Rocketship Education: The Champion of Charter Schools

Rocketship Education is leading the pack when it comes to charter school education systems. Rocketship education is a successful network of charter schools that now has 19 schools open plus two additional schools opening in August of 2018. Their schools are located in the Bay area of California, Milwalkee, Washington D.C., and Nashville.

The mission of Rocketship Education is to bridge the achievement gap that plagues students of low-income communities. They base their education models on three pillars:

  • Personalized Learning–Rocketship Education knows that no two students are alike, so they tailor the learning process to the needs of each individual student.


  • Talent Development–Success in education doesn’t mean only educating students. Rocketship Education invests in the development of their team members as well so that their full potential is unleashed and students are able to benefit from top-tier educators.


  • Parent Power–Rocketship Education believes in community collaboration and feels that parents can help to hold leaders accountable and empower the learning process for their children.

The proof of Rocketship Education’s success is in their expansion. There have been hundreds of charter schools that have closed doors since Rocketship Education was founded in 2006, but Rocketship has been opening more schools every year. Charter schools are judged based on the results of the students’ education, and Rocketship Education’s results are allowing them to continuously earn grants for expansion. In 2017, Rocketship Education earned a grant from The Office of Innovation and Improvement, a branch of the United States Department of Education. The five year grant will total over $12.5 million dollars.

Rocketship Education is a champion when it comes to promoting high-quality education for students in low-income areas. It is a system that is successful because of the collaboration between educators, administrators, parents, and local government officials. Rocketship Education will continue to fulfill its mission in the future with expansion and an unfaltering commitment to excellence.