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Nitin Khanna Has Followed His Entrepreneurial Instincts Toward Involvement In Several Industries:

From a lifetime that started in India to his many years in his adopted home country of the United States, entrepreneurial ventures have been a big part of the life of businessman Nitin Khanna. He has been active professionally since the 1990s and continues to approach his business endeavors with a notable flare and a strong energy. His time attending Purdue University was formative for Nitin Khanna and he was able to build a strong educational background in the field of industrial engineering. He soon put that background in the engineering field to use as a Manufacturing Engineer with the paper firm manufacturing firm known as International Paper. This was an outstanding introduction to the professional world and helped him greatly in his next role as a Senior Consultant at the Oracle organization.

Nitin Khanna took with him these formative work experiences and combined them with his long-cultivated entrepreneurial spirit to create Saber Software in 1999. He founded the organization with his brother. Saber Software quickly grew into a major player in the software industry and its voting software was adopted by 21 states in total. The company gained a boost from the Congressional act of 2002 known as that Help America Vote Act. This act had a mandate for states to upgrade their voting systems and the software designed by Nitin Khanna and his team at Saber Software became the preferred option. This contract provided an injection of capital into the company that allowed it to grow to the point that Nitin Khanna was able to sell Saber Software in 2007 for an amazing sum of $460 million.

This sale allowed Nitin Khanna to go onto his next professional move which was to create a new mergers and acquisitions advisory firm that he named Mergertech. He continues to work as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer to this date. Mergertech has built its reputation based on its steadfast support of technology entrepreneurs by way of providing professional advisory services within the mergers and acquisitions field. Nitin Khanna and his team have built an impressive reputation for the ability to locate ideal partners both financial and strategic, for their clients. The team of professionals that Nitin has built are all experts in their field and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. This has helped Mergertech to grow into a major player within its field and a firm that is trusted by its diverse client base.

Nitin Khanna has also become involved in the cannabis industry as the CEO at CuraCannabis Solutions. He is also a notable angel investment professional with interests in companies such as Yondr, Cloudability, Doing, Indow Windows, and Influence Mobile, among others. As an individual who has enjoyed great diversity in his career, Nitin Khanna has also worked in an executive producer role with the films Terms and Conditions May Apply as well as What Lies Upstream. This is a further testament to his outstanding and diverse business career that has spanned multiple decades.

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Aaron Lupuloff is the Senior Executive Direct of County public schools in Gwinnett, he is also passionate towards the improvement of students’ achievement, as well as, the creation of tomorrow’s future leaders. The key focus of the foundation is to guarantee the success of the students, innovate, support learning and teaching, fund scholarships, fund forward-thinking programs, and develop leadership. According to Aaron Lupuloff, the GCPS foundation plays an important role in educating, empowering, encouraging, and embracing both the teachers and the students. The foundation strives to develop a world-class school system through implementation of its mission and soliciting Gwinnett community’s support.

Aaron Lupuloff has worked as a community advocate for a long period of time. He also played an important role in the formation of Norcross High School Foundation where he also worked in the capacity of President, Treasurer, and Vice President. His services for the foundation involves boosting club members and officers for multiple clubs and sports. In a duration of almost two decades, the foundation has played a significant role in supporting the arts, athletics, and academics as immediate assistance to both the teachers and the students. The NHS foundation’s Hall of Fame inducted both Aaron Lupuloff and his wife in the year 2011. They are also strong advocates of Partners against Domestic Violence, Camp Twin Lakes, and Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

Prior to starting his community transformation work, he worked as Senior Managing Director and a Managing Director for Bear Stearns JP Morgan and Raymond James respectively for over two decades. His bachelor’s degree in business administration helped him gain immense experienced in the financial service industry. Lupuloff gained his idea of organization after seeing its impact on both the teachers and the students. He believed that with hard work, GCPS foundation will help in more than 180,000 students in Gwinnett.  For more details about Lupuloff you can check out his YouTube channel and visit

Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Interview

Aaron Lupuloff, executive director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, discusses the organization during an interview at the Corky Kell Classic.

Academy of Art University

At the Academy of Art University, also known as the School of Fashion, they define fashion styling “as creating fashion and outfits based on an idea.” With this being the only accredited fashion styling degree in the United States, Academy graduates develop to be work life ready professionals with a real knack for business and versatility for what is such a fast-changing market. Associate director Flore Morton, states that there is no other university-level styling program to look at.

At the academy, it is understood that it takes so much for these students to pursue their dreams along with a lot of work. It is the responsibility of the staff and faculty to provide excellence in the things that the students will need most from their educational need to personal support to help the them reach their dreams. Most of the recent fashion graduates have had once in a life time opportunities to work alongside some of the industry’s most influential designers that the industry has to offer.

