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Agera Energy: A Reliable Energy Supplier

Many people want to find a way to save money on their electricity and gas bills. They research various plans and companies in order to select the right one for their home or business needs. Learn more about Agera Energy at Crunchbase.

Perhaps you are looking for an affordable energy supply plan. It is extremely important that you research before choosing a company to handle your energy supply needs. If you are serious about getting top-notch service or saving significantly on electricity and natural gas costs, you’ll want to get in touch with Agera Energy right away. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

The consultants at Agera Energy can work with you to help you choose a plan that is right for your situation. These professionals are well experienced and are committed to rendering outstanding service.

Agera Energy was started in 2014 and it has grown tremendously. Both commercial and residential customers rave about the excellent service the company provides.


Agera Energy and Its Input in the Sector

In the energy sector, Agera Energy is a leader in the provision of natural gas as well as supplying electricity in the United States. Agera supplies to both residential and business clients. Large scale and small scale clients needing power for commercial purposes come to Agera.

What To Expect

At Agera Energy, clients have come to expect a wide variety of products and services. Some of the deliverables at the company include: natural gas, renewable energy, and customized electricity. To meet the clients unique demands, Agera Energy has multiple billing options, flexible contracts and after sales services. With this dedication, Agera has grown to serve 16 markets and more than 50 utilities.


Agera leads the way in the energy sector by providing Led retrofit, natural gas and renewable energy. It also has a foot print in retail energy and electricity supply. Agera Energy prides itself for being an energy supply one-stop-shop.

Residential Customers

Majority of the residential clients we serve prefer online shopping. This option is hailed for the ease of enrollment and the ability to receive renewal information well ahead of time. Customers are also able to access market intelligence and green energy options. The ability to get rate plans is also another attraction that keeps clients online.


Agera Energy has the sole purpose of simplifying energy buying for clients in the long term, that is, for good. The idea is to focus on the clients’ needs so that they can in turn focus on their homes and enterprises. The choice of Agera guarantees clients a simple enrollment process, transparency, flexible billing, timely notifications in cases of renewal of agreement and competitive pricing among other things.