Jed McCaleb Stellar CEO

Jed McCaleb is the current co-founder of the Stellar Development Foundation which aims to link people through a financial network system even if they don’t belong to a banking corporation. McCaleb came up with this idea to connect financial institutions through a completely new digital system. This highly new development system allows for banks and payment systems to connect for a smoother and faster payment system. Clients from all over the world are able to customize their payments by using developer-friendly software and tools. Transfers are made much more cheaper and flawless through this method as well. Throughout multiple scales and modules, the Stellar Development Foundation has then became more secure and stable! Their expert team also conducts various stimulations occasionally to ensure its security and ease.

Jed McCaleb has always been a technology genius and spent long waking hours working on how to improve the world with it. Before the Stellar Development Foundation was started back in 2014, Jed created eDonkey2000, which is the largest file sharing network in today’s time. He has also been the first in the world to exchange currency through Bitcoin and start Mt.Gox. In addition to that, back in 2011, Jed also started Ripple through his extensive commitment and passion to cryptocurrency. Amongst his other accomplishments, he is also an advisor to MIRI. It stands for Machine Intelligence Research Institute. This high-tech non-profit organization researches artificial intelligence and its many positive impacts it can have in our society. From working alongside MIRI, Jed predicts artificial intelligence will greatly increase within the next two decades. He also believes this great expansion will make life simpler for us and could potentially fix many issues we have in today’s generation.

As an entrepreneur, Jed McCaleb conducts numerous plans and strategies on how technology can be greater and more wide-spread. He studies the amount of actual risks and obstacles he may face and back-up systems that can ultimately be successful. Jed is rarely distracted and works very hard on his projects. He’s always focused and interested on how he can make the world a better place through technology!