As a practice-based art school, The Academy of Art University believes in a disciplined approach that encourages their students to develop their own unique styles. Other than being a very hands-on school, they also offer the ability to learn online and they have several different financial aid options for their students. Not only offers an associate’s degree but they also offer a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in about 25 different subjects. In 2007 The Academy of Art University received accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

As far as sports go, the team known as the Urban Knights compete as members of the Pacific West Conference in up to 14 Sports in the NCAA Division II. The 2014 and 2015 season the men’s cross-country team placed second and the woman’s team placed 4th at the Pacific West Conference Championships. They had seven All-American Honors and one NCAA individual champion during the 2015 indoor and outdoor track and field season.

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ClassDojo Listens to Teachers and are Rewarded for their Effort

ClassDojo has been around for close to a decade. This application-based education program is now used within many classrooms across the nation. Many teachers love this app because it allows them to be proactive and resourceful when dealing with students. The app also provides teachers the ability to help their students to grow as well as learn.

Teachers have a lot of challenges in the classroom. They always must be ready to deal with situations and circumstances that might not be pleasant. Students are unpredictable and they can do or say things that are not well received. However, you should not fool yourself into believing that life in the classroom is all bad – it certainly is not.

Teachers often time need to reward their students for a good job and good work. This usually means helping them to be the best they can be and noticing when they excel at something in class. The developers of ClassDojo had designed the app for this purpose. Teachers can use ClassDojo to make their life easier and to build up their students in many different ways.

Educators want to steer kids in the right direction. They usually have a desire to make them better people and to bring out the best in them. ClassDojo help with this process because its developers listened to teacher needs. Classroom instructors have made ClassDojo the number one app because of this effort. The ClassDojo founders understand that if you take the time to listen, you’ll probably be reward with great things.

Mr. T.J Maloney Adds a New Team to Lincolnshire Management Firm

Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm, which helps in the growth of middle market companies. Started 33 years ago, the company has its headquarters in New York. Through the leadership of Maloney, Lincolnshire Management has helped many companies acquire prestigious status, thanks to the firms qualified and committed team. In the team is Mr. TJ Maloney, who brings in vast experience and skills to the firm.

Mr. Maloney has been the company’s leader for over two decades. His experience in firms and companies like Transcraft Corporation has contributed in his day of day running of Lincolnshire Management Company in a significant way. The firm has enjoyed progress and expansion, thanks to the able leadership of Mr. Maloney.

Recently, the firm saw the need to add new members to its team. This was after a close and careful examination of the firm’s future prospects. The need for analysts saw Yashna Ginodia and Georg Stolt-Nielsen join the firm’s team whereas Matthew Nacier and Nicolas Vega Llona came in as senior associates. This was proof that the firm was growing and a stronger task force was needed.

Mr. TJ Maloney was excited to announce the new members, promising more and better services to Lincolnshire Management clients who were increasing in number each day. Mr. Maloney added that the team would ensure that new ventures were conquered and hence, more investments would be made.

Lincolnshire Management has made history over the years it has operated under TJ Maloney by investing in prestigious firms. Some of these firms include Allison Marine, Latite, Dalbo Holdings, Inc., among many others. The firms that have trusted Lincolnshire team have enjoyed exceptional growth and recognition as well.

Though busy with developing and growing Lincolnshire further, Mr. TJ Maloney always creates time for himself away from work. He ensures that he has time with his family and engages himself with the outside world by reading and traveling vastly. T.J Maloney adds that what the clients are getting from Lincolnshire Management is just but a foretaste of what is to be tabled in the near future. T.J Maloney is BA holder from Boston College and a Law graduate from the prestigious Fordham law school.

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Aaron Lupuloff Reveals How He Plans to Help More Students Going into the Future

Aaron Lupuloff is an accomplished entrepreneur based in Norcross who is passionate about helping others. He is nurturing talent and developing leaders of tomorrow through Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation where he serves as a Senior Executive Director. The foundation’s focus is on fostering student success, innovating, and supporting teaching and learning, funding scholarships, developing leadership, as well as funding exceptional programs fully. According to Mr. Lupuloff, the foundation emblazons, excites, educates, embraces, encourages and empowers students to excel in their studies and teachers to impart knowledge the best way possible. The foundation is committed to growing its system of schools by working within the confines of its mission and leveraging the support of the Gwinnett community.

Aaron Lupuloff has majorly focused his career on community development causes. He was part of the formation of the Norcross High School Foundation for Excellence and he even served as President, Vice President, and Treasurer at the foundation. The NHS Foundation has been a firm support of academics, the arts, as well as athletics as a way to help students and teachers.

