported the party to the tune of over 1.5 million euros. Choudhrie in the year 2015 for being supportive to the party was appointed by the Democrats Party Leader as an advisor on India a role that Choudhrie has performed well. Choudhrie since assuming the position has helped boost foreign relations between India and the UK.


Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Bringing Value To Another Level

It is not simple to start and maintain a good company. It requires hard work, commitment, and expertise. Paul Herdsman has all three of those factors, and he has provided him wellas co-founder and COO of NICE Global, a business services company based in Montego Bay, Jamaica, which launched in 2014.

There are thousands of personal and public companies of all dimensions on a worldwide scale that hire numerous people on a full-time, part-time, per diem, or freelance platform. All of these people perform different functions, resulting in a working squad, product, or service when coupled. Regardless of the distinctive work status of each person, each member of a company participates in the culture of the company, retains a certain atmosphere, adheres to strategies, and is a part of the regular activities of that company. This level of engagement within a specific business, even on a part-time basis.

Thus, culture, or atmosphere, principles, mission statement, and general business knowledge are critical to attracting good staff, retaining worker morality, and leveraging a growing company’s long-term development possibilities. Companies with favorable staff experiences appreciate vast advantages from hourly staff to senior leadership, including lower turnover across all positions. In turn, less turnover spent on properly educating fresh staff, saving the business funds allotted for original orientation, coaching, and on-boarding within all stages of jobs parlays.

COO and Founder Paul Herdsman were already engaged in contracting alternatives for multiple companies before Nearshore Inbound Call Experts Global was founded in 2014. Working with big businesses that wished to outsource distinct daily activities, Herdsman frequently supervised multiple activities in five separate nations; India, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, and across the United States. This scheme was, of course, somewhat uneven and definitely not sufficiently streamlined to manage ongoing development effectively.

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Colbeck Capital Management Owes Much Of Its Success To The Pair Of Individuals Who Created The Firm In 2009

Private equity management firm Colbeck Capital Management is the creation of longtime investment and finance professionals Jason Beckman and Jason Colodne. They joined their efforts together in 2009 to create Colbeck Capital Management as a firm that could tackle investment situations that might be seen as problematic or unconventional within the investment world. Both of Colbeck’s distinguished founders have a wealth of experience in this area and the investment industry as a whole. To make Colbeck Capital Management into a firm of true distinction, Jason Colodne, and Jason Beckman has assembled a great team of industry professionals who have helped them to grow the New York-based business significantly since its 2009 founding date.

Creativity is the perfect word to describe the kind of financing and investment solutions that the Colbeck Capital Management crew is known for. Finding unique and out-of-the-box ways to provide financing needs to the corporate world is something that Jason Colodne, Jason Beckman and their entire team take a great deal of pride in. Within this business model, secured strategic loans for the corporate business sector are a big part of the equation. The firm’s team uses this business model to consistently deliver in the investment area of risked-adjusted returns.

Co-Founder Jason Colodne

Managing Partner Jason Colodne is one of the co-founding members at Colbeck Capital Management but his career in investment and finance goes back many years before he created the firm. After studying the finance subject at Philadelphia’s University of Pennsylvania, Jason joined the team at Goldman Sachs and worked in the Hybrid Lending area of the business. He also dealt with the Distressed Investment sector of the Goldman Sachs business. After his successful time spent honing his skills at Goldman Sachs, Jason joined Morgan Stanley where he rose to the position of Managing Director. He left the firm in 2007 so that he could pursue his dream of founding his own firm. That opportunity came in 2009 when he partnered with Jason Beckman in the creation of Colbeck Capital Management.

Co-Founder Jason Beckman

Jason Beckman is Colbeck Capital Management’s other distinguished co-founder. When he co-founded the firm he brought with him an equally impressive financial and investment background as did Jason Colodne. He distinguished himself during his time with Deutsche Bank. During that time he works in the Distressed Debt segment of the firm’s business operation and rose to the position of Senior Vice President. Like his business partner Jason Colodne, Jason Beckman had a successful run with Goldman Sachs. He was with that firm before his time at Deutsche Bank and headed up the department for Distressed Product Sourcing. This was a great piece of experience that he was able to carry into his efforts in co-founding Colbeck Capital Management with Jason Colodne in 2009.

