Agera Energy,the Retail Supplier of Gas and Electricity

Electricity and gas are two essential needs in our today’s life, and many cannot do without them. In the USA, one of the companies which sell and supplies electricity is the Agera Energy Company. The industry is based in Briarcliff Manor in the New York state and was founded in the year 2014. The company is accredited to supply electricity natural gas and offer efficiency services to fifty states in the country. The chief executive officer of the company is Mr Jeremy E Schupp, and the Chief Operating Officer is Mr Steven Laker.

The management team in conjunction with logistics team ensure that the company provides quality services which will make the firm to be a highly reputable one. Agera Energy offers customised energy plans for your home as well as your business since all homes and businesses are not the same. The industry also educates its customers to on how to make good energy decisions.