Mr. Lupuloff served in the board of the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board and today, he sits on the University of Georgia Student Affairs Advisory Board alongside his wife. The two philanthropists are active supporters of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Partners Against Domestic Violence, as well as Camp Twin Lakes. He spent more than twenty years at Raymond James and Bear Stearns JP Morgan serving as Managing Director and Senior Managing Director respectively. He played a huge role in the growth of Fifth Third’s fixed income group. He went to the University of Alabama where he graduated with a degree in business administration. He has spent more than 35 years in the financial services sector.

According to gwinnettdailypost, Aaron Lupuloff started Norcross High School Foundation and helped many students and teachers. He realized that they needed his help at another level and therefore, starting GCPS Foundation. He started GCPS with a mission of helping more than 180,000 students in Gwinnett.

The successful entrepreneur spends his day managing and bringing the foundation closer to its mission. The overall aim of the foundation is to help students and teachers in an effort to foster excellence for students. He derives his motivation to stay productive from the satisfaction he gets from helping students achieve their dreams. At one point in Mr. Lupuloff’s week, he brings together his team members in a whiteboard session for brainstorming. Brainstorming helps the entrepreneur to hear from the team members and their ideas. He also sits down with a board of over 25 community activists to get their insights, thoughts, and wisdom and eventually, bringing ideas to life.

According to Mr. Aaron Lupuloff, people are realizing that focusing on the most challenging students first when teaching fosters learning and improves the overall performance of students. When the senior executive needs to build on his ideas and creativity, he asks everyone for their opinion. The opinions helps to shape ideas and make him even more productive. If he could turn the hand of a clock back to when he was young, he would have been more patient, humble and open to help.



Rocketship Education Has Been Helping Students Unlock Their Potential

Based in San Jose, California, Rocketship Education or R has been helping students throughout select states to make sure that they get access to high quality education through its network of public charter schools.

Currently located in California, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Washington D.C., Rocketship Education or R schools are considered as some of the most prestigious educational centers in any area that they operate in.

It’s because the educational institute makes sure that its charter and its corresponding values are met with the utmost dedication, resulting in quality education services to all of its students.

What are Public Charter Schools?

Public charter schools, which are managed by charter management organizations (CMOs), are often established by local community members such as parents, teachers, or school districts. Typically, public charter schools are publicly funded. But sometimes, they are also backed by private funding.

In terms of management, public charter schools are managed by CMOs, as defined above. But that is not where the sense of management stops.

In such organizations, teachers and parents often collaborate together to manage the educational requirements of each student. This makes sure that students keep learning and keep educating themselves while going by their day to day activities.

How Rocketship Education Ensures to Provide High Quality Programs

Rocketship Education or R makes sure that its programs are designed in a way that helps students understand and unlock their potential. By using analytical methods to perceive data streams, Rocketship Education or R makes sure that it is able to provide high quality education to even those who are underprivileged.

Rocketship Education or R allows its students to explore their imaginative thinking and learn through their own personal experiences. This is something that is not often seen in all educational institutions but only those which understand their students’ needs, and cater to them as individual requirements.

With that, the network of schools also makes sure that the teachers it has on board have the same frame of mind. This creates a healthy environment for like minded people.

This approach and the tremendous results that it has obtained through is something that sets Rocketship Education or R apart from other public schools.

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Betsy DeVos: The Educational Reformer Helping Improve Schools In America

Betsy DeVos is someone who has stood as a strong woman and a fighter in the face of opposition. Since the beginning of her career, she has worked for the betterment of the school system in the country and has been working to give a bright future to the children of America. A lot of the work that Betsy has been doing through the years has been with the aim of improving this system and putting together something that would work for the benefit of all.



DeVos has always believed in the power of improving the educational institutions in the country. One of the first movements that she had come forward in support of was the school charter movement. This was a movement that came into existence after the drawbacks of the public school system were brought to light. Children all over the country deserve a range of facilities that can help them with their intellectual, social and emotional development. However, not all schools in the country were able to provide children with the necessities that they needed to be able to grow and develop. More often than not, these facilities were simply not offered because the schools could not afford them. Public schools are run on taxpayers money, and this money is not always enough for all the students in these schools. Because of this, DeVos knew that the only way children in America would be able to receive the right kind of education was by transforming schools to charter schools so that they could depend on private organizations to be able to provide all the essentials that children need.



Even though educational reform has become the center of her professional life, it is also something that DeVos actively focused on while trying to engage in philanthropic activities. She has always been someone who has worked to help people as much as possible, and forming her charitable organization was one of the best ways to do that. With the help of her husband, DeVos started up the DeVos Family Foundation, which was an organization with a focus on helping people in America.



Education was one of the main focal points of this organization, and through this, DeVos was able to help hundreds of children who could not afford a good education. Because of this organization, these children were able to see a new sense of hope in their lives.


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