The work that these two inspirational founders have put in along with their team of dedicated professionals has been a formula for success. The name Colbeck Capital Management has become synonymous with integrity and service under its founder’s expert leadership. Find out more about Colbeck Capital Management:

Serial Entrepreneur Luke Lazarus Is the Force Behind Dozens of Successful Start-Ups

On the outside, starting up a successful business seems straightforward. If you have a product that a lot of people like they will buy it. You will make a profit on each sale. If you make enough sales, you will generate more profits and eventually get rich.

But it rarely works that way. Every year, thousands of new businesses with great potential and products crash and burn before the first year of operation.

There are dozens of ways for a business to falter and disappear. Just one example is the failure to obtain enough start-up cash.

Capital is the oxygen that fuels the growth of a business. Even if you are making a lot of sales to many customers, running out of cash for things like raw materials, distribution, promotion, delivery, packaging and more can sink your operation. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler and Luke Lazarus | Business

Another common cause of business failure is the lack of a formal plan to guide the operation forward. That means a comprehensive business plan that spells out short-term and long-term strategies. If you don’t have a plan, you have a plan to fail. A formal marketing plan is needed as well.

Making faulty or unrealistic financial projections is yet another factor that trips up a budding business.

Still another is the failure to have a contingency plan in the event some things don’t pan out like you predicted they would. Problems always arise in every business, no matter how well it is doing. What are your alternatives in the event the worst happens?

These are the kinds of things that marketing consultant and super successful entrepreneur Luke Lazarus helps his clients tackle every day. Lazarus has developed a reputation as someone who can take a business idea from zero to IPO with an uncanny record of success. He is among Australia’s most sought-after start-up consultants because he has proven time and time again that he gets results – period. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler   and Luke Lazarus | Business

While the vast majority of would-be entrepreneurs crash and burn with the first attempt to create a new business, Luke Lazarus did it successfully four times by the time he was 33 years old.

After he earned his MBA from the Melbourne School of Business at just age 24, he wasted no time in putting is academic knowledge to work in the real world. After launching and creating successes with four businesses, he could have retired and lived the rest of his life on the fortune he had earned.

Instead, he became a business consultant. After finding his own business success, Luke Lazarus still had a passion for taking on a project and building something from the ground up.

Helping others to accomplish this exciting venture is even more rewarding than doing it for himself, he discovered. Since establishing himself as a consultant, Luke Lazarus has guided dozens of entrepreneurs toward achieving their goals of building a new enterprise and realizing financial independence.

Luke Lazarus is the force behind a number of multi-million-dollar IPOs – and he’s always looking forward to helping create his next success story.

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Bernardo Chua Has Built One of World’s Most Successful Coffee Brands

Bernardo Chua is among the most successful businessmen in Canada. He came to the northern country by way of the Philippines in 2002 as an executive with a company called Gano Excel, a direct-selling firm based in Chua’s native country.

Gano Excel offered a line of coffee, teas and other beverages fortified with natural herbal supplements that added an extra layer of healthy nutrients to a refreshing cup of coffee or tea.

Bernardo Chua had helped Gano Excel achieve considerable success internationally, including in Hong Kong. Mr. Chua spearheaded the firm’s marketing efforts there. During his stint with Gano, Bernardo Chua became among the world’s most accomplished and innovative executives in the direct selling sector. More information about Chua and his company can be found on Linkedin

In 2008, he determined it was time to pursue his life-long dream of establishing his own company. He launched Organo Gold, a firm that has since gone on to become a world powerhouse in the coffee sector. Like Gano, Organo Gold is a coffee blended with healthy added supplements, especially that derived from the Ganoderma lucidum mushroom.

The Ganoderma mushroom has been used in China for centuries as a prized herbal remedy by holistic practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine. Mr. Chua’s family is of Chinese heritage. It is through this connection that he became fascinated with the practices of Chinese philosophers and healers and their ancient remedies.

Mr. Chua is credited with introducing Ganoderma lucidum to the Western World on a mass scale. Coffee lovers have enthusiastically embraced Organo Gold because of its robust, delicious flavor and the extra boost they get from its added supplements.

Bernado Chua has been recognized by receiving some of the most prestigious awards in business. His company, now called ORGANO, has now been honored with the Direct selling Company of the Year Award five times. The company has built a marketing network of more than one million people globally. Source: